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hello my judicious co-creators lead you here on the juicy living tour you might recognize my guess because we met two years ago Ming I am so excited to be sitting next to you and that we bump into each other here we’re at the ioan conference in the middle of the desert it’s absolutely beautiful with luscious water I don’t know where this water is coming from Manifest amazing you know I feels like we go slow time tunnel you know from two years ago sand poop here we go it’s such delight such a delight it’s like we’re just catching where we were we love love it your and your chi gong masters so obviously we’re gonna speak of Chi but I think really what’s interesting here and what I would like to talk more with you about because there’s this always this other video that we can go to and wonderful teaching on health and on how to practice chi gong and all of these beautiful things but here the nutritious aspect the nutrition you know your point of view on that and how we can really eat a chief food I guess I mean first we have to talk of Chi what is remind us what is Chi before we go into the nutritious part of it beautiful so first of all you know I love this topic because you know I say people asking me what is chi gong you know you can go to the very high level of mystical spiritual dimension of consciousness all we can go to the most practical level of health so eating food is really wonderful place to open this conversation so my analogy of chicken is a way of eating cheap yeah whole chicken practice is about eating energy energy so so like when we eating food with born with this capacity natural you know I’m observing our little kids there’s just no grabbing the food they will put it to the mouth into the nose they know where to go it’s amazing you know so this capacity is programmed in our DNA so to speak to eat a food certain way it goes through the digestive tract you know and observing the food breaking down the ingredients to a subtle subtle energy and eventually the blood observe that energy sending to the entire system nourishing the entire system so eating food is literally a nourishment nourishing life the physical life as well the spirit itself including heart so when you understanding Qi which is nothing but energy understanding and typing is energy than when you eating food you’re eating energy so how to eat energy in the most you know healthy way let’s say but more importantly is the most fulfilling way most nourishing way that’s is means healthy yeah I’m just gonna pause a second because how do you know we’re all energy ah very good question yeah so here we go and come to me is you know when I touch you here yeah what are you feeling in your brain light space light in space what’s the sensation buzzing or tingling tickly magnetic you let you’re kind of feeling yes yeah mainly light yeah yeah light beautiful so how that you can say the sensation is as sensation of the skin you can explain it yeah the physical paradigm cannot explain what you just felt tangibly felt your nerve system felt your brain felt your mind felt your heart felt this energy that energy continuously permeating your entire body continues permeated so another experiment I’m going to do is you just look at my hand there you don’t have to do anything continuously feeling your brain so any sensation any feeling of picking up moving a right-left a sense even movement happening say I’m not touching you physically the space between my hand your brain your head it could be my imagination can be yet you feeling your imagination is part of consciousness my conscious is part of this big consciousness and that consciousness is part of the Chi at work that’s amazing dimension so it’s not separate it’s part of it but it’s also physical tangible it’s happening you can measure physically and that’s what’s most important and as I mentioned it’s a creative process creative process so if scientifically one model to explain the physical change happening is the energy interference for the physical to happen if you measure the physical change you’re measuring a slow realization through your feeling through your consciousness so there’s energy stimulating that change and the consciousness is part of that energy my consciousness is part of the energy my hand is part of this energy is part of this universal energy surrounding us so I’m projecting that energy make the change happen you’re feeling that your mind is part of process if you feel more open than stronger if you resist than this and we’re human being has free will so that’s how I know experientially where energy but if you want to go into more scientific intellectual realm is scientifically we know we discover the whole universe the 96% of the universe made up dark energy and dark matter and it’s bad that’s bad that’s right as we say dark is not bad means now known to our five sensory to a perception based on the historical training so to speak even technologies but only 4% is visible tangible physical so scientifically we know so cheek only is not only bridging between you know the spiritual and scientific but it is about experientially how can you train in your mind to work with that energy so coming back to you know the implication for foo is very important so first of all in Chico you know as I using the knowledge how to eat the food as baby we know how to do that but as human being we don’t know how to eat energy yet shuvit our mouth that’s right you can try ahead you know you still feel something there goes in of course we blow up I mean we become big society is big but you of course you’re breathing you know breathing you’re eating energy the energy communed energy goes out going slow this transformation that is cycle in process is the one foundation of life but more to when you expose to the Sun you feel good if you’re energized even in just how whether you don’t want to go there but if you’re energized if you willing to go there you know the Sun is so much energy you know you’re not physically touching the Sun you’re not eating it you cannot put a sign in your mouth you know but you can expose to the energy by gathering the energy internally so you can literally eating the energy so we cannot really eat instead of the mouse you have to train yourself in a different way your eyes eating Chi your ears eating Chi and your breathing is eating Chi you’re skiing is eating Chi yeah your energy case is eating the cheat the energy center energy channel is eating the Chi so it’s a new training so you’re finding a new like a switch in the body turn the switch on so the energy not only activate internally but connected externally and creating a flow in and out the exchange of energy nourishing you continuously nourishing you so what are you doing is that you learn eating the energy beyond what is available for you what that mean is beyond what you’re familiar with what you see exactly beyond what you see to tap into much big spectrum of energy great early source of energy and you expanding the capacity of your creativity in that process so coming to the foo food maybe are not as energetic as others still is energetic it’s amazing so when we think of and working with energy one of the perceptions thinking oh you only working with something invisible formless high frequency profound you know orders you know this is I think it’s limited perception is energy exists in the physical form as well as Einstein knows in the related of e equal to MC square what that means in the matter there is a profound powerful energy in quantum level that energy Expo is so powerful in all matter and all matter exactly that’s why we eating food that’s why the physical body needing their physical food to sustain but its energy sustaining that the energy the food carry is sustaining that so that is the secret that’s why you know I often say in term of food not only what you eat is important but how you it is important when you’re walking with energy your choice relating to the energy in different frequency it’s alternating the function of the energy in your body so a simple example everybody can relate into it you know if you’re liking the food somehow this food became more nourishing for you if you just like it you know I hate is a food I really don’t like it doesn’t tastes good for you no matter how nutritious if you measure the nutrition’s all spectrum you know match scientifically you know medically speaking is good for you still the nourish means not there that’s a good example it’s a good example in life too I mean you can expand that thought to how we live our exactly so go further is you know is really I want to offer this simple way you know eating the energy with the food but you can do it anytime it’s like eating the food no matter what are you eating this moment what’s in front of you meatball our organic you know vegetables you know what that might be fast food even fast food and I will really invite you to experiment all kind of food by you eating in a way keep your eyes closed and slowly putting one pilot time in your mouth and chewing chewing until nothing to chew on before you’re taking another bite feel the Chi in your mouth feel the Chi permeating your entire digestive system permeating in Thai being and giving you incredible bliss incredible Asst and that is a true quality of nourishment means you can feel the cellular level bliss that’s the energy that’s the Chi taking that further than breath and Ariens what is your view on that absolutely possible the people do that you know and there’s so much energy to observe from the Sun from the space yeah if you practice long enough you’re able to do that I know few people they don’t eat food for like more than ten years you know in my personal experience limited and I do fasting for peer time you know one month now using the food you perfectly find in water and and I think I use a little water just tiny bit of water yeah and eventually some point when not so busy then you can explain further without water without any substance to be ready or condition some people may be in our society are not so ready to take that on and they may be take that on for the wrong reason you know and this depends on what is their intention you know you want to you know prove yourself I say never mind you know but if you want to literally expanding your potential enjoy a different way of life then it’s incredible paths available for you so the same way in Chico you begin if you begin with eating the food differently you’re starting to feel this new possibility a new energy arising communicating through your mind with the food then the energy affecting your body so that is one level I want to share but another level is also important you say you know when you’re eating the food and observing the energy is the process of digesting the food you know no matter you know what do you eat if your digestive system cannot take on that food digesting then you cannot really receive the true nourishment for fear the true purpose of the food that feels it’s the body to do that you know but we have to play a role that’s what you’re saying that’s what I’m saying so this is another level of training you’re training your body your digestive system in this case awakening to the fore capacity so think about it so okay and if people experiencing the limitation of digestive food was told medically whatever reason you can only eat this food can I use this when can I use over the time your diet you know become less listless option available for you then what are you tearing your digestive system say you’re not good enough to get this energy anymore then over the time what happened like as a child if you’re not training a child to explore to creative you know doing things telling the cherry not good enough in are good enough the child eventually disabled itself the same thing happened no different in the body the digestive system say I’m good too getting worse and worse because you tell me so and then over the time you convinced you cannot eat this kind of food then you continue to limiting your tight yeah so I’m not against in you know being conscious of what you should eat be mindful that’s really important but not to the degree of extreme not focusing on the digestive system that can be a mistake so what I am suggesting is inviting you go into the body itself the digestive system self to smile to the digestive system to connecting with energy of digestive system to making the sound doing a movement wakening that digestive system say this energy becomes so you know vital so intelligence so open so ready then you can observe like the internal energy of digestive system receiving the external energy of the food the to energy has to interact but if the internal energy is contracted there’s no energy can go in basically there’s no commute happening there’s no digestion can happen so you have to opening the energy internally first then receiving this energy then this energy uniting together as a transformation as part of you as ongoing nourishment of life so deeply awakening that capacity I guess on the Brethren area inside though it doesn’t go through that or does it still is it still part of the process it still has to go everywhere my perception is is you go using the entire body as a digestive system so not just the mouse going slow that I just distract go to the stomach you know pancreas and and the intestine columns along that is more for food but if you’re observing the any cheats so beyond the food then using the entire body digesting it digesting you so that’s really important aspect in all practice including Chico including eating food how to connect with in type body to observe the energy not in isolated way you know okay the digestive system doing its own saying then the immune system doing its own saying separate and all that if you do that then eventually you’re isolating them you’re depleting the Hoenn yes you’re depleting the whole function so in healing one level is very simple you go to the place where experiencing weakness dysfunction contraction lack of energy lack of intelligence and you bring more energy more love to this place awakening the internal energy allow the energy connecting with the entire body energy allow the entire body energy connecting with earth connecting with the heaven and the establishing this new energy flow like a new energy magnetic field and continuously be magnetized and so internally going slow every system basically so in that is also important even you know when you you know at a time being you may need using drug or medicine for you know to help you to manage your student disease what are you for you program the body to think of the medicine as nourishment as energy same way as food yeah something is wrong exactly exactly so what do you do is very practical and you visualizing the light going to the medicine and you’re visualizing the medicine dissolving to the light and in visualizing this light gathering into your body when you’re taking the medicine permeate into entire body particularly go to the system where the medicine needed then you’re visualizing imagining the full function of the medicine as pew Healing pew perfection legalizing the final you know balance harmony or function coming to normal from the medical knowledge you know if you know visualizing it and you continue that process what he is happening is you program in the entire body able to receive this energy of the medicine in the most effective way how many way possible is using the side-effect realizing the full potential of healing so it’s not a paradigm against the medicine a paradigm against the physical it’s literally a integration expansion an engagement appreciation of life in this whole possible rating we enjoy everywhere yeah everywhere so joy with you first the Georgia squeezes cheeks is one of these people like Barbara Max Hubbard you just want to squeeze it I think everybody is happy when you’re working with energy you couldn’t help it yeah yeah gee your heart just opens up you know yeah thank you for this delicious nutritious conversation I’m so delighted and so happy to come you know together again so my message my invitation inspiration for all of you is not only enjoy your life but enjoy your life in a way you know receiving all the nourishment and life presents for you yeah if you want to hear more about Bintang you can go to California because there’s a big Center on the Chi Center absolutely part of the noetic science camps you know that’s where the conference table today and also we do offer online class ongoing so we can literally connect slow the internet livestream so we can practice together so technology and this way you can enjoy your kids absolutely that’s the idea so magnificent I love that year yeah yeah beautiful thank you so much thank you Thank You Lou for who you are for the work you do and thank you for all the listener to open to this new idea a new possibility thank you very very beautiful conversation thank you for sharing this video thank you for watching thank you for spreading this joy in this nutrition conversation I love you let it change you you you you

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  1. so lets take GMO`s in food for a second, there is so much talk lately on this matter, do we ignore this, is the power with us if we simply say "GMO`s mean nothing, this food is still an energy source and my body can enjoy it, digest it, feel it`s energy regardless of what modifications it`s starch etc. has undergone" ~ if so, I like this approach, I like the fact we as humans can be untouched by modification in food if we look upon them in a different light….heads up on this anyone?

  2. GMO'S have No Energy To Them. That is Why Animals, Given the choice of GMO'S or Organic , Will Not Eat The One That Has NO LIFE FORCE!!!
    Same with Microwave ovens. We Choose To Kill The Food With Them ,When We Us Them!!!! We Have The POWER!!!!! THE CHOICE IS OURS!!!!

  3. I love that someone had brought up this point!! I have pondered on it for a while, since I heard the concept from Wayne Dyer of changing the perspective and the thing you are perceiving will change..I personally have tried to experiment in my own life with ice cream;sounds silly I know. I can't tolerate milk product and feel the whole sinus thing very fast if I get any.Well I had taken the time to visualize only the positive energy and thought about how it won't affect me at all;worked 2 tms 🙂

  4. Wow Mariana, (re ice cream) that`s an amazing result, I watch my own children as they grow, they eat all the junk in the world, sadly their Mother doesn`t see the bad in any type of food, her impression is "if it was bad for us they wouldn`t sell it" so my children eat what they like but the curious thing is, they look so healthy, hardly any fat on them, not the argument there is what`s going on inside their bodies?? this is up for debate but kids don`t see any food as bad, they approach food

  5. with delight thus it could be argued that no food is bad for them if they don`t see it that way, of course we also see too many over weight children, are they approaching food with the same mentality, I`d would suggest they are, it`s just they are simply overindulging, non stop eating of crisps or chocolate etc. not allowing the bodies organs to rest and function properly. The power of thought is an amazing topic for sure, I will continue with it as I approach each chocolate bar lol =)

  6. i've heard that matter is a concentrate of energie,
    and so that the iron is very strong.
    To create a peace of iron from nothing, i've been heard that we need as much energie as for the big bang. (for muslims that's why God insist on the iron: coran, sura 57 'the iron' )
    the way to think the body as a factory, where matter can be uncompressed to energie is cool 🙂

  7. we eat matter, to transform it into energie
    a living tree transforms natural energie into fruits (matter).
    such harmony just for a person who is vegetal,animal,and mineral in one hand, and soul + spirit in the other hand.
    (the body = 'animal' of course , 'mineral' take a look at your blood, 'vegetal' take a look at the lines on your hands, like leafs)

  8. This is so wonderful, truly life expanding! What an incredible gift you can give by sharing this video — I most certainly will.Blessings everyone. Namaste

  9. Very clear, realistic exposition on food! My question is: what about food and fastening while one is taking medication yet, in my case benzo. I am HSP and read that the pancreasb of a HSP works differently. It seems that I need to eat more from time to time.
    Any reply?

  10. So many thanks: Acknowledging complete Love and Devotion to the goddess element which is is total "ENERGY" (AKA "SPIRIT") the substance of ALL Life as it moves in and out of formation. Much LOVE! 

  11. Who are these people? Where do you find them? What transcendent beings. You are certainly one of them to be drawn to them – to connect to them. I am one of them now as well to have found and to have joined this community. Amazing that I just fell into it – into this beautiful company of citizens of our world. Thank you.

  12. Do not know how I missed this when it was first released, but love his presentation — practical but ability to go deep, happy and joy, but serious in sense of presentation of compassion, eastern wisdom of chi, but correlates with scientific terms and practical application and exercises. Awesome!

  13. I love both of you from bottom of my heart, tanx for making then sharing kind of videos for free and for the those that is really searching and looking for it,. you may don't know what I am saying ,when your in Afghanistan or a country like Afghanistan with the little mony and littlle or no opportunity and very very slow and poor internet connection then you can understand me. It is not easy for an Afghan or millions of other poeple in every corner of the world to get visa to USA, Canada or Europ to attend any workshop or class or etc which is really expensive to get information to help there loved one's with cancer or any other uncurable disease. God bless both of you and every single person who serves for humanity.

  14. Thank you….I love the thought of taking in energi trough the whole body…..I will start thinking of it from today…Namaste

  15. I was eating when I was watching this, and when he said close your eyes and feel the energy I tried it… my mouth started tingling!!

  16. Organic, non gmo, colorful, vibrant, alive, fruits, vegetables, herbs & all plant based foods that nature provides for us in abundance, pure clean water, sun & moonlight. Best chi on the planet. Think about what you put into your body/ temple. You are what you eat

  17. does anyone have any knowledge or references on how to receive nourishment from extremely negative situations?

    I feel great watching and feeding off energy like this but I also recognize there are people, plants, animals and situations in dire straits in some areas of the world.
    take the people in Syria for example. it feels wrong to me to prioritize ourselves first when by far the majority of us are in better circumstances and can do something to help our fellow humans on our planet.

    does anyone have any insight into how this information can be applied DIRECTLY to a situation and for people such as this? or is there a limitation to how far chi can be harnessed/directed/used?

  18. I was a vegetarian for over 10 years and now have low thyroid condition. Now vegetarian diet is not ideal for me. Vegetarian diet is not ideal for everyone. Lots of vegetarians eat grain which is not healthy. Vegetarians need to take a supplement of B12 not gotten from a vegan diet. I eat lots of veggies and some fruit and organic gelatin good for bone and joint health. I am a health nut, I shop at health food stores eat mostly food organic. Greeting from the friendly New Yorker Jane Roth.

  19. I didn't get him he did not answer the question properly he just elaborate and elaborate circle circle didn't get him.I guess his totally into the extreme…He didn't say just eat greens no meat or did he?I cannot finish the darn video sorry…his right their at the top of his qi his not a normal person anymore…

  20. Over-hyped emotional sales and marketing. True chi and qigong is way more relaxed joy, not this bouncing erratic.. almost "out of control" giggling.
    This is fake marketing hype.

  21. Thanking your food will increase its nutritional value. This happens because with sending love to the food the qi flow is increased and therefore it is more useful for you. I based this on my research on the work of masaru emoto

  22. Nonsense, someone not eating food for ten years?!? Like the man who convinced his followers that he lived on air until he was caught in a 7/11 stuffing his face with hamburgers and a sprite. This man is talking complete nonsense. Amazing some people fall for this rubbish.

  23. Good video, enjoyed the interaction between master Gu and ding bat Blondie! "Too much chi can make people fat", priceless!

  24. The source of all food is God we are his creations before we eat we should thank God for our food Our faith what we truly believe can also make things happen God give us wisdom we must pray he can help all things are possible if we have faith in God and believe think positive.

  25. Just a thought,some people with mental problems ie people with a form of anorexia could thake something you said as a green light for not eating,,i mention this because of the arrest of the chinese guy who is under trial in Australia,wouldnt want master Mingtong gu to experience this,,ok stopping a childs insulin was pretty damn stupid on the parents part,but,,just a heads up,,thanks again for a great interview,

  26. Thanks to both of you MR Mingtong Gu and Lilou Mace for giving me a new way- an optional attitude if you will to look at food.Questions still arise and remain unresolved for me concerning for example GMOs etc. But thanks all the same for opening up my appetite for research into food, attitudes, and energies and also to look up Dr Dyer. God Bless.

  27. I feel like at a sesame street convention. It's heat from the body as we use energy collected from foods. If I could give my energy to someone I could heal them. A miracle

  28. A better example of energy exchange would be if I walk in and am angry 😤 you can feel that energy even though I don’t say anything for example. I believe strongly about energy and people don’t understand the concept but if I’m angry OR if your parents look at you with love 💗 you feel that energy, touch and words aren’t required

  29. Great every thing is energy
    Cheers gong is the ultimate yoga
    Compare with Pathanjali too complicated
    India needs Qigong
    Vladimir Putin feels yoga too complicated and so do I
    India needs qigong

  30. I need Qigong for my in all planes of existence
    I see my self in Qigong
    Love you all
    Radha thank you thank you thank you Google thank you God bless you all

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