– Hey everyone. This is Michael with
Summit Family Chiropractic. I’m here today with Suzanne. She’s gonna tell us a little
bit about her experience here in the office. So, Suzanne, how did we, how did you find out about Summit Family Chiropractic? – My mom told me about it. She’s been coming here,
and she had great results. And she knew that I was
having a lot of problems and was looking to get a chiropractor. And she brought me to the
transformation dinner. – Awesome, and then what
was your biggest takeaway from the health transformation dinner? – How much our structure of
our spine affects our health, overall health. – Okay, awesome. So you’ve been coming in here for about? – Three months now. – Three months now, and you’ve had some pretty good progress,
you’ve been telling us. So, what’s some of the
things that you were dealing with before
coming into the office? – Well, I had chronic back
pain and chronic neck pain. I had back pain every day of my life, and since I’ve been coming here, I would say it’s definitely about 80%, 85% better and my
neck pain is 100% better. – Awesome, so you’re out of pain now, but you said you’re
suffering from other things that you’ve shown improvement too, so. – I did get acid reflux quite a bit, and that’s a lot less. I would say that’s
probably 90 to 95% better. And I could just see in
the way, when I’m standing, that I stand straighter and
my posture is much better. And, just my body goes,
when I look in the mirror, is like up and down rather than curved. – Awesome, hey, cool, so
that’s very good to hear. Do you have any words of encouragement for people that might
be watching this video? – I would say definitely
come to Summit Chiropractic. I think I will come here the
rest of my life, for sure, because I don’t want to
go back to where I was. I wanna get even better than I am. I’d like to get to almost no back pain, but to be doing as well as I am, I never wanna give that up. – Yeah, for sure. I’m excited for you.
– It’s changed my life. – That’s awesome.
– Because I thought surgery was going to be my next option and I knew that wasn’t
what I wanted to do, so. – That’s awesome, and I’m glad for you. I’m excited to see you.
– Thank you. – Yeah, for sure. I’m excited to see where
you’re gonna end up, excited for your journey
to get out of pain while also take your health
to the highest level, and live to your life’s purpose, so, cool, alrighty, thanks Suzanne. – Thank you.
– Yeah.

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