5 Common Signs Of Low Stomach Acid – Hypochlorhydria

Greetings! Eric Bakker. Thanks for coming back to me. I’m a naturopath. Got a question from a subscriber here who
wants to know if she’s got hypochlorhydria, or low stomach acid. She wants to know some of the signs and symptoms
of that. So, let’s talk a bit about the stomach function
and about hypochlorhydria. I learned a lot on a trip I made to the States
back in 2003 when I went to hear Dr. Alan Gaby speaking, very interesting, Jonathan
Wright and Alan Gaby in Seattle. I’d been practicing already for many, many
years prior to that, but that 2003 trip really made me understand a lot more about stomach
function. Dr. Wright, Jonathan Wright, is long retired
now, I believe. Incredible doctor, one of the most important
influences for many, many functional medicine doctors in America and around the world, but
Dr. Wright was a very big believer, going back probably as far as the ’70s, that people
with stomach problems, particularly low acid production stomach were exhibiting signs of
over-acidity. So, common theme, for example, to experience
when you’ve got hypo, which means you’re low, chlorhydria, you know, stomach acid is heartburn. Many doctors never believed this until they
actually devised a special capsule, which could be swallowed, to determine stomach acid
viability, and they did find that. They discovered that many people with heartburn
in fact had a low-acid stomach, not over-acid stomach. So, many people watching this video, for example,
who are taking an acid blocker or a PPI drug, proton pump inhibitor drug, there are many
of them on the market, like Nexium for example, it’s a billion-dollar drug, many people take
these stupid drugs believing they’ve got too much acid in their stomach, where in fact,
they haven’t got enough, so then when they take these drugs, they’re in fact lowing their
acid production even more, which creates huge fatigue problems, and headaches, and all sorts
of digestive problems, so, not a good idea. I’m not a fan at all of drugs for digestive
system action. I think it’s stupid. To me, it’s like and American Express credit
card, you know, with twenty-something percent interest, or if you go to these loan sharks
and you borrow a hundred bucks to pay a power bill or something like that. To me, that’s stupid as well. Dumb. Or borrowing money to pay loans. It’s just crazy. To me, that’s what these drugs are like, you
know? You’re just basically buying time, and you’re
creating serious underlying disfunction, so it’s not a good idea taking drugs for the
GI tract ’cause in most cases they can be entirely fixed up. Anyway, let’s look at the five key things,
all right? If we’re going to look at the five key signs
and symptoms of [inaudible 00:02:56], the first one’s bloating and belching, so air
coming up, burping, bloating. If your stomach’s not functioning properly
and you’re eating food, it’s not going to break that food down properly, so that food’s
going to sit there for quite a while, and it’s going to cause a lot of gas and bloating
in the upper digestive system particularly when it tries to move down to the small intestine
because you need a very good-functioning stomach to create an excellent pancreatic enzyme output. So, the pancreas is a gland that sits here
in the middle of the body, and its aim, basically, is to help to produce more enzymes to help
to really improve the breakdown of the food, and it relies on a very nice acid mixture
coming from above to convert its enzymes from an inactive to an active form. I’ve discussed this in other videos. So, if the stomach has got the pH a little
bit too high, not low enough, ie. it’s not acid enough, it’s going to create a problem
at the pancreas, and this is where indigestion comes in, and discomfort, in the middle of
the body, and also sometimes feeling a little bit like crappy here. So, the stomach is a little bit higher up. Now, people often get confused, and they say,
“My stomach doesn’t feel good. My stomach …” Well, unless you come from
another planet, or are an android or one of these AI creatures, your stomach usually doesn’t
sit down here. Your stomach sits up a bit higher up, about
here. Okay? In fact, many people with stomach problems
think they’ve got a heart attack. Many guys end up in the emergency room with
indigestion thinking they’re having a heart attack ’cause it’s in a similar region. So, if the stomach’s pH is not right, indigestion
occurs very easily, very easily, particularly after a meal. Second one is heartburn. So, heartburn very much occurs with low-acid
stomach. In fact, it’s a red flag for this condition. Eating a high-protein food, for example, or
a high-fat food going into the stomach with low acid can create major pain and problem,
major heartburn for people. We’re going to talk in a minute after, at
the end of the video, on a couple of different tips and tricks you can do to find out if
you’ve got the right acidity in the gut. The third one is indigestion. All right? Indigestion. So, indigestion can be a terrible symptom. You could be sitting there and have a lot
of pain. Indigestion can come anywhere from here right
down to lower down, as it travels through the small intestine, it’s not broken down
properly. It can sit there like a lump. And, of course, people with indigestion often
get gas. It’s a little bit like a backfire in a car. If the combustion’s not good, and then of
course you’re going to get a backfire through the tailpipe, which is like, [inaudible 00:05:41],
farting, or producing gas, okay? So, indigestion comes often and is related
with bloating and belching, so many people with bloating end up with indigestion. Those two symptoms go together. The fourth one is undigested food particles
in the stool. So, have a good look at the stool regularly
to make sure that you are digesting food properly and you’re excreting waste, you’re not excreting
undigested food. That could mean you’re not chewing food properly,
and poor chewing leads to poor pooing, right? Dr. Gaby, at the conference in 2003 had a
saying, “Small stools; big big hospitals. Big stools; small hospitals.” Think about it. So, the fifth one … And of course, undigested
food, you know, number four, that comes from poor acid, so you’re not breaking food down
properly, so make sure you chew very well ’cause that will significantly help, even
with the low-pH stomach or high-pH stomach, it will help break that food down further
and more easily in the gut. Eating food while being on technology is not
a great idea. So, the fifth one is the flow-on effect of
all of these problems: fatigue, tiredness. If the engine’s not working properly, and
you can’t get gas properly in the engine and have good combustion, you’re not going to
get power to the wheel, so you’re going to have a car that misfires, that stalls, that
lacks power ’til it gets tuned up. In your case, tuning up isn’t grabbing all
the components, throwing it out, and putting a new spark plug in. In your case, it’s going to understand that
we need, maybe, some digestive enzymes for a while, we need to chew food properly, we
need to select the right foods, we need to eat in low-stress environments. These things are all going to significantly
help to stop the fatigue as a flow-on effect. Candida is often a consequence of hypochlorhydria
or poor-functioning stomach. Candida can thrive easily in a stomach that’s
not functioning properly. It can be taken in through food. It can be there already in the GI tract and
flourish when the gut becomes dysfunctional. Same with bacteria, same with parasites. Having a very powerful acid stomach with almost
ensure that if a parasite gets in there, it’s going to die before it has a chance to get
further down. Rectal itching is another symptom I see with
some people. So, we talked about the two methods for stomach,
so one thing you could do is get a good teaspoon, a heaped teaspoon, of baking soda or bicarbonate
of soda, and put that in eight ounces of water, you know, 250 [mils 00:08:20] or or eight
ounces. Give it a stir, and then drink that. Then you should notice … It’s like having
soda. You should notice a big burp not long after
you’ve had that ’cause that’s the acid being neutralized by the bicarbonate of soda, exactly
what the pancreas will do when it squirts bicarbonate of soda into the small bowel,
all right? You will notice sometimes, healthy people
who have a meal, chew it, swallow it, and not long after, it could be 10, 20, 30 minutes
after, they can have a couple of burps here or there, and that’s that bicarbonate of the
pancreas neutralizing stomach acid. It’s not uncommon. Healthy people with have that quite often. So, you will have a burp with bicarbonate
not very soon after you’ve swallowed that. That’s a healthy gut. If you don’t, and then you’re burping with
bicarb, that could be a big problem, could be lack of stomach acid. The other one you can do is to take a digestive
enzyme, particularly a very powerful Betaine pepsin supplement, there are many you can
get from different companies, and take a capsule, and then with each succeeding meal, increase
by one capsule, one capsule. So, for example, for breakfast this morning
I could take one capsule, for lunch today I could take two, for dinner I could take
three, following morning for breakfast four. I keep stacking it up until I notice a bit
of heartburn, or reflux, or pain behind the sternum, or over-acidity symptom. That means I’ve reached my threshold. Now, a healthy guy like me, I can’t take any
more, usually, than two Betaine pepsin or I feel sick. I’ve seen some people take 30 to 40 capsules
per meal. I’m not joking. Especially very elderly people. So, this is what we call the tummy tolerance
method of determining stomach acid. If you forgot that, go back on this video
and watch what I said here about stacking that up, so that’s a good test for you to
determine what your level of stomach acid is. So, you’ve got the bicarb or baking soda test,
and you’ve got the tummy tolerance test. Think about it. And the last thing I’ll leave you with is,
check out CanXida Restore. I think I might have a container here. It’s in the green bottle. This is a digestive enzyme and a probiotic
combination. The CanXida Restore works quite well for hypochlorhydria. You just take one capsule with each meal,
usually for a couple of months, and chew food properly, and make the correct selections,
and that will go a long way towards helping you recover from hypochlorhydria or underactive
stomach. Thanks for tuning in to this video. I hope that it was educational, and you got
some information from it. Thanks very much.

24 Replies to “5 Common Signs Of Low Stomach Acid – Hypochlorhydria

  1. Thankyou so much for sharing such knowledge with us. You are worth your weight in gold. God bless & protect you and your family!

  2. I'm 28 and started developing digestive problems in spring last year accompanied by other health issues (fatigue, hair loss, mood and sleep issues) which got worse and worse and ultimately spiraled out of control and got to the point where I couldn't sleep and digest food and was losing weight at 5,7 150 lbs, while eating 5 times a day. My health issues ultimately costed me my job at the time. After the fact I started to address my issues and things improved slowly little by little. I've also tried your canxida products which helped a lot. Just recently that I realized that my stomach acid is very low indeed, so I addressed that and low and behold – things started to change for the better. I just started my new job and as soon as I'm gonna get some money I'm going to schedule a consult with you to discuss some things. Thanks for the knowledge your provide for free – it really does help people. 🙂

  3. Have just recently found your channel, thanks for the informative videos. I've been on PPI's for a few years and I have a number of the symptoms you've outlined here. Think I'll try to gradually wean off them and follow some of the suggestions you propose. Keep up the good work.

  4. I always hear candida causes hypochlorhydria and hypochlorhydria causes candida. I don't understand.

  5. Hi, i vomitted alot of a1 week ago, pure acid with no food , i feel full tired nauseous heartburn ,stomach burning and burp alot … ples give me advice( low acid or high acid problem )

  6. I tried the Baking Soda test. The product I used has sodium bicarbonate, sodium acid pyrophosphate and starches. I belched once in a minute and did not belch again for approximately 15 minutes. What does that mean?

  7. I'm 40 and have been suffering these symptoms since my mid 20s. I have been taking Prilosec for years, but I quit because now they say that it causes stomach cancer and kidney disease. I love your automotive analogies, and I'm going to try your suggestions. Tired of suffering with this!

  8. This video reminds me of periods in my life where I had heartburn now and then. As I remember it, it was typically in the evening and always linked to coffee. My doctor told me, that for many reasons, more than 2 cups a day were not good. As moderation is often harder than principles, I totally quitted coffee after some time and I haven't had heartburns since. Before that, I did try to alleviate the problem by using neutralizing chewing tablets (Balancid Novum) but I had to foresee the heartburns and pre-empt them by taking the tablets in advance. Otherwise, if the heartburn manage to occur, the tablets only made a slight difference, and for the rest of the evening, I had to put up with some degree of this burning sensation. By the way, when I had this problem, I probably drank 4-6 cups of coffee pr. day.

    NB: Confusing contradiction:
    3:00: Burbing is a sign of a low stomach acid level.
    8:45: Burbing is a sign of a healthy stomach acid level.

    The fact that I don't have heartburns, when I don't drink much coffee, obviously doesn't mean that I have an effective stomach acid level as such, and I've just ordered some HCl pepsin to see if I can get a qualified idea about this. Thanks for the tip in this regard and for making people like me aware of this very crucial topic!

  9. Sir can fatty liver also cause indigestion ? Because i think i have low stomach acid levels.

  10. Interesting..Thank's for all the information…i've been taking ppis for about 4-5 years on and off and they didn't really help mutch, and now I'm starting to realise that I might actualy have low stomach acid.I had gastritis and heartburn,but my doctors never did any kind of acidity test,I have done myself baking soda test 3 days in a row,2 days no burp,third day burp after about 5 minutes. it seems that I have been poisioning my self with ppi's for years,and I'm only 22 years old,TERRIBLE,im going to check out blood to see if I have some vitamin deficiencies(because it seems there is no real test for stomach ph levels in my country),if I do,next to all terible indigestion and gerd and tiredness I have,it is clear sign that I have low stomach acid,why are ppi's even prescribed….if I miss 2 days of taking them it feels like I'm dying,but they don't even treat CAUSE of "disease"just releve the symptoms

  11. If I eat a high protein and fat meal I don’t get heartburn but I do usually get some diarrhea. Would that also mean low stomach acid or maybe low bile

  12. Anyone with a hiatal hernia or persistent GERD should check their vitamin D level and supplement approximately. Be sure to stop all oral vit D for a week or two prior to blood testing, to get a more accurate reading.

  13. Dear Sir, Thank you so much, it feels like you are talking about me, after many years of suffering I hope I will now be on the right path… i will report back in 3-6 months..

  14. I have all this symptoms pluss weightloos,gurgling in my stomach,mocus in my throat,lump feeling in throat and choking senasation…low or not?

  15. I heard that increasing Zinc can help with stomach function and digestive issues. 25-50mg per day. I am trying to correct my stomach Ph issues using Zinc Picolate. Thank you for the information 😀

  16. If anyone is having this stomach issue I highly recommend you increasing your Zinc through supplementation. The stomach and digestive track require adequate amounts of this mineral to function properly. It has been helping with my low stomach acid problems. 25mg-50mg daily. Do not exceed 50mg per day.

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