"What a great night. The cast just blew us away. So talented and in the setting of Ingatestone Hall, wow! Special night. We shall definitely see you at another." Joanne Saby, Essex


A Victorian Thriller by Patrick Hamilton

Directed by Connie Stephens


"Excellent evening watching the very creepy and tense Gaslight. Perfect play for a dark October night."Elizabeth, London

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We returned to Ingatestone Hall in October last year with the utter edge-of-your-seat escapism of Hamilton's Broadway smash, which originally ran for an incredible 1295 performances and won Ingrid Bergman an Oscar in the film of the same name.

Without giving too much away, the plot: - in 1860, old Alice Barlow was found brutally murdered in her London home. The motive was thought to be the priceless Barlow Rubies, but the murderer was never caught and the jewels were never found.

Now, twenty years later, the same house is occupied by elegant Jack Manningham and his nervy wife, Bella. Poor Bella believes she is losing her mind. Objects are going missing - including paintings - only to be found hidden around the living room. Frustrated by what he sees as her weakness and need for attention, Mr Manningham seeks daily refuge at his club, leaving his wife to sit in terror as ghostly footsteps move above her head and the gaslights flicker and dim.

One foggy afternoon, Bella receives a visitor in the form of a mysterious stranger called Rough who claims to have seen Alice Barlow just once, long ago - when she lay on the floor of her living room with her throat cut...

But what is the purpose of Rough's visit? Is Bella Manningham really who she says she is? And what is her connection with the missing Barlow Rubies?If you missed our production, we urge you to see the Cukor film - it's such a classic! The play is a wonder though and can be viewed on so many levels if you're willing to see beyond the white-knuckle plot to the engrossing psychological issues of narcissism and co-dependency that the author weaves within.

"You are up against the most awful moment in your life,

and your whole future depends on what you are going to do in the next hour."

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"Stunning performance last night. Do give our congratulations to the cast and all those involved."  Elaine Williams & Sue Parulis, Ingatestone

"Great play by Myriad Theatre at Ingatestone Hall tonight. Thoroughly enjoyed it - but spooky driving home in the dark afterwards."Libby McBride, Essex