Chrissy Teigen’s 6-Week Stomach Virus Regrets?

6 Replies to “Chrissy Teigen’s 6-Week Stomach Virus Regrets?

  1. I got c-diff because the doctor prescribed me multiple antibiotics in a row and it was horrible I almost died from it I had gotten bronchitis and still had a residual cough after antibiotics which is normal as long as everything is good and she prescribed me a higher dose cuz she said I still had the infection which I did not it was the scariest thing ever always remember viruses do not need antibiotics infections do and like Chrissy Teigen said poop in the cup if you're told to in my case it was because the doctor sorry to say was an idiot and she almost killed me !

  2. Pooped in cup so to speak Tuesday and got the call today was positive for blood.. having lots of gastro problems the last year and having ferritin infusion.. hopefully after more tests can get to the cause

  3. When the doc said you could use a trash bag… he meant a CLEAN trash bag. Don’t use anything used. Could mess with the results.

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