[Music] three women that inspire me the most is furs and no interval why because I always it’s always been my dream to stay in this fashion industry as a model as a fashion editor or as whatever as long as I stay in this fashion industry and I really looked up to her because I think she’s the most iconic person in this fashion industry and wherever she goes people is just you know looking at her like she’s the editor of Vogue and then she’s always on front row and entry shows and then she could predict all the trends that’s going to happen I want to be like her second is Kimmel why because this shark seemed like me but she’s been living in the model industry forever you know like since he was young and houses around 40 I guess after still doing shows doing photo shoot you know I really want to be like her and actually every time I feel that I caught become a model I always remember her and I always looked up in the magazines or like looking at her biography or whatever you know just to make me feel that oh somebody’s shirt and she could become famous so I could become my furniture I think that’s why I really like her and she’s kind of like inspiration to me because every time I feel down or whatever I always remember her and she’s very successful that’s why you know I always inspired by her the third woman that I really loved is Helen Keller my um actually I don’t have any specific reason but when I was child my mom tried to give me books about like famous people and what they do and then when I read the story about Helen Keller I feel really such like I literally cry when I read the book because this kind of person who really tried hard she’s been through a lot in her life she keep fighting to learn and even the beach people about in her difficulties which makes me feel that I am so lucky and I am so blessed to be what I am now actually every time I feel that things have just gone wrong and things go bad you know I always I always remember that I’m pretty much lucky for what I am now compared to other people so I think that’s why I surely like her and I think this kind of like hero you know for people out there with sort of the all density stuff [Music] yeah [Music]


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