नया तरिका मा KHASI KO BHUTUN / BHUTAN (Goat liver and Stomach) Dashain Special Recipe

hello everyone welcome back to my
Channel today I’m going to share with you another Dashain special recipe which
is Khasi ko bhutan (mutton instatine ) and I’m gonna share with you very simple a way of making
Khasi ko bhutan (mutton intestine) and trust me it will be so yummy let’s get it started to prepare
Khasi ko bhutan (mutton intestine) which I have washed it
and boil it and after that I have got it into a small pieces and for the masala I
have taken turmeric powder salt cumin and coriander powder garam masala powder
red chilli powder and I’m gonna use ponds for now and little big meaty sea
and I’m gonna use black pepper powder and ginger garlic paste I have heated
the car eyes so now I’m gonna add oil and oil is heated so I’m gonna add punch
for now so now the punch for night turns into a golden brown color now I’m gonna
add Khasi ko bhutan (mutton intestine) I’ll add turmeric powder and salt and
I’m gonna mix these and I’m gonna cover this and I’ll cook this about two to
three minutes after two minutes it looks like this and I’ve had beliefs I’m
Bernard ginger-garlic paste and now I will add cumin and coriander powder
garam masala powder and red chilli powder and now I’m gonna mix it
everything nicely now I will add this black pepper powder and it adds ready
good flavors I’ll also add a little cardamom powder which will give nice
flavor and nice aroma I’ll mix it everything and again I’ll
cover these and I’ll cook this another two minutes so now our Khasi ko bhutan (mutton intestine) looks like
this and it looks ready now the button is ready to be served and it looks
really yummy I hope you guys liked the recipe if you
like the recipe please give me a feedback and please don’t forget to
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