Can Baking Soda Be Used To Treat Cancer?

from whitening your teeth to reducing
acid reflux to cleaning your house it seems as though baking soda can be used
for just about any job you can think of according to some the inherent
usefulness of baking soda extends beyond simple hygiene and cleanliness in fact
you may have heard claims on the internet or elsewhere that baking soda
might even be beneficial when it comes to treating cancer which of course begs
the question is there any credibility to these claims or is the idea that you can
treat cancer with a common household product such as baking soda a little
more than yet another case of wishful thinking today that’s what we intend to
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way until the end so why is it that people think baking soda is an effective
cancer treatment well it may have something to do with the fact that
baking soda otherwise known as sodium bicarbonate is a very alkaline or basic
substance what does that mean for all those of you who slept through chemistry
class the pH scale is the way in which we measure how acidic or basic a
particular substances on a scale of zero to fourteen The Closer of substances
ranking is to the zero the more acidic it is and if it’s closer to 14 that
means it’s more basic we’ve already established that baking soda is firmly
planted on the basic end of the pH scale but what about say the human body as it
turns out while the body is mostly neutral in terms of the scale our body
is slightly alkaline which puts us somewhere around 7.4 on the scale
however this isn’t necessarily consistent throughout our entire body
for example your stomach is more acidic than the rest of your body because
that’s where the stomach acid that breaks down food is produced with us so
far in case you’re wondering what any of this has to do with cancer it’s because
there is clearly an established relationship between cancer and natural
pH levels cancer cells thrive in acidic environments
and in order to better multiply themselves they often convert the body’s
glucose into lactic acid which in turn alters the ph level in that particular
part of your body by shifting it more towards the acidic side of the scale
this process is known as acidosis and it’s one of the primary ways in which
tumors are easily able to grow and spread throughout the body so here’s the
thing when an acidic substance and an alkaline substance come in contact with
each other sometimes both substances end up becoming neutralized which is to say
the acidic substance and the alkaline substance cancel each other out
resulting in a more balanced place at the center of the pH scale the
hypothesis here is that since cancer thrives in acidic environments adding an
alkaline substance like baking soda to your body will help cancel out the
acidity and therefore make it more difficult for the cancer to spread I
mean it makes sense at least in theory but how effective is it in practice
let’s not beat around the bush any further at this time of writing there is
no concrete scientific proof that suggests that baking soda can
effectively prevent cancer also while acidosis is considered to be a hallmark
of cancer it is worth noting that cancer cells can still grow and spread in a non
acidic environment as well this isn’t all bad news though while cancer cells
can still grow in fairly neutral environments scientists speculate that
decreasing the acidity that these cells create in their hosts environment would
make them less effective when it comes to spreading researchers from an animal
study in 2009 experimented with this theory by injecting bicarbonate into
mice with cancer the result was that the bicarbonate did indeed reduce the
acidity of the tumors found within the mice and slowed the cancers overall
progression this finding is significant because the acidic environment that
cancer cells and tumors create around themselves is believed to be one of the
leading causes for instances of chemotherapy failing in cancer treatment
if we can eliminate the acidic surroundings of the tumor then it might
allow the chemo treatment to be performed more effectively and more
efficiently sure enough quite a few studies have
come to the conclusion that antacid drugs and medications may in
to be able to help Kimo do its job so yeah baking soda on its own can’t treat
or cure cancer but it may be able to give a helpful boost to the chemotherapy
drugs that can be used to treat the disease if you or someone you know is
currently struggling with a cancerous tumor you should talk to your doctor
about potential ways to reduce the acidity around the area if your doctor
gives you the go-ahead one do-it-yourself method you can try is
drinking water with the tablespoon of baking soda dissolved in it once per day
or half a tablespoon twice per day if you can’t handle the taste also be sure
to avoid acidic food such as cooking oils grains dairy and red meat and
instead try and up your diet without line food options such as fruit
vegetables eggs tofu and tea hopefully this video is able to provide you with
some useful and informative information but what do you think about these
findings and developments let us know in the comments section below and help us
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12 Replies to “Can Baking Soda Be Used To Treat Cancer?

  1. What do you think about these findings and developments? If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! 🙂

  2. Dr Otto Warburg won Nobel prizes for his research on Cancer and pH levels. He cured cancer by raising the pH of patients. Higher pH means more Oxygen can be delivered to the body.
    Don't take my word for it but beware of the establishment lying about this. They don't make much money with these treatments.

  3. I've heard of this before. It's worth a try. I've also heard that if you cut sugar out of your diet that it starves the cancer cells, because they feed on sugar. Don't know if that's true though. Some people eat healthy their whole life and end up with cancer. I just hope and pray one day someone will find a cure for it.

  4. I wish I had known about this when my Brother, Mother, and Father were diagnosed and died from cancer. At least this will be helpful in all of the rest of extended family members that are being diagnosed. Thanks for the information. It will be shared and helpful to many.

  5. Run from allopathic poisoning Drs……look outside the box, many are curing their cancers…..let food be thy medicine……❤️🙏

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