Namaskaram (Hello) I am Yogi Nitya. Today, we will discuss about Acidity. Its reasons & solutions. So, if we have started discussing about acidity then, firstly, I wanted to tell you that acidity is different from gastric problems. When I ask a few people, “Do you have any acidity problem?”, they say, “Yes, we feel that our stomach is always full of gas.” And if I ask them, “Do you have any gastric problem?”, then they say, “Yes, I have burning sensations in my chest.” These 2 are different problems & their treatments are also different. At times, people start treatments for gas if they have acidity, and sometimes when people have gas they start to take medicines like gelucil/digene. Don’t do this. Gastric problems and acidity problems have different treatments. Acidity means burning sensation in the chest. This means excess gastric juices are forming in your stomach, which are not required. If sometimes after having a meal you have acidity then it means that whatever you ate, didn’t get digested, because of which digestive fire formed too much but even then couldn’t digest it. It started burning in the chest and caused acid reflux. So, acidity means secretions happening in the stomach starts to reflux upwards. So, this is termed as acidity. Now, gastric trouble means gas in the intestines and it gives rise to flatulence or burps. Acidity in the chest & gas in the stomach are 2 different things. So, we are talking about acidity. A temporary solution for acidity is to drink raw milk. You can take it chilled & either cow’s or buffalo’s, whichever is available. So, taking chilled raw milk you will feel relieved. But some people start taking it as a medicine. They start to drink it every morning. This will ruin your joints. Let me tell you that it should be taken infrequently. If you want permanent relief from acidity then you should practice Kunjal (Induced Vomiting). This practice includes the following steps: 1) Drink 4-5 glasses of water while sitting. 2) Get up in the curled forward position. 3) Insert 2 fingers(Middle & Ring) deep into your mouth. 4) Vomit out the entire water. This is referred to as Kunjal Kriya (Induced Vomiting). Initially do it for 2-3 days continuously. Then repeat it 2 twice in a week & after that once in a week. Only this practice can treat acidity. Medicines never helped anyone ever. Many people are taking gas & acidity medicines first thing in the morning from the last 20 years. This is wrong. You are harming yourself. Many people have developed a habit of eating it in the morning even if they don’t have acidity. The harm that it will do to you is, the pH level of the body, which was otherwise normal, after taking medicine pH level will be dropped further. So, due to imbalance of pH level in your body, your digestion, your nutrition level etc. will be disturbed. Don’t do this. Let me also tell you what to eat and what not to eat in acidity. Don’t eat spicy foods, heavy foods like Naan (Indian Flat Bread made with Refined Flour), deep-fried foods, stale food i.e. eating leftover food by reheating it, cold food like cold coffee, Many people say that I feel relieved after drinking cold coffee. But cold coffee is not good for acidity. In acidity, no stimulants should be taken like tea, coffee. Infact, these are the cause of acidity, and after drinking them we say that we are temporarily relieved. I’m feeling so good. This is wrong. In acidity, as a treatment, it is best to eat papaya as a first thing in the morning. Take lite food in the morning like aloe vera juice. Mix a half cup of aloe vera with a half cup of water & drink it sip by sip. Drink water as well in a sip-sip manner so that your saliva is mixed in it. Then you won’t have acidity. There are 100 such things. Eat Banana empty stomach in the morning by chewing it properly. Converting it into a paste in mouth and then eating it, will work as a medicine for acidity. Why eat medicines? Do you feel you can’t get rid of it? Then let me tell you a medicine. You can choose from any Ayurvedic company and can get it very easily from any ayurvedic store. ‘Avipattikar churna’ – Take 100 gms of it. Take one spoon empty stomach in the morning, half an hour before breakfast, when you are feeling acidity. Take it with water or mix in buttermilk or curd. If you have chronic acidity then, in 100gm of ‘Aviipattikar Churn’ add 10-20 gms of ‘Kamdudha ras’ and store it. Take 1 spoon of this mixture in the morning after waking up. This way it will become stronger and will affect more & faster. So, take this either with curd, buttermilk or water as per the need of your body. Taking it with curd will ease the chest burn faster. So, do it. Why do you run after the medicines? The solution of acidity doesn’t lie in medicines. One precaution I’ll suggest that do not use red chilly. and don’t eat late at night. Take a walk after dinner. People who don’t take a walk after dinner will definitely have acidity. Also, people who sleep on their stomach after taking dinner will most likely have acidity. People, who always sleep with their left body up, though in summers we should sleep with left body up, but when you just lied down & not even half an hour has passed then, lie with your right side up. So, in summers sleep with left side up and in winters sleep with right side up. But whether its summer or winters, every day, in the first half an hour, your right side must be up so that the food can digest easily. There are many other things, some may have left to mention, I’ll discuss them in my next video. Namaskaram (Goodbye)


  1. Sir merko khana khane k baad dakaar aur pet mein baari pan lagta ha aur khatti dakare aur khattapan sa mahssos hora ha 15 20 dino se..tho sir merko acidity ha ya gas

  2. Guru g mujhe urticaria hai Ayurvedic dr bole acidity bad Jane se Hoya hai par mujhe kabhi chati mey jalan nahi Hoya hai kabhi kabhi khatte Paani aata hai kya mujhe yahe Churan Lena chahiye pls bataiye

  3. Choti saunf Ko 1 glass Pani main ubalo aur 1/2 glass reh jaye toh thanda kar ke piyo ye ek solution hai,2 solution 1/2 spoon dhaniya ka beej ya la kar ke use grind kar ke Lekin grinded mat kharidey na ho toh green dhaniya ka patta clean kar ke chopped kar ke aur pudina grinded or chopped dono Ko Pani main boil kar lene 1 glass main 1/2 glass bache toh use thanda kar ke piye kar ke dekhe phir Vishwas kare aur thoda precautions deep fry,heavy food jo der se digest hota hai aur tobacco, liquor,non-veg,bahar ka food yeah sab na khaye kuch exercise bhi kare.

  4. Guruji namaste,mera gale mein jalan hamesha bana raheta hai ye konsa bimarika symptoms hai aur iska upchar kya hai ? Plz plz plz guruji batayean

  5. Acidity gas bahut dard kaf.aur mc jaldi .19 19 din may aana.ovry aat liver fatty.galblayder may polp.urin may ander khujli..please mayra illaj btaao

  6. Kaf praviti waalo ko acidity ho jaae to Kya kare dahi ya Kela khaate hi zukam khasi ho jati hai, plz make video on that.

  7. प्रणाम गुरुजी,
    मेरी पत्नी को कोई भी दवाईया हाजम नहीं होती कुछ भी अँलोपँथी ओर आयुर्वेदिक दवाईया लेने से अँसिडीटी और पेट दर्द शुरू होता हैं कृपया कोई ईलाज बतायीऐः

  8. My grandmother used to have severe acidity problem since long time but after taking amalaki rasayan from planet ayurveda she is feeling quite well.

  9. Sir please can u tell any other alternative instead of kunjal kriya. I have ulcer so i am not able to do kunjal kriya

  10. Please please sir ji mere gas and acidity dono ho raha bahut dwai kha rahe hai koi labh nahi ho raha please upaye jaldi bataye thanks

  11. nhi ho rha sir sb kch kr ke dekh liya 13 years se constipation ayr acidity ho rhi hai patanjali ka alovera kaam dudha ras praval pisti mandur bhasm sb kch khakr dekh liya

  12. Muje Heart ki problem hai Mai kunjal kiriya kar sakti hu please reply muje 10 sal se problem hai acidity ki please reply merii dhadkan Bad jati hai please reply 🙏🙏🙏

  13. गुरु जी मुझे 14 साल से बीमारी है और तेजाब बन के मुँह के रास्ते बाहर आजाता है

    मेंने GTB हॉस्पिटल ओर भी काफी बड़े बड़े हॉस्पिटल में इलाज करवाया है लेकिन जब तक इलाज चलता है या जब तक मे दवाइयों का सेवन करता हु तब तक तो ठीक है वरना फिर वही प्रॉब्लम हो जाती है ।

    अभी में osid -20 के केप्सूल ले रहा हु सुबह को उठते ही खाली पेट उनसे आराम तो है लेकिन जब छोड़ दूंगा फिर वही प्रॉब्लम…. कोई सटीक इलाज बताओ गुरुजी… में तन मन धन सब से तैयार हूं

  14. baba mere pet m nabhi k upr dard ho jata h…kbhi weak m kbi 2 ya 3 din k sat sath kamar m bhi hota h…muje kya problem h ye baba jo dr b nhi smjh pa rhe…sare test altrasound ho gye bt sb normal…baba plz listen to me

  15. पित्त और कफ दोनों एक साथ हे क्या करे पित्त के लिए दवा लेते हु तो कफ बढ़ जाता है कफ की लेता हूं तो पित्त बढ़ जाता है क्या करूँ कोई ऐसा ट्रीटमेन्ट बताये जिससे दोनों कन्ट्रोल हो जाय

  16. Sir muje chakar bhut aate Hain doctor ne Bola ki acidity ki problem hai isliye hota hai kya aisa. Ho sakta hai pls reply muje weekness bhut feel Hoti hai

  17. Guru ji meri maa ko bina paani k khaya hi nahi jata khate wakht vomiting fealing hota h meharwani karke upaye batayen🙏🙏🙏

  18. Sir please guide me, i am suffering from hyper Acidity. By someone's guidance i started doing Kunjal but after some time this became my daily habit daily routine. I am doing this since 6 years on daily basis. Yes 6 years daily. How to stop this. Thank you in advance hope you will reply.

  19. Hello Yogi Nitya, can you please make a video on Alkaline water? And water awareness (tds, ph levels) please . Thank you

  20. Guru ji namskram guru ji bhut acha Jane kre die app na guru ji jo app churn batia bo hum ghar bania sakta joor batia OS bara mai namskram guru apna kirpa rakhna hum pr

  21. Pehele to apko meri pranam… Apse mujhe puchna hai ki agr kisiko gas ke problem ke sath sath acidity and pet garm bhi ho to kya kre… Or iske sath sath low pressure bhi hai… Kuki kuch bhi pacha nehi parehi hu

  22. पेट में छाती में जलन होती हैं दो साल हो गए है भूख नहीं लगता अविपतिकर चूर्ण एवं काम धुदा रस के ले रहा हूँ अराम नहीं मिल पाया है

  23. Mere Papa ko aaye din acidity ho jati hai..Koi aisa upaay btaiye jisse acidity ho hi naa..He dont smoking,, drinking,, chewing paan masala tobaaco supari..unko diabetes bhi hai to diet ka dhyan rkhte hai or Tali bhuni masaledar or fast food ki taraf dekhte tk nhi..or Bahar ka to khate hi nhi hai..phir qq unhe acidity ki problem ho jaati hai??

  24. सुबह पानी पीने पीते ही एसिडिटी होने लगती है, गुरुजी इसका उपाय बताएं

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