Избавиться от гастрорефлюксной болезни ПРОСТО! Рефлюкс эзофагит (ГЭРБ): ответы на все вопросы!

Hello, our dear viewer! Dr. Holod, let ‘s answer a question from one of our viewers today. More precisely, this question was asked by many of our viewers. This issue concerns stomach, reflux disease. When there is gastroreflux disease and the valve does not close Can anything help other than surgery? I ‘ve read the question too and it ‘s even difficult for me to imagine what surgery this is about? I ‘ve read about these operations, too. Part of a stomach… Cut down. There are two types of operations: on Bellerot 1, on Bellerot 2… But these operations are carried out in case of stomach ulcers. It is a good question. I understand that our video, which we released about the stomach, interested people. I understood this by feedback, comments, demand for information. I realized a lot of people didn ‘t know about the stomach at all. Katya, let ‘s read it straight away. What specialty does the doctor Holod have? Neuropathologist. Which means that the stomach is not my subject. I do not claim authority in this matter. But a long time ago, when the doctor was still young and was still at university I remember the structure and functioning of the human body. I have to advise different people. Including the stomach. Let’s understand. Katya, look, the stomach is sour. And there ‘s a swirl in your stomach. I like the Latin word “Pylorus” more. Pylorus separates stomach from duodenum. Does the stomach separate something from the esophagus, too? No, there ‘s no sphincter. The esophagus flows directly into the stomach. And there is also above the level of esophageal entry into the stomach there is such cave. It is the antral part of the stomach and it contains special pariental cells. Translated from Latin – pinch cells. And these parietal cells produce acid. Remember, when a person ate, the food enters the stomach, where it is treated with acid. What for? For disinfecting. Acid kills bacteria. The food is prepared for further digestion. And the enzyme pepsin digests proteins. The stomach has a feature. He ‘s getting involved at 7: 00 in the morning. Enzymes are already being produced at this time. And the stomach already wants you to fill it with something. Why does acidity rise? Why there is a reflux? Because acidity needs to be extinguished by food, and you didn ‘t eat. And the acid goes up the esophagus and you feel acid reflux. The problem isn ‘t the sphincter, the problem is you haven ‘t extinguished the morning acidity. It is logical that it will do something, here it goes up And the lower part should open in response to the fact that the food has been sufficiently treated with acid, and acid was extinguished. The swirl opens and food moves from the stomach to the duodenum. The upper duodenum ampoule is also acidic. And then there ‘s the entrance of pancreatic juice and bile, which are alkaline. And acidity changes dramatically. With acid turns alkaline. But food must initially prepare to allow the gatekeeper to skip it into this part. But when the alkali is large in the duodenum, it falls through the sphincter into the stomach, changing its acidity. And changing acidity entails opening the sphincter. Then even bile is thrown into the stomach, bitterness appears in the mouth and may even be vomiting bile. Bile of green color. People recognize her it that color. It is a problem. But the problem is that a person just doesn ‘t fill his stomach correctly. The first thing to do is fill your stomach properly. The stomach doesn ‘t like you filling it with unusual food for it. Remember when we talked about the meat and the water in which the meat was cooked? I even had a comment, doctor you were talking about the water in which the meat was cooked, not the meat itself. But there is the best food option for our stomach – it is the first dishes. The stomach likes the first dishes in the period of its greatest activity, that is, in the morning. So start the morning with the first meals. And meat with them. And meat has to be not crude, not fried, and prepared, welded. Stomach in the morning will be able to digest it normally and send it to other parts of the digestive system. And in the evening? I am asked whether it is possible to consume fermented dairy products, in particular kefir, in the evening. The stomach won ‘t have time to recycle such food in the evening. It stays in her stomach and you go to bed. And the stomach also needs to sleep, and it is forced to work at this time. And when your stomach works at night, you have unpleasant dreams. Seriously? Yeah, whenever your stomach works at night, your gut… You have nightmares then. I will now be told that dreams have a different origin. I know dreams – that ‘s what was cooking in our head and didn ‘t make it. Will you tell me about it? When we get 1,000 likes under this video, I ‘ll talk the doctor into a dream video. Stomach doesn ‘t like it when you eat for the night. Otherwise there will be violations. There should be acid in the stomach, and the best stimulant of acidity is the first dishes. If you have increased acidity, it doesn ‘t mean you can ‘t eat the first meals. It is simply necessary to eat them at the right time, and after them to give second dishes and third. The swirl doesn ‘t close because there ‘s a wrong spent bile, wrong, untimely meal. And the wrong acidity in the stomach. If the acidity is low, the food is not digested and this can cause one of the most serious diseases – stomach cancer. Stomach cancer is one of the most supper cancers. We ‘ll talk about oncology later. I ‘ll tell you all the secrets about it. I ‘ll tell you secrets you never knew. I know the subject very well.

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