14 Body Hacks You’ll Actually Want To Try

14 Body Hacks You’ll Wish You’d Known
About Sooner There is so much to know about the human body. We experience unwanted sensations and have
weird body parts that seem like they serve no function other than to make us uncomfortable. The body is a weird thing. From allergies to illnesses to random bumps
and bruises, sometimes it seems like it’s impossible to tell what our bodies will do
to us next. So to make your life easier and better, we’ve
compiled a list of body hacks so that the next time someone has a body question, you
will know the answer. Not only will this help your life, but you
can help someone else’s life too. Pass on the knowledge. You never know, your friends may start thinking
of you as the Albert Einstein of the group! We hope that you will adopt these interesting
tips into your life. And even if you don’t, hopefully you’ll
at least find some of the tips mildly interesting. Consider this a biology lesson. Before we begin this video, don’t forget
to subscribe to our channel for more daily tips like this and turn on notifications so
you never miss our new videos! Now, here are 14 body hacks you’ll wish
you’d known about sooner. 1. Stopping a Sneeze: A sneeze can be super embarrassing
– especially if you’re in a public place or an extremely crowded, quiet room. If you’ve ever sneezed in the middle of
an exam full of hundreds of students, you probably know what we’re talking about. But have no fear! If you want to stop a sneeze, press down on
the area right above your upper lip (kind of like giving yourself a finger mustache.) 2. Getting Rid of a Brain Freeze: If you’re
experiencing a particularly horrendous brain freeze (which is literally the worst sensation),
press your tongue to the roof of your mouth and it will go away soon after. So the next time you take an excessive slurp
of a slushie or smoothie on a hot summer’s day, remember this body hack, and your painful
brain freeze will disappear in no time! 3. Touching Your Toes: Okay, this one is a little
strange. Are you one of those people who doesn’t
seem to have any flexibility? Have you been trying to be able to reach down
and touch your toes your whole life but somehow always seem to struggle to do it? You’re not alone! And believe it or not, there may be a solution
to all your tippy-toe problems. Try this out, it might just work: Try reading
a paragraph worth of sentences backward. You might just be able to touch your toes
after doing it. Try it out! What have you got to lose? 4. Draining Your Congested Sinuses: Being sick
and having a cold is the worst. What’s even worse than being sick is getting
all plugged up. Your nostrils are congested, you can’t breathe
properly, your mouth is dry from breathing in and out of it all day, and you haven’t
had a good night’s rest in days! Well, we may have a solution for you. If you’re sick and want to drain your congested
sinuses, switch back and forth between pressing your tongue to the roof of your mouth and
pressing a finger in between your eyebrows. Okay, it sounds weird – and you might not
want to do it in public, but we swear, it works! If you’re curious about some more body hacks
you didn’t know about, keep watching for more! 5. Hearing Someone in a Noisy Room: Have you
ever wondered what that flap on your ear is and what it’s there for? Well, it’s called a tragus. If you ever need to hear someone next to you
while in a noisy room, just press down on it and it will cancel out the peripheral sounds. This could be a great life hack if you’re
at a particularly loud concert or are in a crowded subway or room and desperately need
to hear what someone else is saying to you. 6. Preventing Heartburn: Heartburn. It happens to the best of us. It hurts, it’s annoying, and it makes us
avoid eating some of our favorite foods. If you get heartburn a lot, there are a few
body hacks you can do to help prevent it (besides the obvious advice you would get from your
doctor, of course). Try this out: lie on your left side so that
you don’t get bedtime heartburn after a big meal. Also, stop eating 3-4 hours before you go
to bed. 7. Stopping a Nosebleed: Nosebleeds are scary
– and kind of creepy. If you’re one of those people who seems
to get nosebleeds for no apparent reason, this body hack may be a life saver for you. To stop a nosebleed, lean your head forward
slightly and pinch your nose right above your nostrils for five minutes. You’ll be good to go before you know it. 8. Preventing Feelings of Anxiety: Anxiety is
never a fun feeling. It can seem overwhelming, stressful, and sometimes
even downright horrifying. If you find yourself feeling extremely anxious
or stressed out sometimes, you probably understand what we’re talking about. If you’re ever feeling extremely anxious,
put your thumb in your mouth like you’re sucking on it but instead blow out air, and
let your cheeks puff up. 9. Reducing Pain from a Burnt Tongue: If you’ve
ever been a little too excited when waiting to eat a delicious slice of pizza and didn’t
have the patience to wait for it to cool off, this body hack will probably be relatable
to you on a whole different level. If you ever burn your tongue while drinking
a hot drink or eating a hot piece of food, swish some cold water around your mouth It’ll
help with the immediate heat in the burned tissue and prevent inflammation Thank us later! 10. Curing Hiccups: Hiccups can be very annoying. Especially when they refuse to go away. To quickly cure the hiccups, inhale deeply,
hold it, swallow twice, then exhale through your nose. All gone! 11. Making Going to the Bathroom Easier: Okay,
so this body hack might seem a little bit awkward at first – but we’re all humans,
and there’s no shame in admitting that we all go number two sometimes. This body hack might be able to help you when
you’re feeling a bit “overstuffed”. Make your poops easier by elevating your knees
and feet, so that you look like you’re squatting. It’s supposedly the more natural way for
humans to poop. 12. Getting a Song out of Your Head: Got a song
relentlessly stuck in your head? Chew gum! Also, accept that the song will be there – don’t
try to block it out because that could make it worse. It’ll be gone soon after. 13. Swallowing Those Stubborn Pills: If you hate
the idea of swallowing pills and have trouble doing it every single time, this body hack
might be a life saver for you! When trying to swallow a pill, put the pill
in your mouth and tilt your head forward instead of backward. This will allow the pill to float to the back
if your throat, making it much easier for you to swallow it. 14. Suppressing the Urge to Go to the Bathroom:
Ever had to go to the bathroom really badly but there was no bathroom in sight? We’ve all probably been there – but the next
time it happens to you, try out this life hack! It might help if you need those extra couple
of seconds or minutes to reach a bathroom. If you really have to go but need to buy some
time, try scratching the back of your calf. This can help distract your brain and give
you a little bit more time to rush to the bathroom. Body hacks, just like any other life hack,
are a great way to help improve some of the more annoying aspects of our lives. Have you tried any of these body hacks out
yet? Try them out and see what works for you. You never know, you may just have found a
solution to some of the most annoying problems in your life! Try them out and let us know which ones worked
for you by commenting below. Enjoyed this video? Hit the like button and subscribe to our channel
for more videos like this! Thanks for watching!

19 Replies to “14 Body Hacks You’ll Actually Want To Try

  1. Do you have a body hack that we missed? Please let us know in the comment section below! If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends. 🙂

  2. Thanks I learned a couple of new tricks here. I've been practicing acupressure for about 35 years so I have a few tricks myself.

  3. I always keep a mini stool in my bathrooms. Yep, it's a better position and there's no work to do, not much pushing for sure. And the children keep a stool in their BR now that they've grown. Nicole from Canada

  4. For the bleeding nose, one option is this: sit down straight, keep your head back so nostrils are almost upward now. Finally, pour water on the forehead for some time. Mostly nosebleed because of heat, so this is best to stop it for a loooong time.😃😃

  5. Another “burned tongue” technique I swear by: Empty a packet of real sugar (not aspartame, etc) onto your tongue. Close your mouth and let the sugar dissolve on your tongue. It cuts the pain in half immediately.
    Hiccups: Eat a teaspoon of peanut butter.
    Swallowing pills: thank you for the “head forward” method. Also, take pills with something thicker than water. Smoothies, eggnog, drinkable yogurt are options.

  6. Leg cramps waking you up? Put a 1/2 Tbs of powdered beef bullion in a cup of warm water. Drink down. Instant relief.
    The ear trick really works! But explain why you’re doing it. Otherwise it just looks rude.

  7. Video: are you one of those people who doesn't seem to have any flexibility?
    Me: well of course I can't even to a cartwheel XD

  8. "We've compiled a list of body hacks-"

    A.k.a We've copied a list from Buzzfeed without even bothering to change the order of the hacks.


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