By the time it arrived I was like…like in the corner over there in the windowsill like… Ugh…no, no, no. ♬ Don’t you think we’re better together ♬ ♬ Oh Honey ♬ ♬ I think we are ♬ Good morning guys. Mary’s going for a little bike ride. Right by the door so I feel like I’m getting some- [Peter] She’s escaping by staying where she’s at on a stationary bike. But it’s been a Saturday morning in the hospital. We just did blood work. Her nurse just looked up blood work. [coughing] Pause. Here I am checking in day number…I don’t even know, in the hospital, in my bed. Good morning! I know we already said good morning but I was biking and then I moved the bike and then whatever. I just finished chess PT for the second time, biked once… hooked up to IVs. We have weaned me off the feeding tube now, so I’ll be ready for surgery. That’s about all the medical updates I have. Oh. This is interesting. This is another medical update. So… I got that neupogen shot which tells my bone marrow to make more blood and my bone marrow listened and my bone marrow was like, all right. We got you! And my blood counts shot up, like… It made all of us smile because my blood counts almost always go down like, just in life it’s not my strong suit. So, we saw my happy blood numbers and that was yesterday. So then today they drew blood to see how my kidneys are doing and how my blood counts and everything and my white blood cell count… Like, went in half of what it was yesterday and I was like, I did not expect that. I thought it would be like the same, maybe higher, maybe just a smidge lower but it like halved and I was like, what? So, I don’t know. Um… [Peter] I did look at, I just looked at your blood work from last time and it kind of did a similar thing. Oh, did it? Okay. [Peter] So I’m hoping it’ll stabilize out. It didn’t jump up as much as it did this time. [Mary] So last time it was… It jumped up higher… [Mary] Wait, what? It jumped up higher this time after neupogen than it did last time. And… But the, for like a week it stayed around where it is today. [Mary] Okay, cool. That’s what I, that’s what I thought I remembered that it kind of plateaued. Yeah. [Mary] That’s good. How are you? I’m good. Just working on stuff on our store and that kind of stuff, so… [Mary] This week we decided… [Mary] since it’s pre-surgery week that it would be great to have a fill-in preacher [Mary] so Peter can just focus on life here. [Mary] So he has a fill-in preacher for tomorrow, which is [Mary] a huge relief just to be able to [Mary] kind of not think about that sort of business. [Mary] This is kind of a cool shot. [Mary] Do you want to say something… [Mary] That, that’s what you chose to say… [Peter laughing] [luggage rolling] [door opening] [luggage rolling] [trunk opening] Just dropped off these suitcases in the car to make some room in our hospital room because you know, it’s tight quarters and two big suitcases that we brought all the stuff in… Might as well keep them in the car instead of in the way, so… Dropping those off here in the car in the parking garage and now I am going to go take a bike across the city because Mary uh… wants to do some shopping at Primark and since she can’t leave the hospital and I can… thanks to modern technology, I’m gonna take her shopping. I’ve never done this before but they’ve got these bikes. It’s like a ride-sharing thing and it’s…there’s like a free thing in the app today where I can take…take a bike for a ride. So… that’s what I’m gonna do. I think I put a code in the app or something. ♬ chill music ♬ I just made it across town. That was the fastest I’ve ever come across Boston because riding a bike is a way faster than driving. No traffic, but look I made it to Primark and up in the second floor…let’s see if you can see this. Uh…where is it? Where is it? I guess you can’t see it in the camera. It’s too blurry. But there’s a…there’s like all the light up signs for all the places that they have a Primark. And the first one that caught my eye was Edinburgh because that was the first one we went to when we were living in Scotland, so anyways. In to Primark, find Mary some comfy clothes. Success. We got some comfy clothes. Maybe we’ll show you when I get back to the hospital. Wow, it’s blurry. C’mon focus. There we go. Wow, it is busy downtown. I guess this is the hoppin place to be on a Saturday night. But Mary told me she had at…when, when I left she was just getting her imipenem dose and it made her very very nauseous. She had to take some more anti-nausea meds, which she’s already on like two pretty hefty doses and… Anyways, so that’s not fun. That’s a nasty drug, but… hopefully the bacteria thinks so too. Also, while I was in Primark my phone died, which I need my phone to be able to get a bike to go home and I wanted to stay in contact with Mary. So… thankfully they had one of these little power things for ten bucks, so… We’ve always, we used to have one. I don’t know what happened to it. I think we had it in Scotland. It was like… a lot bigger than this one, but anyways, this will be pretty handy to have and I got a ten-foot cable for charging my phone. But Mary’s always… her cable’s never long enough when she’s like doing her therapy and stuff. So hey, this will be nice, especially in the hospital. So I’m gonna grab a bike, figure out where to eat some dinner and we’ll see you guys back in the hospital. I wanted to show you guys this little burrito shop right here. My first time I ever came to Boston back in…I think it was… 2008… I came to Boston…is that right? 2008. I think so. I went to a church here downtown and then came here for lunch, and I remember calling Mary and talking to her about Boston. I was visiting the seminary where I ended up attending a couple years later and anyways, brings back memories of me sitting in there calling Mary and telling her about Boston. And anyways, now 10 years later and this is pretty much home. So. While I was in Jimmy John’s Mary said that she thinks she could eat some PF Changs lettuce wraps. So I ordered those. I’m waiting for those to get done before I head back to the hospital. [Peter] All right. The goods have been secured. We’re headed back. How nice, they have a bike lane for me. ♬ chill music ♬ Look, I’m back and how are those lettuce wraps? It was so good. Oh, good. It was like perfect. Good. It was so cool. They like packaged all the ingredients separate so she could mix a lettuce wraps and eat them. So that was awesome. And we got some fortune cookies. And they actually like wrapped everything well so that it traveled well. Yeah, on the bike. Set you guys on the bed and we’ll have fortune cookies with Peter and Mary. You could call it fortune cookie 500. [both chuckling] Good one. So… Okay. What are- Oh! What are fortune cookies made out of? I have no idea. Okay. The uh… the ice cream cone’s weird cousin? Mmm. A tropical vacation is in store. [Peter] Oh! Oh! [Peter] You will surprise yourself tomorrow. [both] Oh! So my afternoon was going just swimmingly and then I hit that wall… because the antibiotic, my afternoon antibiotic is just, it’s… taking it completely out of me and that’s with two anti-nausea medications, so I ended up having to take another dose of one of the medications and that helped and then I was able to eat a little bit of something and… I’m thinking, and what do you think about this Peter? I’m thinking for that afternoon dose I’ll keep my nausea meds the same for the morning and the evening but the afternoon one ask if we can make that the dose that I took today. [Peter] Yeah. Um… cuz it’s just like… I had ordered food… and within the time that the food was gonna get here, I ordered mashed potatoes and gravy and pancakes and because I didn’t know what I was gonna be in the mood for. Anyway, by the time it arrived I was like… like in the corner over there in the windowsill like… Ugh…no, no, no. So… anyway, so that’s unfortunate, but we’re getting it all ironed out. It’s only day six. This is my sixth day on the IVs, so figuring out what works, what doesn’t. That’s kind of it goes. Peter went on a little shopping excursion and oh my gosh! It looks even comfier than I thought. He’s holding them up so I can see them. [Peter] We got matching- Oh my gosh, babe. They feel amazing! [Peter] Don’t they? And they were like $12? [Peter] Yeah. $14. That’s pretty good. [Peter] So… That is so exciting. I love these! Peter, these were a good find. I can just tell already. [Peter] I know. And I showed them I had to get all this… Oh, the charging stuff. Well that’s cool cuz I’ve been… Oh, that’s so small. And it’s a free flashlight. [Peter] Yeah. I mean… [Peter] Figure out how to turn it off. That is very odd. Maybe when you turn the power bank off. Oh, no. I don’t know. These sweat pants. Babe, let’s put these on. Okay. Okay. Oh my gosh, babe. These are awesome! So should we do like this as our transition? Ready set go! Wait, ready, set… Wait, what are you doing? Okay. Go! Yes! Look at these. They’re awesome! That’s that. All right, you guys. As always. As always. [both] We will see you tomorrow. Oh, surprise! I already did my vest and mists. Oh! Awesome! Party! We can watch a show with no headphones and just relax. All right. [both] Good night! ♬ And Ollie boy and I are gonna go for a walk, but we’d better say- [Peter talking as Ollie] Good night guys. We’ll see you tomorrow. ♬♬

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  31. I hope you’re feeling better. I was in the hospital having neck surgery and vomited the whole time after surgery. Ugh. I feel ya on that. Then we had a scare thinking I was having a heart attack since my blood pressure was super high they ended up giving me 3 nitroglycerin pills until the pain went away and the blood pressure went down. Love watching you guys! You guys give me so much encouragement when I myself am feeling sick.

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  35. It really hurts us to see you struggle with nausea!! Please ask the Dr. if you can have ZOFRAN. It will instantly stop nausea and vomiting. It comes in a liquid that can be put in your I.V. and they also make a ZOFRAN wafer that dissolves instantly under your tongue. It's a miracle drug to STOP nausea and vomiting. God bless!!

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  39. I know you get all sorts of advice; but have you researcher New Zealand's Manuca honey? It's being used for everything from heating sounds to helping with inflammation of joints,etc to all kinds of stomach issues. You have to be careful to get the right kind of you may as well eat or rub clover honey on you guys and burns. It's worth looking in to. I know Europe and Asia are using it to treat patients, especially children who have had surgery. They put gauze soaked in the honey on the sutures before wrapping the wound. It helps heal the wounds much faster! I read it you eat a teaspoon of tablespoon 1/2 hr before eating, it helps greatly with stomach issues.

  40. People, they don't need disciplined like they're children. If they have shoes on the bed, so what! That's the least of the terms she's come across in that hospital! To avoid them all, she'd have to live in a bubble.
    How do you know they don't have a sanitation inside their door for the dog to get his feet wiped down. She has to be able to build up some resistance of everything she comes across would put her in the hospital, which, by the way, has more germs!!! Just encourage them. They're doing a fantastic job fighting this evil, while being a loving newly married couple of 6 1/2 yrs!!! (And pastoring a church!) God bless and if it be in His will, make you well enough, (even if it takes a new set of lungs)! To everyone else… Register to donate your organ! It's easy, do it when you renew your liscense!

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