Abdominal Pain Explained Clearly – Right Upper Quadrant

okay we’re discussing areas of
focal abdominal pain and a big one to watch out for is of course the right
upper quadrant that’s gonna be a big one the reason why I’m underlying it in
green is I want you to think about pile or biliary and with bile you’re also
gonna think about liver because this is where the liver and the gallbladder sits
so think about hepatitis or cholecystitis that’s where you have
inflammation of the gallbladder think about cholangitis where you have
inflammation going up the biliary tract think about biliary colic think about
pancreatitis because it’s very close to the lung think about sub diaphragmatic
abscess or even pneumonia or empyema that’s being referred down from the lung
so right upper quadrant is very important because of its findings there
because of the liver and the gallbladder think about getting an ultrasound that’s
usually going to show you best if you’ve got right upper quadrant pain so it’ll
even show you better than a cat scan a cat scan looks at the abdomen very well
we’ll talk about that later but an ultrasound is going to look at those
structures in the right upper quadrant even better typically than a cat scan

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