🧠 WARNING: Low Acetylcholine = Bad Memory, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s

People are smoking less these days, which
is a good thing. However, there are still many people who smoke
and want to stop, but they just don’t know how or whatever they’ve tried, doesn’t
work. For example, I got the following email the
other day. “Hey doc – I really need to stop smoking,
but I’m not sure how. I’ve tried a few times, but it never works. My doctor told me I need to stop cold turkey. He also suggested I take the drug, Chantix. What are your thoughts? Please help me.” It Starts In The Head
Well, first of all – your mind set has to be in the right place. You must WANT to stop. Coming from a place where you “need” to
stop, isn’t very strong. Make a list of all the bad or negative things
that will happen if you continue to smoke. Such as cancer, heart disease, heart attack,
stroke, putting your family under stress, extra medical costs in the future, etc. Then, make a list of all the positive things
that will happen. You’ll feel better, have more energy, smell
better, live longer, etc. The more emotional, the better. Additionally, you must also have good people
around you. If all of your friends are smokers, you can’t
really go out, interact with them and not feel that need or urge to smoke. So, keep this in mind. Forget Chantix As far as the Chantix, this is a nightmare
of a drug. This pill will make you 34 percent more likely
to end up in the ER for an endless nightmare of dangerous heart problems including heart
attack, stroke, arrhythmias, unstable angina, and peripheral vascular disease. In real numbers, that means that nearly 1
in 250 patients on Chantix will suffer some kind of cardiovascular problem requiring a
trip to the ER — not because they’re smokers, but because of the drug. Now, some will say this is because smokers
already have health problems. But, this isn’t the case. If you have no history of heart problems at
all… not even a little chest flutter… Chantix will STILL increase your risk of an
ER visit for a cardiac issue by 12 percent. The drug also causes anger and rage and is
also linked to suicides. So, forget the drug… I’ll show you how to do it naturally, in
a minute. Going Cold Turkey I’ve had a lot of people try to stop smoking
cold-turkey, but I don’t like this method. Nicotine, one of the active ingredients in
cigarettes is extremely addictive. However, the thousand other chemicals in a
cigarette are probably even MORE addictive. So, just as with any addictive drug, I don’t
tell people to just stop. I tell everyone to cycle off. For chemical reasons, but also habitual reasons. If you’ve been smoking for a few years,
maybe 10 or 20 or more, this is now a daily habit of yours. Cycle Off – It’s Better & Safer So, it’s best to
slowly cycle off of the drug, while your body balances itself out and improves different
chemicals and neurotransmitters – which I’ll talk about in a minute. Now, let’s pretend you’re smoking 10 cigarettes
daily. Here’s how to do it. Go to the lowest nicotine content cigarettes. Lower by one cigarette every week. So week one, you from 10 daily to 9 daily. Week two, 8 daily. Week 3, 7 daily and so forth. So, in about 10 weeks, you’re basically
off of cigarettes. Chemically and physically – which are BOTH
two different mechanisms of addiction. Improving Chemicals & Neurotransmitters Part of the addiction that comes from smoke
cigarettes is the euphoric feeling and chemical high. Nicotine gives you more energy. It’s a stimulant. It increases adrenalin. It helps increase cognition and improves focus. In fact, nicotine is a very powerful nootropic. It increases dopamine levels – which is the
pressure chemical. And this is a major issue with addiction. Nicotine also decreases your appetite and
interacts with your blood sugar and insulin receptors. So, this is why it’s so hard to just stop
cold turkey. Too many positives to justify stopping. Instead, we need to fix all of these chemicals
in your brain and body, naturally – so you get the same high or benefits all day long
and it’s NOT from the cigarettes. So what we want to do is replenish naturally,
what the nicotine was giving your body. And in the process, fix what the smoking broke. Herbs that will also
Increase your energy levels Improve cognition and focus
Increase dopamine levels Reduce your appetite
Improve your mood Thus, you’re getting all the same benefits,
but now it’s NOT from the cigarettes. It’s from natural, safe herbs. With that said, below in the description area,
I’ve got a link to the best herbs and formula that will help accomplish these goals. It’s actually a formula that many people
use to just have more energy – body and mind. However, I’ve noticed that when smokers
are trying to quit, using my cycle-off method combined with the ingredients listed below,
they have almost NO withdrawal problems and most stay off the cigarettes, permanently! We replace the negatives of smoking, with
the positives of natural herbs. Now there’s not void. However, as stated originally – you must WANT
to quit and you need to be around good people who will support
and respect you. Anyway, if you want to stop smoking, permanently
– cycle off slowly and replace the positives with natural
herbs, which you can see the exact formula, below, in the description area.

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  1. Hey Dr. Sam Robbins I was wondering if you would recommend sprints. I know you have stated multiple times how jogging is not great for your hormones and that you recommend brisk walking but I wanted to know your thoughts on sprinting over jogging.

  2. Nicotine fucks acetylcholine and in return gives you brain fog and memory problems including forgetfulness, poor recall, and issues retaining new information. I’ve noticed a significant difference in my memory and social skills since quitting nicotine. Also fucks with your muscles too.

  3. Super insightful content- thank you for sharing!
    How do I test my acetylcholine levels at home?
    Cheers from Seattle.

  4. Love your videos , very helpful . Question my wife has chronic hives and takes benadryl and zyeretec almost daily. What should she do about stopping the hives and not having to take those OTCs?

  5. Lol doc are you reading my browsing history or what ! I was just checking out about it ! And thanks for sharing!

  6. dr sam robbins can you talk about ascorbic acid the vitamin c. you never talk about it specifically. thank you.

  7. hello Dr Robbins I really appreciate your work, it helps a lot ..actually my mother who has Parkinson's and took L.Dopa for many years now is starting to experience memory loss and desorientation issues.Her Neurologist prescribed her CITICOLIN do you recommend taking it ? thanks for your help

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