"We really enjoyed the production at the Brockley Jack Theatre and so did our friends. The adaptation was excellent and so was the acting. The venue was also remarkably good. It was a splendid evening." Tony Starkey, Bucks

The Count of Monte Cristo

Based on the novel by Alexandre Dumas

Adapted & Directed by Connie Stephens

"We both thought the production was excellent. The acting was uniformly of a high standard and the company succeeded in putting across a very complicated plot. The audience was gripped by the drama." Vernon & Frankie Reynolds, Alfriston

James Kingdon as Edmond Dantes

Young Edmond Dantes has it all - the love of the beautiful Mercedes, a promising career of adventure on the high seas and a remarkably well-balanced relationship with his father. But all is not as rosy as it seems, for Edmond is the unwitting victim of three envious acquaintances who devise a scheme to falsely accuse him of treason.

Sentenced to life in prison, Dantes must find the means to escape the impenetrable walls of the Chateau d’If, discover the whereabouts of Mercedes and exact a terrible revenge upon the men who robbed him of his future.

An epic story of fate and fury, revenge and hubris, The Count of Monte Cristo is the ultimate tale of vigilante justice.

We premiered our original adaptation of Alexandre Dumas' formidable page-turner at Brockley Jack Studio Theatre and then toured to Essex, Sussex and Oxfordshire in Spring 2011.

Lighting Design: Ben Cowen

Set Design: Susan Lawson

“In return for a slow, profound, eternal torture, I would give back the same;

an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”



"My wife and I were in the audience for the Count at Rye. We thought you were marvellous and thoroughly enjoyed the evening." John & Madeline Hazelden, Rye

"Please pass on my congratulations to the ensemble and production team. Saturday night was thoroughly enjoyed by all; you should have been in the Queens Theatre!" Dave Wishart, Essex


"Just to let you know we really enjoyed last nights performance at the community centre - we took our neighbours as our treat and they loved it too." Pat & Jeff Sullivin, Rye

"I so enjoyed the play on Sunday!"   Jan Boyes, Alfriston