Take this tea every day and it will leave your liver
as new with only two ingredients nature gives us everything
we need to have optimal health this time we will talk about boldo
a tree native to chile that can get to measure more than 2 meters high
and that helps improve performance of the liver
in this case it is its leaves that we interest since that’s where it is
they find the medicinal benefits they take advantage to prepare an option
alternative to the drugs used since ancient times its first
applications were intended for attack joint and muscle aches This plant is already well known by
positive effects it produces in the liver disease treatment
indigestion and problems with the gallbladder bile
Boldo is also available in countries with Mediterranean climate and in shops
naturists why use boldo
there are many benefits that this plant contributes to health
including it in the daily diet will help you to fight fatty and inflamed liver
hepatitis cirrhosis and indigestion is the boldo prevents the gallbladder from
Inflammation for this reason you will not suffer the risk of suffering from cystitis sprouts by facilitating bile production
prevents the gallbladder from becoming inflamed by the accumulation of toxins protect the
liver thanks to its content flavonoids and boldini
it’s a big intoxicator cleans the liver in case of liquor intake
excess of drugs or abuse in foods because we combine the powder with lemon
to clean the liver the idea of ​​combining this plant with the
lemon is to enhance the effect detoxifying both ingredients are
depuratives that when united will clean the liver effectively thanks to its acids and vitamins it helps
eliminate fats and toxins and also facilitates digestion
with this combination you will not suffer from inflamed liver liver poisoning
no jaundice if you like the idea of ​​taking care of your health
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i will leave you a heart how to detoxify the liver with boldo and
lemon is very simple let’s see ingredients that you will need two
cups of water two tablespoons of boldo a lemon preparation and treatment
boil the water and when the boil add the boldo and let it boil for about 15
minutes turn off the heat and cover the case let it stand for about 5 or 10
minutes more we sneak in and pour it into a jar important the lemon we will use
when we go to consume tea not before I already explain to you how drinking mode already mixed tea
we proceed to serve the infusion take two cups daily it is best to drink
a cup on an empty stomach and we add the lemon juice we keep the rest and take in the
second cup after lunch and you add the juice of half a lemon is
important to take this guy and from apoco for greater benefits
use time we must take this as a
treatment for 21 days in a row to achieve the desired results
rest ten days and repeat the process Now we want to show the
cleaning contraindications liver with boldo
if you are a pregnant woman or if you are breastfeeding is not recommended
boldo tea It is not recommended for children under
12 years eye here with this point so you don’t know
misunderstand if you suffer liver disease and what
severe or chronic stress this tea is not recommendable
if there is a significant obstruction of bile ducts
that is in severe cases when it is not only bile mud or small stones not
boldo tea is recommended we have reached the end of this edition of
easy remedies 24 for today we we say goodbye not before inviting
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two ingredients such as boldo and the lemon to clean your liver and
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thanks see you in the next easy remedies edition 24
no Y


  1. Muy buenas noches amable señor .
    Gracias por recetas tan sencillas pero efectivas .
    Yo lo saludo desde colombia Dep de Boyacá cuidad de Tunja.
    Le envío un súper abrazo de luz y cariño.
    Me despido atte gloria.♥️🌿♥️🌿♥️🌿♥️🌿♥️🌿

  2. Hola. Saludos.
    Que buena información sobre las propiedades curativas del bolso.
    Yo uso el limón todas las mañana en ayunas,pero me parece bien agregarle boldo para aprovechar mejor el tratamiento.
    Muchas gracias por compartir.
    Saludos y bendiciones.
    Héctor Polo. Panamá.

  3. Gracias por tan importante vídeo. La salud está a nuestro alcance. En lo que prodiga la naturaleza. Un saludo desde México.

  4. Hola me quedo con muchas dudas sobre el video ! Me gustaría que dieran más información sobre las plantas que son medicinales!! Lo que hacen dentro del cuerpo humano y cual mecanismo es el que desintoxica o cura! Gracias ! Saludos de Texas USA

  5. Excelente vídeos consumo el Té de Boldo en Sobrecitos y es eficaz porque aparte de todo libera los gas acumulados que son tan molestos… Saludos desde Panamá 🇵🇦 😎

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