A Wheezing Calf | The Incredible Dr. Pol

NARRATOR: Four months
before check-in,– [ominous music] NARRATOR: –fair hopeful
Olaf is struggling. Last night, I was walking
him, and then I realized he was wheezing really bad. It was hard for him
to breathe, and he was breathing a lot heavier
than all the other calves. Hi. Who’s this? This is Olaf. OK. Hi, Olaf. He’s super cute. [chuckles] We just realized last
night he’s been wheezing. OK. Like, you could really
hear it in his nose. NICOLE ARCY: Is he still eating? Yeah, he’s still eating. Any diarrhea? ERIKA JANETSKI: Yes. NARRATOR: Olaf needs to
reach 350 pounds to qualify for auction at the fair. Illness could jeopardize
his chance of making weight. My fear is he’s not going
to be able to pull through and I’m not going to be
able to show him at fair. He has a slight temp, yeah. This is my last
year doing 4-H, so I really want to show Olaf. He does have a
residual lung infection. NARRATOR: Respiratory
disease is a leading cause of death in calves. NICOLE ARCY: There’s a
couple of different causes for respiratory issues, and that
could be a bacterial or viral, which are the main two. So I’m going to check him
out, make sure there’s nothing else going on. I want to go ahead and
get a stool sample, make sure we’re not
missing anything. OK. So I’ll go look at this and
see if he has any parasites. [ominous music] No parasites. The stool sample does not
have any intestinal parasites, so I’m going to treat him
for a bacterial infection. It could also be a viral
infection, but sometimes calves, when they get a
viral infection they get a secondary bacterial
infection, and we can treat bacteria with antibiotics. ERIKA JANETSKI: I like
the looks of that face. [laughs] No parasites. Sweet. NICOLE ARCY: What we’re
going to do is an antibiotic. It’s just going to
be one injection. ERIKA JANETSKI: Hold on, bud. NICOLE ARCY: I’m going to use
a good strong antibiotic, that way he is able to grow
and prosper and gain the weight needed for fair. So that should take care of
his respiratory infection. And hopefully none of
the others will get sick. If they do, just give
me a call and we can get them on the medication as well. But maybe isolate
him from the others. If it’s a respiratory issue,
the whole barn may get it. ERIKA JANETSKI: OK. Thank you. NICOLE ARCY: You’re welcome. Makes me feel extremely happy. He’s going to be OK. This would be my first
year showing a cow at fair, but I expect it to be fun. Even if I don’t place,
I’m just going to have fun and spend time with Olaf. [upbeat music]

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  1. I think I saw their 3-legged cat when she went in to get the medication lol, just lounging on the floor cause cats DO own the place XD

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