A Drawing as Long as Me! || Accordion Style Sketchbook

This video is sponsored by Skillshare. Okay. Hey everyone. How’s it
going? My name’s Peter here we have a sketchbook that I’ve been
working on for a while. We’re about, well just over halfway through right now
and today in this video we’re going to put about 15 hours more worth of
drawing into another page spread of it. And then at the end I’ll do another
even slower flip through so we can see everything we’ve accomplished so far. Oh, uh, by the way, before
we get started here, I do want to thank Skillshare
for sponsoring this video. Uh, they make it possible for me to keep
doing art like this. They’re kind of like, they’re kind of like the Pope and
I’m kind of like Michelangelo. If the Pope was a website with thousands
of high quality instructional videos, and if Michelangelo was like some guy
sitting in his apartment doodling on long scraps of paper. So if you’re interested in those
high quality instructional videos, if you want to learn how to
illustrate whether it’s digitally, traditionally landscapes,
portraits, typography, they’ve got other stuff too check it out
and get two months premium content free with a little link in the description
and it’ll help me out. Thank you. All right. All right, let’s get down
to this. All right. So as I mentioned before, this page spread here did
take me about 15 hours. I know that only because I recorded the
whole thing that that’s about how much recorded footage I had. Uh, obviously I wasn’t drawing
nonstop that whole time, but I think it’s safe
to count in, you know, bathroom breaks, stopping,
stretching, you know, blinking things like
that into the total time. Because if it was a real
job, if I clocked in, I wouldn’t clock out to go to the bathroom
or to blink or stretch or anything like that. So, um, yeah, 15
hours is about right, obviously that is a long time. I didn’t
do at all 15 hours in one day. Now, I might, I could maybe if I planned it outright, if I had my food ready and uh, I’ve got to say I’ve had a bucket there,
but no going to the bathroom counts. I think I’m definitely capable
of drawing for 15 hours if I, if I really get into it cause I’m
definitely capable of getting into that. There’s different things people call
it, right? The flow state or the or the, you know, getting into the zone, kind of
losing yourself to the art to drawing. And it’s not only art that you
can lose yourself to. Um, in fact, I think if you’ve ever driven
somewhere before, especially if it’s a, a drive that you do fairly often, have you ever left the house and then
driven to work or to school or something and then you pulling into the parking
lot and you’re like, wait a second. How did I get here? Did
I run any red lights? Did I run over any people? It’s a little bit different when it comes
to drawing because I remember all the lines I draw, but what I don’t remember
is all the time passing. Sometimes I can sit there for hours
and if I think back it will feel like just half an hour or 20 minutes, which is a great thing for
me because sometimes, well, sometimes the days feel too long
and sometimes they feel too short, like I have too many things I want to get done too many lines to
draw too many errands to run too many, too many of this to any of that, and there’s only ever 24 hours in the
day and of course I have to spend some of it eating some of it, sleeping, some of it in the bathroom, you know, it’s 2019 and I feel like we should have
figured out how to eliminate some of these necessities from our lives. Right. I guess that’s why people invented things
like Soylent to try to minimize the whole eating thing, but just the fact that that hasn’t
caught on more than it has just I guess it speaks for itself. Right. There’s some people out there who like
have a Soylent for lunch or anything, but there’s not a lot of people who exclusively drink Soylent unless
they’re doing some weird, you know, challenge to try to prove it
to themselves or everyone else, how cool they are or how much they
don’t need food or, I don’t know. It’s kind of expensive
to compared to right now this is what I do actually.
I’ve recently changed it, but for a while I was
eating veggie burgers, two veggie burgers every
day for breakfast. Um, I started trying to switch to cereal, but cereal doesn’t sit as easy on my
stomach as veggie burgers for some reason. I just feel great after having two veggie
burgers for breakfast and I don’t know why it’s so good for me. I mean, I don’t know if it’s actually
good for me because I, you know, that’s also four pieces of bread, right?
Tell me, is two veggie burgers a good, is that healthy for me
two veggie burger patties? Obviously I’m not telling
you the nutritional
information, right? You’re not, you’re not reading the
back of the package. And then there’s two whole grain buns, which has four pieces of
bread cut in. You know, cause it’s two buns cut
in half. And then I put, I liberally apply a real
Mayonnaise and Dijon mustard. I feel like if anything that really
the mayonnaise is setting it off, that stuff has got to
be fatty or something. But I eat those and
then I’ve, I’ve kind of, I bought some like honey
bunches of oats with almonds, honey roasted or something. And I’ve been eating that
with almond milk. Right. So it’s like extra almondy
and it’s just like, even just like an hour later,
I’m already hungry again. Getting like some weird kind of heartburn
or acid reflux or just some sort of kind of digestive feedback. I don’t really not really know
what all that kind of stuff is, but I just don’t have as
good of a morning as when I
eat the veggie burgers and obviously can we all agree that the
idea of breakfast foods is a farce? It’s a, it’s a myth, right? Why? Why can we eat sausages for
breakfast and not eat hamburgers? They’re almost the same thing. They
just taste slightly different don’t you think? You can’t say because one is more dense
or something. We eat breakfast for dinner, why can’t we eat dinner
for breakfast? It’s just a, it’s a cultural, you know, trend.
But you can do whatever you want. I may or may not continue eating cereal
or I may or may not continue eating the veggie burgers. I kind
of go through phases. For a while I was getting lots of lots
of brussels sprouts with my veggie burgers later in the day
or chicken tenderloins. Uh, I wouldn’t eat chicken tenderloins with the
veggie burgers but I don’t know why I’m telling
you so much about my diet. I’ve already told you all this by
the way. I don’t remember. Anyways, I switched from the brussel
sprouts just to broccoli also I heard that I read somewhere
that broccoli was something
we recently invented. Maybe not as recently as edamame, but like, it’s not like, it’s not like a naturally occurring
thing that’s been around for a long time. I casually heard that somewhere and
didn’t follow, I didn’t bother to look it up any further. So someone should just go ahead
and confirm or deny that for me. Or you can say, you can say, I cannot confirm or deny
the origin of broccoli. Well, that statement doesn’t make much
sense, but you know what I mean. Anyways, I’m pretty happy with how
his drawing turned out. I usually say that at some point in the
video I say a bunch of stuff and then I go like, yeah, I don’t know what else
to say. I should talk about the drawing. And then I say I’m pretty
happy with how it turned out. I am. Got some more bulbous
people in there, uh, different postures. I could add some with multiple arms. I think maybe I need to change up the
number of limbs on these bulbous people. That’s an option. Well, look, I just want to keep my diet simple
and healthy and I don’t know. I’m sure. Look, some of you are dying
to give me diet tips right now. Hey, go ahead. Fire away.
Give me diet tips. Um, I know that a good important
part of a diet is variety, but that’s the part that
discourages me the most. Cause then that’s what makes
grocery shopping a huge chore. Right. I like to be on
a good grocery shopping, just buy a lot of a couple
things and buy those a lot of couple things the
same every time. That’s all. That’s all. Cause every time I go, I just
grab a bunch of veggie burger patties, the same buns, the same
Dijon mustard, grey Poupon, the same Mayonnaise and then some, some chicken tenderloins and some
of this, some of that, you know, it’s just like pretty straight forward.
But should I just grow up? Should I just grow up and learn to
grocery shop like a real person? Get some variety in my diet? Is that the healthiest? Is that the real
answer? Or am I just running away from the truth? I dunno. Anyways, goodbye
everyone. Have a good day. Thanks for watching. Okay.
Alright. Goodbye. Goodbye.

100 Replies to “A Drawing as Long as Me! || Accordion Style Sketchbook

  1. 15 hours is true dedication. For my high school final we had to put in 24 hours for one artwork and that gave me a better appreciation for artists that are able to put in the time and effort out of their own free will.

  2. I cannot confirm or deny the origin of broccoli but I love it no matter where it originated😍😍😍 Brussel Sprouts are awesome too!

  3. I've been listening to your diet story and thinking that it's great you went back to school but it seems to me like a magnificent elaborate tree house decided it needs concrete foundation cause every other house has them. People struggle their whole lives to build an original creative portfolio and you doodle a masterpiece pondering broccoli……

  4. Hey peter, I know I way you can have variety, health, and easy grocery shopping all at once. I use this :

    Go to the frozen section, find the frozen steamable vegetables, and pick out like 5/6 bags of a few different vegetables you like. They’re really not expensive if you get great value or off brands (a carrot is a carrot generally, no matter what brand). And they’re all together. So you can go to the section, grab a handful different bags, and bam. Variety. Healthy. Cheap. You can have them with your veggie burgers as a side if you want.

  5. Fantastic work! Will we maybe be seeing the podcast return? You may have answered this in a previous video if so I apologize for the nagging!

  6. I don't really eat breakfast anymore, Im just not hungry until like 12 or 1 in the afternoon, but if I do have breakfast it's usually leftovers from dinner the night before. I've literally had steak and potatoes for breakfast once.

  7. Still think you should connect both ends of the drawing together to make it a loop, then put it around a couple rollers with a motor so that the drawing scrolls around endlessly…I do quite a bit of tinkering, I'd be happy to cobble such a system up for you when youre done with the drawing.

  8. I understand your affinity for veggie burgers in the morning, as I often feel that I am only eating carb-heavy foods for breakfast (i.e. waffles, bagels, English muffins, etc.). However, I personally find it very difficult to eat anything other than so-called “breakfast foods” for breakfast. One breakfast food I’ve found to be nutritious and filling is oatmeal with bananas and chopped walnuts mixed in, or an egg and cheese wrap. 👍

  9. Hey Peter, you don't have to worry about talking about the drawing the entire video. I could listen to you talk about anything while watching you draw. Also, I agree with the breakfast thing. Sometimes I eat leftovers from dinner for breakfast. I wonder why it's embedded in people's minds that we must eat only "breakfast" foods for breakfast?

  10. If you want to help Peter earn income from his art, the easiest way to do it is let the ads play, it doesn't take long and you get the fuzzy feeling from knowing you've given something back.
    Thank you for all the time and effort you put into your work Peter, you never fail to inspire me when I'm in a rut, and calm me when I'm feeling anxious 💜

  11. It really depends on your body how it is responding, but in my experience, higher carb intake like cereal or any higher carb meal causes acid reflux and makes me feel terrible. Eating protein and fat, like eggs and bacon and maybe just a little carbs keeps me feeling full without all the negatives.
    Eating fat doesn't make you fat, by the way, not directly. It's a tad bit more complicated involving an overabundance in carbs in the system Actually, a lot of positives result in cutting carbs down to a minimum.

  12. Thank You @Peter Draws!! For bringing it to our attention…
    We here at The Corporation for Finer Art demand a high quality from our artists when they submit their works…
    However, in our review of this work it would seem that we may have missed some instruction and therefore may need to make some alterations to our contract.
    The new contract should include a line item #423(c) – Hours actually in the act of arting.
    Press go when you put pen to paper, press stop when you pee, gress go when you are back from the bathroom and have washed all that disgusting urine off your arm hair, like last time, turn it on when you come back from the hours spent with the Swedish Soccer Team… that will need to be renegotiated…. possible refund…


  13. Sugar bad. Fats good. Processed fats bad. Natural sugars good.

    Look at the Mediterranean diet, considered healthiest in the world: fat and protein based.

    Look at the American diet: carbs and sugar based.

    Cereal bad.

  14. Peter. Love your videos have watched hours of them. I have one suggestion that this video illustrates. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzuoazBPOqQ (about whether to shake your ink or not).

  15. Eating healthy isn't going vegan or being carnivorous, eating healthy is eating what your body is called to eating. If you eat something that makes you feel satisfied and happy, that is eating healthy. 😁👍🏾
    The only unhealthy thing is to exaggerate by taking too much or too little, that is the only unhealthy diet😊👍🏾

    Take me for example, when I get the change to go to subway I order 2 foot long Turkey sandwich with spinach and barbeque and I feel just great😂👍🏾

  16. Hi Peter! Love all your videos and artwork. To speak to your diet concerns- variety is best. But you really only have to worry too much about variety if you strictly eat the same exact foods every day for very long periods of time and the foods that you stick to are missing some essential vitamin or mineral. Your body stores vitamins and minerals (weeks to months worth) for use when you aren’t eating foods that contain them. Probably the biggest issue dieters run into is B12 deficiency. You need B12 for red blood cell production and it’s really only in meat and animal products, obviously strict vegans are at most risk for this. But you have to be very strict to run into this problem (again, your body stores it for months). The eggs in your mayo may even be sufficient. This is all aside from considering “health” as a function of daily calories/carb/fat/protein intake. Obviously all fats and carbs with no protein or fiber is not as good as an equal portion of each. If you’re starting to feel paranoid- take a multivitamin. If you start feeling off- go to a doc.

    TL:DR- variety is best, unless you’re crazy strict prob your diet will only have minor effects, grab a multivitamin if you’re really concerned.

  17. Great videos Peter! I had a suggestion for your breakfast consideration. You mentioned cereal doesn't sit well with you. Have you ever tried muesli before? My wife and I have been eating this for breakfast for over a year now and it is cheap to make, lasts quite a while, and fast to prepare for breakfast. Plus it is quite healthy with no added sugars since all the sugar comes from the berries and fruit that are added to it. Just a suggestion though!

  18. Peter talking about eating vegetables over time lapse footage of him casually drawing a massive endeavor like it's nothing is possibly the best thing ever.

  19. I think the guy bending over would have benefitted from a big ol tummy, instead of one that goes in.
    About the food, idk I’m bottom 8% of money spent on food per week, I do like $38 ish dollars up to $50, I can’t taste or smell so I don’t buy anything unnecessary.

  20. I think that the best way to eat is just to eat when you’re hungry and only until you feel not hungry, which is different to feeling full. I don’t think there’s a need to conform to food types based on the clock.

    I work nights sometimes and I’ve eaten a curry at 6am, so you just do you and be happy.

    Epic drawing ✍️

  21. Just a note about the breakfast thing, I bet if you found some of those super thin burger buns (or just eliminated the bun entirely) and went light on the mayo, that seems like a nice healthy meal 🙂

  22. You are so skillful 🙂 I just got your book in the mail. I love it. I was thinking about coloring it… would that be wrong?:p thanks peter. Good job 😌

  23. You can eat whatever you want! I'm in my 30's I I want cold pizza for breakfast then heck it's happening! Love the drawing and video 👍

  24. You are grown-up Peter, that's why you question what you're eating. "You Are What You Eat". Has always worked for me , it doesn't harm to develop your own Qusine either. Bon Appetite!

  25. I hate eating cereal for breakfast, always hungry 3 hours before lunch time.
    I have a recommendation for you! Try out 2 over easy/medium eggs on toasted rye bread, cheese of choice, maybe some spinnach or tomato, a dash of hot sauce for the egg. Cut it in half first though, or pop your yolks, so you don't launch an egg armada at your tabletop

  26. This is my favourite series!! (I may have already said that about this series or, indeed, any other series of yours, Peter…but, right now, in this moment, it's my favourite.) Ok. Bye

  27. Peter, Soylent Green lol Soylent Orange sounds better and maybe use those "bulbous" bodies. Eat how and what you want. I do. I buy the same thing every month. Gives me more time for what I love. Art. Your drawing is continuing to amaze me. Love your bulbous bodies. Hugs!

  28. dude – i love your creativity and style! your drawings are a perfect background for tool music. maybe in the near future try doing a drawing for one of their songs like 10,000 days or schism!

  29. I draw and sit back and say ..I can’t believe I just did that..my work is a mature and by no way this skilled..It’s mesmerising to see this just appear on the page,no lines just straight on ..I like many need pencil line and a rubber ..yep the latter being my most valuable asset lol..This book is amazing ,you could look at it for days and find new thing all the while 😀

  30. Try veganaise, Peter! Best foods has one and it's so much like real Mayo that I can't justify getting real Mayo anymore.

  31. I Think this is the one thing that i enjoyed the most today. It's just so relaxing and so much fun, to listen to you/him speaking about your diet while you are drawing this masterpiece. It's kind of funny…😄😂
    Love his/your videos!

  32. Peter — the type of guy to draw a $10,000 piece of artwork with a voiceover debunking myths of breakfast specific foods

  33. I like that vibe the intro gave, it was suttle and warm, as we entered into to the video of nutrients and Peter's amazing drawing

  34. Love this sketch book so much and I agree you should publish it. (I would definitely buy it.) I also have never been one to eat only breakfast foods in the morning. Besides most “breakfast” foods aren’t that good for you anyways. Well…..just my 2 cents ….keep on drawing and we will keep on following.

  35. That's how I feel when I draw. Seems like I spent 30-45 minutes on a drawing and then look at the clock, 4 hours went by. What the heck?!

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