Can Stress Cause Stomach Problems? | Stomach Problems

Absolutely stress can play a huge role in
digestive disorders, especially if you have irritable bowel syndrome, and it can also
happen to people who don’t have irritable bowel syndrome. We have two brains — the central nervous
system, which is understood as our brain and our spine and the nerves that innervate our
body, but we also have the enteric nervous system, which is a very delicate nervous system
within our digestive tract. A lot of the same hormones exist in both systems,
and they do interact, so when we’re feeling a lot of anxiety or stress, those same hormones
pulse through our enteric system and can cause what we think of, or what we call, ‘butterflies
in our stomach’ or ‘nervous stomach,’ so there’s definitely a relationship. Some people can get constipated, or they can
get pain, or they can get diarrhea with stress, so it’s important to understand that, and
when we do need to do something that’s very stressful, be very cognizant of it, and maybe
do some deep breathing or some relaxation methods to try to help with those symptoms.

8 Replies to “Can Stress Cause Stomach Problems? | Stomach Problems

  1. Oh now I know what causes me to have my stomach problems I watch your program on YouTube thanks I have diarrhea now & than is it causes stress?.

  2. I lost a family member and the stress level is very high. I feel sharp shooting pains in my belly and they radiate everywhere. Even was thinking that it was cancer spreading or something.

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