पेट की सफ़ाई और कब्ज को ख़त्म करने के’अचूक उपाय | Stomach Cleaning & Chronic Constipation Relief

Welcome to health care at home From the last few days we were talking about stomach related problems And how can we make homemade powder to get rid of all stomach related problem People who often smoke and consume alcohol they don’t feel hungry Not feeling hungry is also a symptom of indigestion only If you are out of those people then take a small piece of Ginger and keep on sucking Throghout the day whenever you get to suck the piece of ginger, do it as it will solve the problem And slowly you will start feeling hungry Some people feels like vomit while travelling in Car or bus Let me tell you a very effective acupressure point for this problem Some people also feels like vomiting or vomit while on swings That’s your middle finger, leave the first portion and focus on the middle one. Its known as GB 39 GB as in Gall Bladder and 39 is the number of this point Press here but if you don’t understand then press anywhere in the middle portion Where you start having pain, that is your point Press that point and rotate it clock wise Back again press it and rotate it anti clock wise Do this process till the time your pain is completely stop Doing so will stop the feeling nausea and vomit while sitting in car or travelling You can also put a fenugreek seed and stick it with surgical tip on the point of pain Doing this process for 8 hours will also cure your problem Even if you feel nausea then press over the fenugreek seed and very easily you will free from this problem Now let’s talk about solution for people who suffer from chronic constipation I will tell you a powder for this but remember you shouldn’t use this powder regularly Use this when you have severe constipation only Because here we’ll use Senna Leaves It is very effective herb for the constipation But its regular usage is not good because its a habit forming herb You will habitual of this and unless you will use it, your stomach won’t be clear Use this powder for 2-3 days when you have severe constipation Then give a gap Take its substitute with Terminalia bellirica (Triphala) and Psyllium husk (Isabgol) I’ve shared lot of powder, you can take those powders Give gap of 4-5 days and take this powder. So you won’t be habitual of this powder & your stomach will be clean Let me tell you the name of the ingredients require to make this powder 50 gm Myrobalans, 50 gm Triphala, 50 gm Fennel Seeds, 50 gm Yashtimadhu/Mulethi (Licorice) Add 20 gm Citric Acid, 50 gm Carom Seeds, 20 gm Black Pepper Now check the total weight of all the ingredients we have taken and add equal quantity of Senna Leaves in it Now grind all the ingredients. Once they are coarsely grind add 4 tbsp Castor Oil and grind again You must be thinking that adding oil will make it knead like flour But it will remain in powder form only Add 1 tbsp one by one and then grind Once the powder is ready, put it into a glass bottle Whenever you are suffering chronic constipation, or due feeling heavy due to read meat or heavy food And you know, that such food won’t be digestion easily and causing gastric and stomach ache Take 1 tsp of this powder with warm water,before sleeping Next morning you stomach will be completely clear As I said earlier, don’t consume this powder regularly Only 3 days sufficient to consume this powder regularly not more than that After that stop taking this powder 2 days at least Take any powder which we have made earlier or Triphala or Isabgol Then only use it back again because its regular consumption will create dependency Though it has no harmful side effects however getting habitual of anything is not good at all So make this powder for chronic constipation In my next episode, I’ll back with something new for you Till then I wish that you stay healthy, busy, relax and keep in touch with us Do subscribe to this channel for keeping in touch with us Also do press the bell icon so that you get our notifications first Also don’t forget to share and like our videos Thank you

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