10 Awesome Baking Soda Life Hacks

– [Voiceover] If you wanna get to the top, (dramatic orchestral music) you gotta know the tricks of the trade. Brains over brawn, mind over matter. You don’t come this far
without setting a few fires. Take a seat. It’s time you learned my secrets. (dubstep music) Let’s talk about baking soda. No, no, no, not like that.
(upbeat pop music) I mean the magical powder
that you keep in the pantry. We’ve put together an awesome
list of baking soda uses that’ll compel you to pull
it from under the sink and bring it into primetime. Wanna make a more natural air
freshener that smells great? Pour yourself two cups of
water into a spray bottle. Bust out your finest lemons, oranges, or limes and do a little slicing. We’re gonna want about
half a cup of citrus juice, which is usually two to three fruits. Squeeze it off carefully and pour it right into your spray bottle. Now, add about one
tablespoon of baking soda to your bottle, add the top,
and give it a good shaking. Spray it in stinky areas
for a long-lasting, more natural approach to
pleasing your olfactory senses. Baking soda, being the
scientific marvel that it is, can also be a crowd-pleaser
at your next party. Simply take together
four parts powdered sugar and one part baking soda. Mix it all up good. Dump it into a container
that can handle a lot of heat and add about one part
rubbing alcohol to the powder. Next, we’re gonna light it. We’ll be dealing with a chemical reaction, so safety is of the utmost importance. Eye protection should be worn and a fire extinguisher nearby. Grandpa, wanna see something cool? – Sure! – If you’re a minor, make sure you have adult supervision. As the mixture burns, the baking soda is going to create a
lot of carbon dioxide, which in turn fluffs up the burnt sugar, forcing it out of the container
as it continues to grow. What you’re left with resembles a burnt marshmallow, but don’t eat it. Now, how about a different
kind of reaction? I’m talking about surprise. By adding a single tablespoon directly into a ketchup bottle, the groundwork is laid
for a shocking surprise. Now, I don’t recommend trying
this, but theoretically, if you were to lightly
flip the bottle over to hide the powder inside and then maybe put it back in the fridge, it’s entirely possible,
theoretically, of course, that an unsuspecting victim might grab it and kick off the chemical reaction. The movement and shaking of the bottle will cause the baking soda to react with the vinegar that’s in the ketchup. All the contents in the
bottle will quickly spray out, leaving behind quite a cleanup job. Now, that’s saucy. The human foot has over
250,000 sweat glands, glands that leak into
your shoes and cause odor. Let’s get rid of that odor. Grab a paper towel and
sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda into the center. Now, fold it over itself a couple times to fit in your shoe to leave overnight. Baking soda stabilizes the
pH levels of acidic odors. Most foot odor is acidic, which is why it can smell
like vinegar or even cheese. But rest assured, after
a baking soda treatment, your shoes will be back to their questionable-smelling selves. Now, this is the time of year
when our grills get neglected and the thought of cleaning
’em seems overwhelming. To make this an easy task,
mix three parts baking soda and one part hot water into a container. Stir and blend until you
have a nice paste form. Dip in a grill brush and
spread the mixture around before moving into some quick scrubbing. The caked-on material will come right off in a matter of seconds,
leaving you with a grill that’s ready for action. If you do a lot of cooking, you know that sometimes
things don’t go as planned. If you run into a grease fire, there isn’t a lot of time to react. But if you keep baking soda around, you can safely stop the fire in its tracks by pouring it over the flame. While this does ruin your food, it also saves you a visit
from the fire department. Feet and pets hit our
carpets on a daily basis, and after a while, they
need a good refresh. You can make your own carpet powder that’s more effective
than store-bought versions by grabbing one cup of baking soda and a small bottle of essential oil. Put the powder in a bowl and add about 25 drops of
your favorite scented oil. Mix it up good and work
out all of the clumps. For easy storage, I cleaned
out a Parmesan cheese bottle and added the carpet powder. You simply sprinkle it
on your affected areas and then let it sit for 15 minutes. After that, vacuum it all up and enjoy a fresh-smelling and clean carpet. Now, here’s a quick way to
deal with clogged drains without harsh drain cleaners. Simply pour a cup of baking soda right into the jammed-up drain and, once settled, follow it
up with a cup of vinegar. The reaction between the two substances will help unclog and even
freshen up your drain. Many of us experience heartburn
when eating spicy foods. Generally, you grab a
Tums or some acid reducer. But let’s say you ran
out or you can’t find it. Baking soda to the rescue. Add half a tablespoon of your
magical powder to a glass, followed up with a cup of water. Make sure to stir it well and then fire it down your eager gullet. It doesn’t taste great, but it will nullify your heartburn and let you get back to
cleaning up your dishes. Plastic containers are notorious for getting food stains stuck inside. Washing and scrubbing
doesn’t always do the trick, leaving you with discoloration
on your lovely Tupperware. To beat those hard stains, sprinkle baking soda inside the container, making sure to cover
all the exposed areas. Add a small amount of water that leaves the mixture a bit thick and shake it around like a madman until the inside of the
container has a nice coating. Set it aside and let it sit overnight. After several hours in the mixture, pop off the lid and give it a good rinse. The stains’ll be gone and
your plastic container will smell great and look like new. We hope you enjoyed unlocking
the secrets of baking soda. And if you liked this video, make sure to check out the
vinegar video right over there. It’s great. Also, if you’re not subscribed, you can click that “Subscribe” button right below this video. If you still can’t find it, just head over to householdhacker.tv. We’ll get you all set up. As always, thanks for watching
and we’ll see you next time.

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  1. baking soda σαν τον μαμαλακη μες την κουζινα μονο για 2-3 ελληνες

  2. Are you kidding me? 1:41 your experiment is stupid. If you're gonna make an experiment, make sure that it doesn't affect the environment. Look, this is the reason why we're having climate change now and it'll get worse in the future and we are the reason why there is such thing. I know I'm overreacting a little but just don't… Don't do the experiment just for fun. It's not fun at all.

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    Ohhhh no how ever will I put out a fire in a kitchen I guess I will have waste money on baking soda instead of put cold water from the tab

  5. As a pharmacist I must caution against using standard baking soda. This leads to a redox effect where it will give immediate relief, but will be far worse when the base/acid effect wears off.

  6. How were half of these "Life hacks"? they were just simple tricks.. they wont help you in any situation, like that one with the ketchup

  7. Something that is really cool is if u add only a little bit of water and a lot of baking soda and put some lemon juice on the baking soda it fizzes it’s so cool

  8. 0:54 so thats why at the begining of the video the spray bottle was spraying by itself, the reaction of lemon juice and baking soda creates pressure if you use too much baking soda

  9. Tip: Don't just use liquid measuring cups for everything. Use liquid measuring cups for liquid, and solid measuring cups for solids. Other than that, keep up the awesome work!

  10. Also another tip with baking soda is to sprinkle 5 grams of baking soda into the underwear youre wearing and leave over night.

    next morning you will have a bigger cock! 💄🍢🚀⤴⬆
    Thank me later

  11. I can NOT drink baking soda water without vomiting, so I pour the baking soda onto a piece of paper, get a mouthful of liquid, tilt my head upwards, and pour the baking soda in the back of my throat. Swallow quickly, and you won't taste it at all. I learned this taking goody's and bc powders.

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  15. Just a heads up on drinking the baking soda and water if your feeling sick to your stomach drink it and you will either throw up or your stomach will walk down of you throw up your stomach will start to feel better it's just less pleasant

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    Some essential oils are toxic for your pets .Make a wise choice after doing your
    Great video ,
    thanks for sharing .
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