Avoid Ginger If You Have These Health Problems

a void ginger if you have these health
problems do you want to start living a more healthy lifestyle
well you’ve reached the right place for some health tips that may just improve
your life did you know that ginger is one of the most nutritious plants it’s
active components ginger all and shaggles have a plethora of health
benefits it has also been used for centuries as a natural remedy for a
multitude of medical conditions although it has powerful antioxidants and
anti-inflammatory properties there are four groups of people who should avoid
it for medical reasons now keep watching who should avoid eating ginger based on
the condition they have as well as other health tips so you can start living a
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never miss our new videos number four blood disorders people who
have blood disorders should stay away from using ginger while ginger boosts
the circulation of blood and can be helpful to those suffering from
conditions like obesity and peripheral artery disease it can be harmful to
those who have hemophilia or those whose blood isn’t able to clot normally
according to cure joy calm essentially ginger doesn’t allow the medication used
to treat those conditions to work since ginger stimulates the circulation and
increases blood flow it has the potential of increasing the risk of
bleeding that is especially the case for those who already have bleeding
disorders or take any medication that slows blood clotting number three people
taking certain medications those who use certain drugs to treat
conditions like diabetes or hypertension should speak to their doctor before
drinking ginger tea or incorporating ginger into their diet this is because
many ginger teas interfere with the medical effect of insulin anticoagulants
or beta blockers according to medicine plus a medical service of the National
Institutes of Health ginger can also interact negatively with
other drugs such as antacids heart medication and antihistamines speaking
of ginger keep watching until the end because we’ll tell you about a special
ginger recipe you can make that can help remove mucus from your lungs and cure
bad cough number two if you are underweight if you are underweight or
battling anorexia you should avoid using ginger for those looking to lose weight
ginger is helpful because it’s loaded with fiber and has the capability to
boost the secretions of digestive enzymes and stomach pH levels as well as
suppress appetite however according to the hardy soul calm for those who are
underweight ginger can lead to poor muscle mass and further weight loss
number one if you are pregnant if you are pregnant you should not include
ginger in your diet while ginger can help digestion during pregnancy it has
the ability to stimulate premature contractions and even labor it also
disrupts the intake of dietary iron and fat soluble vitamins
according to the book the 100 healthiest foods to eat during pregnancy copious
amounts of ginger during pregnancy can cause miscarriage or minstrel bleeding
although it helps to combat morning sickness doctors recommend avoiding it
until at least the last trimester of pregnancy now that you know who should
avoid eating ginger here is a ginger recipe for all of you out there who eat
ginger regularly and are looking for some more added health benefits of
ginger this recipe will help remove mucus from your lungs and cure a bad
call dr. axe defines ginger as a plant that comes from rhizomes which are
underground stems which grow horizontally and form roots with new
stems and leaves that grow on the top in regards to ginger benefits and health
benefits dr. axe says that ginger has been globally used as a natural remedy
for thousands of years because of its medicinal properties with that said
there are many ways to use ginger it can be used fresh from the ground or even in
capsule form according to the organic health corner people can even use
wrapped ginger to remove mucus from your lungs or even cure a cough you’re
probably wondering why ginger can remove mucus and kirik off according to our ex
med website one of the reasons it’s so effective with mucus and coughs is
because it contains oleoresin oleoresin has antah to civ abilities which means
it can suppress and relieve coughs they also state that ginger contains aromatic
compounds like phenyl alkyl ketones which are ginger alls shaggles and zing
grown together they can sue the call it also helps break down toxins in the body
which can form mucus if not broken down or
in order to make raps ginger you’ll need to follow ingredients organic honey one
tablespoon of ginger powder or grated ginger olive oil flour gauze a napkin
and adhesive tape once you have successfully gathered all the
ingredients it’s now time to prepare wrapped ginger begin by mixing flour and
honey together in a bowl then add olive oil and ginger and mix it all together
again once you’ve thoroughly mixed the
ingredients together put the paste on a napkin and wrap it in the gauze once
you’ve done all of that apply it to a person’s chest and stick it with an
adhesive tape leave it on for three hours before going to bed so the mixture
has time to work according to organic health corner the organic health corner
explains that there are no side effects to this remedy aside from skin
irritation because of the powerful effects of ginger that can irritate the
skin so what you can do to minimize the chances of that is to add more honey to
the wrap says organic health corner other health
benefits of ginger ginger doesn’t just help with coughs and mucus it also has
many other ginger benefits one benefit is that it can fight fungal infections
in 2016 a test-tube study was conducted by researchers from Iran and they found
that ginger was effective against two types of yeast that commonly caused
fungal infections in the mouth eases minstrel pain for women pain
period cramps and headaches are among the most common side effects that are
associated with minstrel pain instead of turning to over-the-counter medications
try something more natural like ginger according to a study that was published
in the Journal of alternative and complementary medicine ginger was just
as effective at removing menstrual pain as ibuprofen and methanoic acid lower
cholesterol levels our cholesterol helps produce bile and manufacture our
hormones so it’s essential to our overall health but when we have high
cholesterol it can cause blockages and increase your risk of heart disease
according to a study at Babel University of Medical Sciences ginger was able to
reduce the bad LDL cholesterol and also raise the beneficial HDL cholesterol so
if you have high cholesterol levels then want to know what you can do to improve
your cholesterol consider adding ginger to your diet and see if it helps improve
your cholesterol levels all in all a change to your diet that
includes healthier foods that are nutritious will also improve other parts
of your health and contribute to a healthy lifestyle on the whole if you
are currently dealing with any of these conditions or have experienced them in
the past you should consult your doctor first before incorporating ginger into
your diet if you want to start living a more healthy lifestyle try to follow
some of the health tips in this video if you have certain conditions you may want
to speak to a doctor first before taking any medical advice or making any changes
to your diet remember your health starts with you so if you want to make a change
in your life consider doing some things that will benefit your healthy lifestyle
and improve your overall quality of life enjoyed this video hit the like button
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