अग्निसार क्रिया – तनाव, इन्सुलिन का न बनना व पाचन शक्ति के लिए

Namaskaram I am Yogi Nityanandam Today I will teach you to practice agnisar Its not a pranayam, actually its a kiya a movement we generally practice it after kapalbhati How to do is Inhale first & exhale fully exhale fully Lungs and also of the stomach’s air exhale the both air first of abdomen & of lungs at the same time or you can say that First of lungs & then of stomach, Stomach squeeze When the stomach squeezed breath is out then shake your belly This technique is called agnisaar I will show you now but what are its benefits those who have low digestive power or pancreatic gland in the stomach or useful in degeneration of beta cells of pancreas Because of which insulin is not formed It also works to regenerate insulin And those who have bloating in stomach belly is bulging out or have indigestion its beneficial for all those persons very good, stomach’s muscles become flexible Food digested well and digestion, our stomach, liver & intestines this all middle part of our body Navel remains in its place whose navel falls Those who get displacement in belly muscles is very good for them how to do place your both hands in air gesture or in any other advised gesture & inhale deep after taking deep breath, breath out with double pressure after exhalation, hold your breath out and shake your belly as much you can you can do it 7-10 times 5 times in summer & maximum 15 times in winter & while doing this place your arms like this automatically belly shifts in and the stomach roams comfortably Its too good for those who have unfit stomach those who have weak digestion they should practice this technique agnisaar

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