The Bear, The Proposal &

The Evils of Tobacco

By Anton Chekhov

Spring 2018

The funniest moments in life often stem from the ridiculous situations we get ourselves into when trying our best to behave well.

Myriad invite you to pass a thoroughly entertaining evening with the master of Russian comedy, Anton Chekhov - as shrewd an observer of human nature as ever put pen to paper.

If you'd like to host a Russian Evening, please get in touch. The show tours easily and can play to Pros Arch, Studio or Cabaret set-up. To make a booking enquiry, message us at

Watch us performing The Bear live in Cambridge last December.


What a wonderful evening of entertainment. Spellbinding acting from the trio, making Chekhov so accessible. I loved the imaginative seating - was so intimate and look forward to more innovative theatre in the future. Great job guys! - Jeanette Golding, Essex

An excellently entertaining evening!! ...Sitting round a few tables a little way back from the stage, somehow I was able to appreciate the surroundings even more than usual. All three actors performed brilliantly and the 4 plays (interspersed by music) were hilarious. AND the gentleman who joined us at our table insisted on treating us to vodkas in the interval. -  L Cearns, Essex

 We absolutely loved it... fantastic... cannot wait for your next performance. - Madhu Katwala, Essex

Thank you so much for a very enjoyable evening! Very funny plays, great comedy timing from three wonderful actors! Look forward to the next production!  - Deb Skingsley, Essex

What a great show you and your fellow performers put on tonight. The dance was so good. It seemed to capture the spirit of Russian folk dance. You must keep us posted about your next productions. - Christine Parkyn, Essex

If you'd like to book this show in 2018, please drop us a line at We'd love to hear from you!