2 Replies to “Arkansas teen warns others after his vaping addiction caused illness

  1. It is already against the law for this teen to have been vaping.
    If anything, charge him and fine him for vaping.
    He only has himself to blame.

  2. If nicotine vaping were the problem, then why is there only a "mysterious lung illness" in the US, when there are millions of people vaping nicotine in the world? Why would governments and health officials in the EU come out and reassure their population, that it is only a US specific illness, even though millions are vaping nicotine?
    Maybe it's because nicotine vaping is NOT the problem, but black market THC vaping is. And the young boy in the video does not have enough honor or courage to own up to the fact that he wanted to get high, and got sick because he went to a drug dealer.
    Journalists who do not get their facts straight and scare ex-smokers back to cigarettes, should be held accountable when 50% of those people die from cigarettes smoking. They are criminals.

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