Greetings (Namaskaram)! I am Yogi Nitya. People often come to me, seeking different medicines for different illnesses. “My son has this problem. Kindly suggest something”. “My father has this problem. Please suggest something for him”. Often, my endeavor is to suggest something, that should work for a variety of issues. This being the modern age, people have become very busy, their lifestyle has become so busy. No one has so much free time, to devote separate time for different illnesses. Firstly, the illnesses have risen Secondly, lifestyle is very compromised Thirdly, if we start doing something different for different conditions, different for hair, heart, liver…then how is that possible? That is why everything I suggest, I try to keep it easy, so that everyone can follow it. It should be for the whole family and for every problem. Today, I have brought before you one such advice which is called ‘Arjun ki Chaal’. Arjun is a tree, also known as ‘Terminalia Arjuna’. The wood that separates from the trunk of this tree, which is just like when the snake gets older and sheds its skin, which is called ‘Kenchuli’ (Shed skin). Similarly, when a tree ages, a layer of bark starts to form on the trunk. When that bark is removed and collected, that is called as ‘Chaal’, the bark of the tree. The bark of that tree has so many qualities, that even if you don’t do anything, but only prepare tea from its bark. There are 2-3 more methods of taking it, which I will share towards the end of the video. But for the time being, let me just tell you, if you just have the tea of that bark, it can tackle so many illnesses of the whole family. For instance, problems of the heart- If we consider the heart problems. The heart is one. But it’s problems are multiple. For example, the heart has become weak, or someone’s heart does not pump properly, or the heart rate falls down. On the other hand, someone may say that his heart rate goes up, then what would you do? Still, medicine remains the same. Why? Because this will work for all heart issues. Whether it is the slowing of heart rate, or excessive palpitations reaching up to 150-175, still, the same medicine will work. If someone has a leakage in the heart valve, the heart valve leaks slightly, which means that the blood flows back towards the heart. In those conditions also, this is the medicine. Why? This is because the intrinsic quality of Arjuna, is ‘Rakta-Pitta-Nashak’ (Cures bleeding disorders) The meaning of ‘Rakta-Pitta-Nashak’ is the disorder in the blood which causes it to retract to the heart, this cures that condition also. Heaviness in the heart. Some people face heaviness of the chest, the left side of their heart feels heavy. They always remain anxious, with the fear of a heart attack. If they also start having this tea every day, this by itself will take care of the heaviness in their heart. This whole section of the chest will become very relaxed and normal. Some experience a pricking sensation in the heart area and feel some pain. When the Air element (Vayu) reaches the heart, the Air element in the heart increases, that causes the pricking sensation in the heart. People are ignorant about this, wondering that there are so many illnesses, how can different treatments be done for various illnesses? If they follow only one remedy, that will work. Leaking heart-valve, heaviness in the heart or pain in the heart, pain in the chest, heart blockage, etc. When the blood becomes thicker, people take blood-thinners. After a month of having this tea, you will find that the INR of the blood and the thickness of the blood has come within the normal range. Even after stopping the medicines, when you repeatedly get the INR checked, it will come within the normal range. Such is the wonderful use of Arjuna bark. The tea made with the bark of Arjuna. If anyone has a cold and cough… Apart from this being a cure for blood disorders, at the same time, it also pacifies Kapha conditions. ‘Kapha Nashak’ means those people who have a cold, cough and sinus-related issue, can also be given this medicine. In the family, someone has a heart-related issue, someone else has a problem of cold, sinus and sneezing, you can have them also drink this tea. The other connotation of Kapha is that people who have a rise in the level of blood cholesterol. Whether there is thickness in the blood, or cholesterol in the blood, this will aid in thinning the blood. If there is a fatty liver issue, what medicine will you use to dissolve the fat from the liver? There are many medicines available. But by focussing on different issues, the person’s attention gets distracted. If you take different medicine for different illnesses, when will you have your meals? Will you only keep taking pills? If you stick to one remedy, a simple remedy, which has manifold benefits. Sometimes, we get lost in complicated medications. One should not self-administer complex medicines. They should instead, consult a doctor or Vaidya for medication. These remedies can be taken by yourself. A smaller weapon generally is not harmful. Anyone can toy with it. However, to wield a complex weapon, one needs to have a complete understanding. Hence do not focus on complex medicines. Focus on simpler remedies and simple tips that I advise you to include in your life, please include those. Hence if you add Arjuna tea in your life, you will find that your heart-related problems have started to come down. Whether your BP increases or decreases, even if someone has been operated upon, and undergone heart surgery, as he was ignorant about what he should do for his heart. Whether the doctors advised him or whether he got terrified and has got his surgery done. This tea can be had even after the surgery. No hassles at all. Why I am advising to use in heart-related matters is, because this strengthens the nerves. This will strengthen each and every nerve of the body. People who have weak nerves and have varicose veins, who have weak nerves in their legs. When the nerves in the legs are weak, then the heart will be more pressured. It is not important to take this only after the heart problem sets in. Even if there is a slight heart-related problem, then one should have this for a month or two continuously, and thereafter if one wishes to take it lifelong, they can take it 4-5 times a week, half an hour to one hour after breakfast. The appropriate time of taking this is 30-60 minutes after breakfast, not at night. Why? Because this medicine is ‘Kapha-Nashak’ (cures Kapha issues). Such medicines mostly should be taken in the morning an hour after breakfast. This is the correct time for taking this. There are also different time to take this, but let me tell you that this is called ‘Vata Nashak’, which means that if you have some pain elsewhere in your body, Some people experience traveling pain from their arms to their chest. They get scared as to what they should do? This medicine will help in that case as well as this has high calcium and magnesium. There are many other nutrients. If someone has weak bones, will you take a separate dose for the bones? No. This includes the dose for your bones also. Some people are prone to fractures, a slight misstep or a slight unevenness could lead to a fracture. Some people dislocate their shoulders. This will help in every such instance. Now let us understand how to take this? I have shared a lot of the benefits, now I will share how to take this? Have your breakfast in the morning. When you are having your breakfast, keep this pre-prepared ground Arjuna bark, at your home. Do not have this ground in the market, nor use the electric grinder to crush it. Coarsely ground this at home and store it. This should not be very old. Consume this within 5-6 months. If this Arjuna bark is older than 5-6 months, or for that matter licorice (Mulethi), Winter cherry (Ashwagandha), or something similar which are in powder form, it is recommended to use it within 5-6 months. The older it gets, it loses its benefits. It is important to share all this information. Some people complain that my video stretched too long and that they lost their time. Your time has not been lost buddy, it has been saved. I am telling you in such detail, because if you follow for so many days and then you find out that the Arjuna bark that you bought from a grocer, and that it was two years old, that will not benefit you. Hence, always remember where there are no cobwebs, that which doesn’t look dirty, but is clean. Buy from a person, whose turnover is consistently high. It may be a little expensive, that is okay. But for the sake of low cost, do not buy a substandard product. Buy fresh Arjuna bark and crush it at home. It may be laborious, but crush it coarsely and store it. 30-60 minutes before preparing it, as and when you get time, soak it in a little water. Take a cup of water and add one teaspoon (One teaspoon is 4 grams in weight) add it to the water. Soaking it in water will make it softer, and more effective in the water. 30 minutes after having your breakfast, keep it for boiling. You can use a clay pot to boil, or a steel pot could be used or a brass pot. Do not use a copper nor aluminium pot. However, if the Arjuna bark is boiled in a copper pot and consumed, then it is useful in HIV cases as well. I will share about that separately with you. Today primarily we are discussing about heart-related matters, let me tell you that when you boil in a steel or brass pot, whatever you have at home except for aluminium. Boil it in any pot, but on a low flame, cover it slightly. When we over-expose the boiling potion medicines, the essence is lost with evaporation. Hence cover it and boil it on a low flame, keeping the water level as much as is needed. After it has boiled for a while, add milk. Use cow’s milk since buffalo milk is not good for a heart patient. Later you may say that you were not informed. A heart patient should always drink cow milk. Add some cow milk to it and boil it for a while. Boil in a cup-measure of water. First, when you boiled it with a cup of water, half of the water would have evaporated in the boiling process. Then when you boil it with milk, boil it at least till the remaining half cup of water also evaporates. Only the milk should remain. This method of boiling is called, ‘Kshir pak vidhi’. When you use this method to boil the Arjuna bark, and take it off the flame and strain it. After straining, whatever is the residue powder, if it is coarse, then you can squeeze it and discard it. If you have ground it at home with a lot of effort, such that it has become fine as powder, then you can swallow it with the tea. It is a little difficult to digest. Some people are able to digest it, while some cannot. Hence, I conclude that you should squeeze and discard it. If you want a sweeter taste, then you may add some sweetener If you wish to add honey, then you can do so, or if you want to add cane sugar, you can do so. Cane sugar is made from sugarcane, so as jaggery. The nature of cane sugar is cold and can be added, but not jaggery. I will share about this separately in a video, about the difference between jaggery and cane sugar. For the time being, whatever you can understand, sugar candy, hollow sugar cake, or honey you may add. You need not add anything sweet if you are diabetic. This is very good even in diabetes This is very effective for diabetic patients also. This is effective for joint pains also. Not that it will completely cure aching joints, but it is safe for people with joint pain. You should drink this an hour after breakfast. Make it a habit to drink this daily for a month or two, your blood will become thin, your heart will begin to function properly. Those who have a slightly faulty ECG report, please do not get into the trap of medicines. In the beginning, if all that you do is to have the brewed tea of Arjuna tea. Prepare it and start having it daily Even if you take this long term, like 3-4 times a week this is very good and has no harmful side-effects. Children, old people and young people alike can drink this. The whole family can drink this. Beware of the fact that this is slightly hot by its basic nature. People who find hot foods unsuitable, for instance, people who have a liver issue, or get afflicted by jaundice recurringly, or the like- whose body has a hot tendency. In such cases, for every 100 grams of Arjuna bark, they should add 25-30 grams of white sandalwood powder. White sandalwood is available in the market. When you visit the dealer of Ayurvedic raw materials, and ask him, then he will guide you. Often when you visit such a shop, he will tell you that this sandalwood is selling at x Rupees a kilo or x Rupees a gram. The cheaper one may attract you, it may be the wrong choice. Why? Because many times they just add some perfume to ordinary wood and give you. You start believing that it is sandalwood, but it is not so. Go to some good shop, which follows ethical trade practices. You can powder the sandalwood at home by rubbing on a rolling board, or crush it or get it powdered from the market, whichever way possible. I would, however, advise rubbing it on a rolling board with a little water. It will turn into powder form. You have to dry this powder. For every 100 grams of Arjuna bark, add 25 grams of white sandalwood powder. You may crush it and add it too. By adding sandalwood powder, it is good to drink. This is good to drink in the summers also. The basic nature of this tea is hot. While it is good to have it in winters, but in summers, you can have it by adding some sandalwood powder. Or for people who cannot have anything hot, may add 25-30 grams of sandalwood powder. If you do this, then you will find that, this tea will suit you in any weather, whatsoever. Other than this, the bark of this tree you can carry a piece of this in your pocket. If you come across any person, who feels the heaviness in their heart, or if you feel heaviness in your heart, right after your meals. You can chew a little piece of this bark like licorice (Mulethi). This prevents heart attacks. This works better than Sorbitrate. A decoction is also available. It is called ‘Arjunarishta’. You can take that as well. I will share about that in a video, when I discuss all heart-related ailments. Then I will share about ‘Arjunarishta’. For the time being, you start using Arjuna Tea. You will find that when you start using this every day, worries related to your heart will come to an end forever. Your heart will become absolutely young. That is all for today. Goodbye (Namaskaram)! Do not ask if non-vegetarianism is good or bad, All you need to know is that the pain of death is alike to all.


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