Chia Seeds VS Flax Seeds Benefits (Flax And Chia Seeds)

Hello I’m Dr. Ekberg and I want to talk
to you about a couple of super foods often times people complain that good
foods are expensive well these are incredibly inexpensive there are flax
seed and chia seed and what’s so good about them is they are the two most
concentrated sources of vegetable omega-3 that exists a big part of the
health problem we have today is that most processed foods all vegetable oils
most nuts and most seeds are very high in omega 6’s which is pro-inflammatory
omega 3’s are anti-inflammatory so we want to try to increase our omega 3s
to balance that ratio out a little bit I have with me I buy these at the DeKalb
farmers market in Atlanta they’re organic brown flaxseed is a dollar ninety-nine a
pound and organic black chia seed is $3.99 a pound incredibly inexpensive flax seed
is 40 percent fat and the rest is fiber and protein is virtually zero carb and
just a few tablespoons a day gives you an incredible fiber contribution keeps
the bowels moving wonderfully more than half of that fat is omega-3 the chia
seed is almost as high in all of those components it’s very high in omega-3s
very high in protein very high in fiber I just used both to
get a little bit of variety so if you’re looking for some superfoods then go for
flaxseed and chia seeds thing to keep in mind about these seeds though is the
Chia you can eat it you can chew it and it breaks down you can digest it pretty
readily the problem with flax is that it is very very sensitive it keeps very
well as long as it’s a whole seed but if you eat it just like that if you
sprinkle it on yogurt or whatever then it’s pretty much gonna pass through you
undigested and do you no good whatsoever so you need to break the seed you need
to grind it the problem with that is because it’s so high in omega-3s it is
extremely sensitive to go rancid so what you want to do is if you can buy these
ground you want to make sure it’s packed in nitrogen and then as soon as you open
it and bring it home you put it in the freezer
you can grind these yourself and there’s a video that shows you how to do
that and you want to grind them yourself and then immediately freeze them you can
put them in a little ziplock bags and just take out as much as you need
so incredibly inexpensive very very sensitive there’s a few tricks on how to
manage it so that you get most of the nutrition and none of the side effects
none of the downsides of that so I sprinkle it straight on my yogurt it’s
an easy way to get a few tablespoons in please comment and let us know if you
have other ways of using flax and Chia or other healthy seeds for more variety
and help us spread the word of how to get real food out to the most people
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64 Replies to “Chia Seeds VS Flax Seeds Benefits (Flax And Chia Seeds)

  1. Great information. Thank you for sharing. What are your thoughts on using Organic Milled Flax Seeds that have been micro cleansed to reduce Microbial Activity? I recently started using this and so far I am loving it. I sprinkle it on my Spinach Salads to give it a nice nutty flavor.

  2. When you buy Flax Seeds only buy the whole seed or if it is frozen or packed in nitrogen. Flax seeds go rancid quickly, so the flax seeds that are milled or ground without being packed in nitrogen or frozen are rancid. You can grind our own flax seeds in about a minute with a blender. How to grind flax seeds >

  3. I can buy a pound of whole flax seeds for under $2.00 at Dekalb Farmers Market in Atlanta, GA. Then grind the flax seeds in about a minute. How to grind your flax seeds >

  4. I'm a tad late here, but I just stumbled across your video this morning. I bought ground flax seed several months ago and it has been sitting in my pantry open since. How do I know if it's gone rancid? The obvious would be by smell I would think, but mine doesn't smell bad. And I haven't had any adverse reactions to it the 3 times I've used it this week.

  5. ๐Ÿ‘Love flax and truly enjoy making that quick 2 min flax bread too (recipe recommended by Keto King YT channel). ๐Ÿ˜

  6. Just want to give a heads up on flax. It goes rancid very quick after being ground, and goes rancid even faster when it is heated. I do not recommend any "breads" made from flax especially if they have been heated in a microwave.

  7. How long will whole flax seeds last in the refrigerator? I've got some in mason jars that have been in there over a year. Thanks.

  8. I grind what I use at the time too. I also love chia seeds. Can you use them both together on my smoothies?

  9. I buy whole flax seeds from SPROUTS, its price at $1.45/lb. I ground one scope (2 oz) flax seeds into powder and mixed it up with coffee. I drink this flax seed coffee every morning and evening with a 16 Oz cup. So far so good.

  10. is the whole flaxseed get rancid if keep in room temperature?. can i store the whole flaxseed in room temperature and grind it whenever i wanted consume?

  11. You channel go monetized. That is fab. I love your channel. You put a lot of work into your videos. They are really great. Thank you for coming by my channel. It is greatly appreciated. Your friends CM

  12. Don't eat chia seeds raw put then in water for 20-30 minutes the expand. If you eat then raw they could get stuck in esophagus

  13. Virtually zero carbs? For Golden Flax at least I thought they had 10g fat, 5G protein, 6G fiber, but 11G carbs

  14. I use chia seeds and ground flax seeds in my overnight oatmeal, 1 tablespoon of each. It is really good with fresh fruit and almond and or soy milk.

  15. Hi! I would like to know can we roast flaxseed before consuming? Cause what I see some say we shouldn't do that.โ˜บ

  16. Hello, just came across your video. I have whole flax seeds and chia seeds in my pantry that I bought from a farmers market. Do they expire at all? How long can I have them in my pantry without them loosing their benefits and nutrients? Loving your channel btw ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. I grind my flax seeds and add it to my dough.can i grind chia seeds as well to add it along with the flax seeds pwd to my dough.

  18. I add 1 tablespoon of Chia with 1 tablespoon of grounded flax seeds to a glass of milk and drink it in the morning as my breakfast. so good.

  19. Hi Dr! Can you plz tell me,are they good for skinny people? Coz i've heard that they're for wight loss. Can you plz answer!

  20. I started and was asked by a family member are they gluten free. I looked at my Flax & Chia info and it doesn't say. Are they?? Thank you I'm assuming yes but need to know for sure.

    Thank you

  21. I use chia often soaked in coconut milk and served with berries and nuts. I use flax seed daily. I eat keto and I think fiber is elusive and essential in the keto diet.

  22. How do I know that it is already packed in nitrogen ?
    And if I ground it at home ,I should quickly store it in the freezer? ,I just wanna make sure that I understand your directions bec English is not my first language

  23. Are flax safe for men because of phytoestrogens? i read some studies where flax reduce testosterone and some enzyme blocks conversion into DHT.. is that true?

  24. if you want to grind flax seeds or chia seeds get a mortar and pestle – 20 seconds and you're done. Works like a charm.

  25. I blend a tble spoon of flex seeds and add into a glass of warm water,add a juice of lemon,a tsp of honey and drink every morning.helps with cholestrol.

  26. I use a coffeegrinder for the flax seeds ,done in a few seconds,use them straith away in my smoothy.I use Sunflower seeds non grinded ,in my yogurt with oats.Might get the chia seeds also for variation.

  27. Are there any limitations for the amount of ground flax seed I can eat in one day? What would happen if I eat too much?
    Thank you!

  28. These two seeds are very cheap in my country Sri Lanka. I also know about this. I love you doctor. You are such a doing a motion

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