"We so enjoyed yesterday evening and thought the small cast pulled off a real tour de force. Very entertaining indeed!" Mrs P Bainbridge, Brentwood

Pride & Prejudice

Based on the novel by Jane Austen

Adapted & Directed by Connie Stephens

"My wife and I had the great pleasure of seeing five most talented and versatile actors perform a fantastic portrayal of Jane Austen's classic novel at Ingatestone Hall last evening. It was indeed a joy to behold!" Maggie and Ron Eve, Essex

Darcy - James Kingdon

Pride and Prejudice is always somewhere near the very top of our 'best-loved' book lists and deservedly so. It's an absolute delight - beautifully crafted, shrewdly observed and utterly captivating.

The plot, in case you don't know, centres around the iconic Elizabeth Bennet, second of five sisters, all of whom Mother Bennet is desperate to marry off for fear they'll be left penniless should anything unfortunate happen to Mr Bennet.

Enter the charming Mr Bingley and his handsome but rather less charming friend Mr Darcy. Bingley falls head over heels for Jane Bennet, eldest and loveliest of the sisters, and this is a wonderful potential match not only because he's fantastically rich, but because they're both absolute sweethearts and, frankly, they deserve each other.

Naturally the course of true love does not run smoothly. Bingley's sisters do not approve and nor does Mr Darcy, who sets out to extricate his friend from what he considers an unsuitable arrangement. In keeping with the inconsistency of human nature though, Darcy finds himself inconveniently but passionately attracted to Elizabeth Bennet who - having been insulted by him earlier in the novel, and possessing a strong sense of self - doesn't like him at all.

But Lizzie herself is not infallible and is well on the way to being hooked herself by a man with lovely manners, beautiful bone-structure, and not even the teeniest desire to tell the truth. So away we go, through all the twists and turns, misjudgements and misdemeanours, charming rogues, awkward encounters and glorious social faux pas of the ultimate romantic comedy! Our original adaptation ran in London and toured to Essex and Hertfordshire.


"I cannot fix on the hour, or the spot, or the look or the words, which laid the foundation. It is too long ago. I was in the middle before I knew that I had begun."

"I thoroughly enjoyed this production of Pride and Prejudice. Superb, prodigiously versatile acting together with clear costumes and props enabled the audience to identify the characters instantly. The adaptation for five players of Jane Austen's novel is a masterpiece. The script seamlessly conveyed all necessary information without compromising natural conversation and humour one iota. Ingatestone Hall was a perfect setting for this thoroughly professional production but I hope Myriad will spread their impressive talents into Buckinghamshire. I look forward to many more of their performances." Kathleen Adkins, Amersham

"The calibre of the multi-faceted cast was superb and they brought new humour and sparkle to Jane Austen’s legendary tale. “It’s so good I don’t want to it end!” the woman next to me whispered during the second act. And I had to agree with her. A male friend of mine said he’d rather chew off his own leg than endure anything Austen-related, but this play had been flawlessly adapted for the stage and afterwards even he admitted that he had been highly entertained. So book your tickets and support this talented new production company! You can’t go wrong!" Jerramy Fine, London








"Very enjoyable production. My wife and I were a little worried as it became apparent that just 5 actors would cover all roles, but in the end they carried it off with ease - aided by numerous wig & costume changes! The essential humour of Austen's work came through well & the cast appeared to enjoy what they were doing, which helped create a good humoured atmosphere in the theatre. Recommended as a good night out." David, London

"It was well worth a trip (and expense!) to London. I thought the play was wonderful and the actors so very talented. It was such a clever performance, too, making such brilliant use of the minimum props. The acting itself was excellent and it was hard to believe, sometimes, that there were only 5 of them, so versatile were they. I had a good chortle, too, and was so very sorry when the evening ended." Annette Seymour, Gloucestershire








"Great evening at the Curtain's up as I saw my favourite story bought to life on stage for the first time. Cleverly done with 5 actors, punchy script writing well adapted for the stage so kept the audience enthralled." Lucy, London

"The audience loved it and sat with smiles on their faces throughout the whole production. It was a most professional, energetic and very clever production. With most of the cast playing at least three parts it was a challenge that would daunt many groups, but not these young people. With simple costume and wig changes they rose to the challenge and changed their character as quickly as they changed their clothes. Very convincing. A truly delightful evening." Ann Crook, Letchworth Garden City

Darcy & Bingley
Lizzy & Darcy
Bennet Girls2
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