Better than the Original? | New Purple Mattress Review 2019 (Purple 2, Purple 3, Purple 4)

I’m Keith, founder and
general manager of Tuck. Today we’ll be reviewing
the new Purple mattress. (upbeat music) For today’s testing,
we’ve brought in Rachel, our light weight sleeper, Jackson, our average weight sleeper, and Isaac, our heavy weight sleeper. The new Purple mattress
is a hybrid mattress that comes in three
models, the 2, 3, or 4, which denotes the thickness in inches of the top hyper elastic polymer layer. Today we’re testing the three
which stands 12 inches tall. The cover is made from a mix
of polyester and spandex. The comfort layer consists of three inches of Purple’s hyper elastic polymer and below that is one inch
of transitional poly foam. The support core is made up
of seven and a half inches of 13.75 gauge individually wrapped coils that sit on a base of two PCF poly foam. Viewers should note that
there is a foam encasement around the entire mattress and behind that are the wrapped coils. The feel of a mattress
is largely determined by its firmness and construction. This tends to be fairly uniformed across each mattress type. The new Purple has a unique feel with a hyper elastic
polymer in the comfort layer interacting with the
pocketed layer support core. Hyper elastic polymer is
a buckling column gel. The grid buckles just
where pressure is exerted so it gives the sleeper a floating feeling and is responsive and
conforming to the sleeper. We’ve placed the Purple
3 at a five and a half on the firmness scale,
making it a medium mattress. The Purple 4 is slightly
softer, at a four and a half, and the Purple 2 is slightly
firmer, at a six and a half. In the mattress world, support is defined as spinal alignment. In this test, we’ll be
looking at how well each of our sleepers’ spines
are kept in alignment when laying on their side. Our testing found that the new Purple provides above average support
across all sleeper weights. Motion isolation refers
to how well a mattress isolates or absorbs motion. This is important for co-sleepers so you don’t feel your partner’s movements across the surface of the bed. We found the new Purple mattress exhibited good motion isolation as shown by the motion transferred to the glass of water
from Isaac’s movements. Edge support refers to
how much your mattress holds you up or pushes back against you while sitting on or sleeping
close to the side of the bed. Mattresses with worse edge support are harder to get in and out of and can leave sleepers with
the feeling of roll off which is similar to the
mattress ejecting the sleeper. Our testing showed the edge support on the new Purple
mattress to be quite good given the stabilizing edge foam combined with the pocketed
coil support core. Using our 2D and 3D
pressure mapping tools, we’re able to look at how well mattresses relieve pressure on the body. You’ll notice the scale
goes from blue to green to yellow to red indicating
increasing amounts of pressure pushing back
against each sleeper. When it hits red, there’s a higher likelihood
of reduced blood flow in those specific sections of the body. Our testing found that the new Purple does an excellent job relieving pressure for most sleepers, even
our heavier sleeper, Isaac, though we do recommend
that heavier sleepers consider the new Purple 4
instead of the 2 or the 3. Temperature neutrality
refers to whether a mattress disperses heat from your body allowing for breathability and air flow. Our testing found that
the new Purple mattress is one of the coolest
mattresses on the market as the combination of components is terrific for air flow and heat dissipation through the night. Now let’s take a look at how
the new Purple stacked up. This hybrid mattress is uniquely
responsive yet conforming due to the hyper elastic
polymer in its comfort layer. It scored very good marks
in support for light and heavy weight sleepers and excellent for average weight sleepers. Motion isolation is rated very good while edge support is good. Pressure relief was very good for light and heavy sleepers and excellent for average weight sleepers. Temperature neutrality
was excellent as well. Sleepers with a tight
budget will likely find the new Purple out of their price range. Sleepers that prefer a
traditional memory foam or all foam feel might not like the unique feel of the
new Purple mattress. The new Purple mattress is
one of the best mattresses on the market for sleepers who tend to heat up during the night. We found that sleepers
of all shapes and sizes are great fit for this mattress. We do recommend going with the 4 if you weigh above 230 pounds. Back and side sleepers in particular will benefit from the new Purple mattress. If you’re considering this mattress, Purple offers a 100 night trial period in which you can try out
the mattress risk free to ensure that it’s the right fit. The mattress ships free
with white glove delivery and old mattress removal and
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