Amitriptyline | What you should know

it’s Evie 🙂 I’m gonna try really
hard to speak up more so you guys can hear me better until I get a new
microphone so if any of you know of a good microphone then it could probably
clip on here I know some of you have mentioned I think it’s called the
snowball I don’t know I’d love that but when I’m kind of up and about in high
places I don’t know don’t be able to hook it up to the phone would be helpful
and to be able to have it on my shirt that would be great
oh so I’m finally gonna do a video on Emmet rippln
I always want to say that I’m a trip lean uh here it is if you want to watch
it stay tuned cut these stink beetle things to kind of like ladybugs they
pinch will they bite but it feels like a pinch I wanted to tell you guys after
you watched my last video as I’m recording this right now today is day
four since quit smoking it’s been hard for sure it’s really doing so much
better than I am but we’re doing it we’re not going back anyways we’re gonna
get in this about taking amitriptyline yes I have taken it myself I know some
people want to lose stuff when I share medicine I haven’t taken but I share
because I have so many of you that want to know and you’re asking so I’m gonna
do what I can help that’s why I’m here it’s pronounced and the tripling it is a
tricyclic I hope I’m seen that antidepressant so it has to do with the
unbalanced chemicals in your brain it’s often prescribed for someone with
depression the reason why those with fibromyalgia can find some relief in it
is because those with fibril we lack serotonin and endorphins in our brain
and okay you know how if you can remember this doing a really good hard
workout you felt well enough to do it do a really good hard workout or like when
you’re doing you’re doing some kind of physical activity it just feels feels
good and you have a hard time stopping which that can be a problem notice and
you run into overdoing it but that’s because your
releasing the the happy chemicals in your brain
those with Viper lack that when you lack that and you don’t get that feel-good
feeling serotonin these things are they play a big part in your overall and your
well-being not just feeling wise but you mean for your body to when you’re
lacking that can become a problem along with fatigue not getting a sleep
you guys know the drill now just like the other medications I’ve shared
gabapentin villarica iPhone with amitriptyline that it goes both ways too
some have really good reactions to it and they swear that it’s helped them the
most out of anything else other people say it’s the devil’s drug don’t go near
it but that’s the thing everyone is so different and I think it’s so important
that you at least are aware of a certain side of and then you kind of know now
quickly was with my experience with it I didn’t notice much of a change the
only thing it did help me with I noticed was my legs my legs would always wake me
up in the middle and I just hurting and hurting and it was really bad where they
would start spasming we started as when I would wake me up it was just another
thing that just kept going and that did help a lot but the reason why I myself
had to get off of it was because once I finally did get that hard slammed it was
immature believe me it would actually be hard to wake up and at the time I had to
get up at 2:30 in the morning and they’d had to I had a long drive to go to work
thankfully he’s not at that job anymore but that’s why I stopped taking you and
I want to try to stay away from it now but you know that’s me right Sabrina
says one of the worst prescriptions out medical marijuana works best for my
favor and you know that is awesome Sabrina that that is awesome but
unfortunately like they’re still half other states that it’s still illegal
Wisconsin being one of them so not everyone has that option
which I think everyone should have a choice
Karen says I won’t take prescription meds only natural remedies for me most
prescription drugs are not good long-term for our bodies and can be dead
very addictive that is so true the problem we have is that quite a few
people like myself have gone the natural route and have done so many different
things naturally and it’s not enough and that’s hard and it’s so hard it took
everything I had to go to the doctor and say I can’t do this on my own
there’s only so much pain a human being can deal with and what your opinion is
if you’re able to control that with just natural kudos to you that is awesome I
wish everyone could be that way but it’s not that way it’s just that I feel it’s
great if you can put some natural ways into it at least that’s awesome Andrea
says for me I’m a tripling is like old it saved me when I thought I was going
to have to go in welfare because of fatigue and pain this was in my early
20s I’m now 52 it put me back in the working world for decades well I have
had to increase my dose over time but I knew I could not survive without it
I was so sleep-deprived before I found it magic I was later diagnosed with MS
and most recently I have had I have some form of inflammatory arthritis tending
towards rheumatoid arthritis there’s or another arthritis it’s unfortunate to
hear that has not helped others thank God it’s inexpensive well for sharing on
the Facebook group I did tell them that I would share in a video and I won’t go
through them all because there was like over 40 comments on this it was really
good and there’s bad so just got to remember everybody is so different
amitriptyline is actually been around since like the 60s it’s one of the
oldest antidepressants of one of the most calm he says do not use them at
rippln if you’ve used the MAO inhibitor in the past 14 days or if you’ve
recently had a heart attack before taking till your doctor if you’ve used
any SSRI antidepressants past five weeks prozac threatens olaf
paxil oh i remember taking us a lot that was horrible let your doctor know if
you’ve got any bipolar disorder any kind of psychosis or mental illness liver
disease heart disease history of heart attack stroke or seizures this medicine
could cause seizures glaucoma or problems with your needing look like the
side effects can get pretty nasty so that’s why they’ll start you out a
really low dose and slowly go up you don’t want a doctor to throw you on a
higher dose so watch for that it could take about 30 days to fully get
the facts there’s medication so you got to make sure to avoid ones that are
similar I will have everything in the description box below for you guys side
effects will be unusual thoughts or behavior like head feeling like you
might pass out chest pain pressure pain spreading to your jaw shoulder nauseous
sweating pounding heartbeat are flowing in your chest confusion host nations
features painful or difficult urinating several severe constipation so watch sex
I know some of you have a hard time with that already easy bruising unusual
bleeding sudden weakness or ill feeling be fair chill sore throat most lawyers
are both swallowing which that’s already scary for those with MS and some with
fibro especially when it comes to feeling dizzy and nauseous appetite or
weight changes urinating less unusual itching rash which that can be more
irritating because again will that with my bro deal with that I’ll have a video
on that so breast swelling yeah should be laughing I just thought was funny
I’m decreased sex drive at boat nets or difficulty have an orgasm other drugs
that can affect it heart rhythm medicine medicine to treat mental illness some of
you have been around for a while you know I love to use drugs calm for their
information so like I said everything will be down below please share your
experiences down below and let others know what it’s like or how is it how is
it helped you or hurts you anything that might help
someone else that’s just starting yet or something they should know I’d really
appreciate that you guys you know sharing what you know or what you’ve
gone through it helps so much believe me if you’re new here love for you to
subscribe and join your Spoony fam yeah I hope you’re doing alright if not hang
in there and I will see you in the next video yes

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