20 Min Fat Burning Workouts to do at Home without Equipment for Men & Women to Lose Weight Fast

hey everybody it’s your personal trainer
coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is 20 Min Fat Burning Workouts to do at Home without Equipment for Men Women to Lose Weight Fast our fat torching workout this workout
doesn’t require any equipment whatsoever just your own body weight we’re going to
pump up the pace tonight I’m going to be doing the
advanced variations and Claudia’s going to be doing the intermediate and
beginner modifications we’re going to do the whole thing with you we’re going to
burn a bunch of calories I’m excited if you can’t tell alright
we’re going to jump into and start with I’m going to do a lateral broad jump
Claudia’s going to do a lateral hop side to side so again my versions are the
harder versions I’m jumping side to side with both feet big power jumps Claudia
is hopping side to side give it a little bend in your knees you decide which
version is right for you we’re going to keep this pace up throughout the whole
workout today we’re not going to count any repetition so it’s really all about
you and moving at your own pace and pushing yourself nice work making sure
to breathe throughout putting that weight in your hips we got five more
seconds on this one and four three two one okay we’re going to the ground for
the next one we’re gonna do a couple push-ups variations Claudia is going to
do hers from your knees I’m doing them from upright we’re going to do a wide
push-up and then a close crip push-up with your elbows in you’re going to walk
out and walk in with your hands so we’re going between a Close Grip and a wide
grip and each time taking those two steps one with each hand and switching
your position keep your core tight and straight throughout the whole move nice
again you’re getting is it many reps in as you can in this a lot of time period
whew we got five more seconds on this one right through it guys and three two
one zero okay we’re going to your legs next we’re going to do either a reverse
lunge or a reverse lunge plus knee raise you decide which one
is right for you stepping back drop him back that back knee at a 90-degree angle
and alternating hitting the other side keeping good posture keeping the core
tight core tight can keep on moving that’s the name of the game keep
fighting don’t slow down nice work we got just 10
more seconds on this one and five four three two one and we’re going back to
the ground we’re going into a high plank position either from the knees or from
upright we’re going to reach through and fly reach through and fly call the high
plank wing or uplink from your knees wing and pardon me I was just doing one
side instead of alternating yes we’re back at nope that’s probably coach’s
fault not giving proper instructions alternate between side to side pull back
use that back and keep your body parallel to the ground nice for that
back squeeze up at the top feel that core working we’re breathing remember
any time you do something from a plank position got a really focused on that
breathing so you’re not holding your breath because you will pay the price if
you do nice not much left on this one and five four three two one and we’re up
we’re going to move into either a standing elbow to knee or a standing
twist again decide which one’s right for you I want
you to keep that pace up let’s go remember you doing this for you not for
anybody else focus on what motivates you and what brought you here today nice
work Bri you got it you got it not much left on this one
let’s go ten more seconds almost there and five four three two one and done
nice and next we’re going to move on to a combo movement it’s a squat plus sumo
deadlift so I’m going to do with the jump touching in between my legs and
then the outside of my legs and notice mine I’m not jumping like Coach Cossack
is I’m just moving my feet so my legs my feet are just slightly outside
shoulder-width apart and I’m just driving my hips back and I’m touching
the outside of my feet and just moving them for the sumo squat see point toes
out a little bit remember to keep your knees out pointed
out we don’t want them collapsing in exactly driving those knees out many
reps in as you can nice work I don’t have many left on this
one and five four three two one all right I apologize for this next one in
advance we’re going to the ground we got ballistic push-ups either from
your knees you weight up Claudia’s favorite or from position we’re gonna do
five in a row one two three four five and then come back down to your knees or
stay on your knees relax breathe next set right into it let’s go one two three
four five good relax these are horrible and breathe got it you can do it
let’s hit it let’s go we’re all feeling it together all feeling it together four
five nice deep breaths you got this you got this fighting through it
we’re hurting too let’s go next set one two three four five
come on fight through we got one more everybody one more let’s hit it
ready go one two three four and five alright nice we’re headed over to your
back do a lying leg raise plus crunch o’clock
Claudia is going to a lying knee raise plus crunch again you’re deciding which
one of these is going to be right for you today we’re coming up bringing those
shoulder blades up off the ground every time we’re keeping our legs under
control try your best not to bring your feet down to the ground in between
repetitions good good good keep driving them out how many can you
get let’s go let’s go go go moving moving moving moving nice work not many
left give me five more seconds and three two one okay we’re up on our feet we’re
moving into either a crossover jump or a just traditional jumping jacket so this
one’s a little bit harder crossing over opposite arm and feet at each time
thought he is doing the traditional jumping jack whichever one you’re doing
stay light and on those balls of the feet breathe
good job guys come on you’re a flight or not a quitter show me what you got let’s
go remember this is for you put it all out there not cheating yourself today
let’s go go get it almost there give me just five more seconds on this
one and three two one to the ground we go four last one in this first round
we’re gonna do sprinters they’re a modified sprinter or a normal sprinter
they’re both hard leaning back on a 45 degree angle only difference is
Claudia’s gonna rest her feet and leg down in between where I’m gonna keep
mine up really moving don’t worry after those flying leg raises
you’re still gonna feel it on these uh-huh yes and we’re feeling I’m feeling
oh ab workout we did yesterday – we’re all feeling it we’re all hurting more
fighting together let’s get it guys come on
get after get after almost there last five seconds on this
one three two one zero nice end of the first round
all right so taking a quick breath only 20 seconds in total I want you to get a
drink of water you got his arms shake everything loose
because we’re getting right back into it we only have five more seconds well I’m
doing lateral bounce Claudia’s doing the lateral hops let’s get it going fire it
up guys three two one let’s hit it
remember what you came here for focus on it guys focus on it so mental that’s all
this is it’s all in your head breathing fight that’s all you got to do
keep moving forward put one foot in front of the other so life’s all about
no different here let’s hit it come on let’s go how many can you get let’s go
five more seconds and that’s it three two one
okay we’re going to the ground I know brings me push up now by the end of this
but you’re going to be stronger for it we’re going push up Plus Close Grip push
up walking in walking out move at a pace that you feel comfortable with right
that allows you to get through this set I’m trying to keep up with us just do
what you can you want to be better than the best version of you getting better
every day don’t worry about competing with us so
worried about getting better and beating yourself come on let’s go what do you
got guys what do you got run it all out there almost there and five four three two one
and we’re up we keep this pace up we’re going to reverse lunges with your
reverse lunge plus knee raise or just a reverse lunge
either way one right into the next you got this you got this positive mindset
right here growth mindset getting better every day every rep let’s hit it guys
let’s hit it nice nice come on move those legs move those legs it’s feeling
good burns oh so good ah ah ten seconds guys ten seconds
what do you got what do you got put it out there good
five four three two last one zero to the ground we go going into that high plank
position don’t forget to alternate arms on these if you’re on your knees and
we’re going me the last one left arm right arm rowing and pulling back abs
are tight and as Claudia said alternating those are opposite nice work
guys keep it moving – name the game today don’t slow down if you got to drop
to your knees that’s okay they do not give up come on let’s go let’s go what
do you got I want you to impress yourself today you’d be thinking your
sub man I didn’t I didn’t know I had that in me what a pleasant surprise
put it out there guys put it out there last ten seconds last ten seconds right
here nothing that’s nothing you got it in five four three two one and we’re up
we’re going standing elbow to knee or standing twist
but either way wrap them out right here whoo keep your knees a little soft on
these if you’re doing the standing twist that’s right with your weight back and
your hips good twist that core come on keep it
moving keep it moving don’t slow down you can’t speed it up
that’s right it’s time to speed it up not slow it down and three two one nice
work all right we’re moving right in to that sumo deadlift plus squat combo
whether or not you’re doing the jumps either way
time to get moving let’s go put the weight back in the hips on every rep
don’t forget to adjust your feet on these keep those knees out breathe and
fight that’s the name the game right there breathe in a fight let’s go come
on gotta go to your happy face on me yes you do
we’re fighting through that burn that’s what we’re doing or just try to smile
through it like I am that’s it hey it’s all mental you start sending those
positive signals to your brain you must start thinking you’re actually enjoying
this let’s go five four three two one okay we’re going to the ground for our
last set of push-ups try to smile through this we’re going into a
ballistic push-up ready big power five times go one two three four five and
rest you guys if you’re not feeling these
ballistic push-ups even from your knees hey don’t hesitate to just do regular
push-ups two three four five that’s right get what you can cuz these are a
lot even for me so that’s right you might see me just do some push-ups here
in a minute okay ready hey we’re stepping it up today
but you know what we can come back repeat this workout get a little bit
better every time knock out a few more reps every time okay couple deep breaths
and we’re in it let’s go one two three four five nice we got one last one
one last one breathe I can do it I can do that’s it hit it that’s the spirit
gotta have that positive attitude come on
ha okay turn into our bat either a lying leg raise crunch or line knee raise
crunch you decide which one is right for you today
push yourself because nobody else can or will do for you nice breathing move
breather move one into the next we’re helping a pop here with you that’s right
thousands of you maybe even millions doing this at home all feeling that same
burn fighting together right here getting better at by rep rep by Rep here
it is come on no giving up no giving up no pausing this video not do not cheat
yourself and five four three two one and we’re up I’m going into the crossover
jumps Claudia is hitting good old-fashioned jumping jacks gonna piece
AHA that’s right go kicking it back old-school this is been take you back to
elementary school gym I don’t know about we’ll come on back to simpler times
let’s hit it trail breathe and keep pushing not many left let’s go come on
hot feet hot feet you know they probably still do these in the military don’t
they yes ma’am okay maybe not all the way back to
elementary but okay five four three two one to a ground we have sprinters get it
modified or little fashion leaning back kind you decide but get it moving I
can’t break Claudia can break so you can pick up the speed on these a little bit
here we go Isis Spirit one into the next opposite arm and leg working together
good stay back on that 45-degree angle good breathe
almost there ten seconds on this one last ten almost there five four three
two one nice alright so that’s the end of the normal workout now it’s time for
bonus okay we’re gonna give you one more 20 second break but while you’re doing
that we’re going to show you the three bonus move pay attention so I’m gonna
get I’m gonna go draw jump plus Burpee claudia is going to show you a squat
thrust squatting down kick her legs back out and back up no jump then she’s gonna
do a fast feet well I’m doing jump rope full jump rope
and lastly we’re getting to the ground for a plank either from the knees or
from up top okay don’t worry we’ll tell you as we’re going on because that’s
what it’s show time this is it right here
don’t hold anything back let’s get it you ready Claudia ready or not let’s
hear it big jump and then Burpee and then turn around hit it the opposite
direction yeah it’s just one right into the next with these either way we’re
giving it everything you got for these last couple minutes this is it
right here no holding back you versus you on this one remember what I said
earlier I want you to impress yourself that means doing more than you think
you’re capable of pushing past your perceived limits those limitations
whoever told you that you’re not good enough they’re not worth it that you
can’t do it this is for them right here lay it out there give it to us let’s go
Bri come on don’t slow down don’t slow down almost done almost done last ten
seconds that’s it and five four three two one
we’re up I’m into a faux jump rope Claudia’s doing fast feed and you’re not
stopping come on let’s go you got it picking up the pace hot feet hot feet
ari nice work everybody this is it right here put it all on the line no hold them
back you got it moving moving moving let’s go
let’s go oh let’s go yeah pump it up well we’re here with you
we’re here with you not alone you’re a fighter not a quitter come on on here
you’re a fighter not a quitter that’s it let’s go 10 seconds almost there let’s
go speed it up speed it up five four three two one to the ground last hit a
point you decide if you’re high or low on this one but get there and hold
breathe that core nice and tight as you’re tight that’s it
back is straight you guys you can do anything for a minute that’s right
anything that’s right fighting through that pain it’s all
mental don’t listen to that burn you’re better than that stronger than that
let’s hit it you can do this you can do anything do you hear that you can do
anything here it is right here hold the hold it hold it don’t you give up don’t
you hit pause and don’t you stop let’s go come on come on this is it right here
you got 30 seconds for the end of the day that’s it you’ve come this far
through my crazy but routine you’re not gonna give up right now you got it
you’re stronger than that you guys I just moved up to my feet like Coach
Kozak just for myself it’s up to you you decide which one’s right for you if
you’re not ready for it on your knees no worries
what you can do be the best version of you right here you got last 10 seconds
that’s it 10 seconds and you’re done that’s it you can do anything for that
10 seconds like Claudia said you can do this come on 3 2 1 ah you’re done nice
work girl thank you so much for working out with us today without you and all of
your hard work we’re just a crazy married couple hanging out in the garage
camera which we kind of are anyway but hey you know what that’s wrong because
we give it all that you guys thank you so much if you like this workout be sure
to give it a big ol thumbs up and subscribe to this YouTube channel really
the main thing that helps us keep this great service free please also don’t
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you’re looking for all for free make sure to check us out on whatever social
media platform you’re on we are where you are thank you so much for giving us
the privilege to work out and serve you today I’m coach Kozak I’m Claudia and we
will see you your next workout

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