Compassion Heals Them All

KENNETH: I want us to look now
before we go further into the actual healing service itself. I
want us to look at Mark chapter six and we’re looking at
the compassion of Jesus, his willingness, his goodness.
Mark chapter six verse 31. He’s talking to his disciples, the
apostles themselves. Let’s look at verse 30. The apostles
gathered themselves together unto Jesus and told him all
things, both what they had done and what they had taught. And
he said unto them, “Come ye yourselves apart into a desert
place and rest awhile.” For there were many coming and
going, they had no leisure so much as to eat. And then you
know the rest. Verse 34, he came and saw much people. Well, verse
32. They departed into a desert place by ship privately. The
people saw them departing and many knew him and ran a foot out
of the cities and outran them and came together unto him. And
when he came out and saw much people, he was moved with
compassion toward them because they were a sheep not having a
shepherd. And he taught them many things. And then they saw
the day was now far spent, his disciples came unto him and
said, “This is a desert place. Now the time is passed.” And
they interrupted him. Don’t read something into these guys that
you don’t know about. They were totally exhausted, hungry and
exhausted. And now they’ve got another 20,000 they’re going
to have to minister to and it’s getting dark out here and
they’re not paying any attention to what he’s preaching. They’ve
heard it all before. They’ve heard the spirit of the Lord is
upon me for he’s anointed me, and they’ve heard it over
and over. They’ve preached it themselves and they are
completely exhausted and worn out. And it’s getting dark.
And so they just went up and interrupted him and said, “Boss,
we got to do something. It’s getting dark. What are we going
to do? You got all these people. Where are we going to get food
for them?” And then he says, “You feed them.” But now, oh
dear Lord. John chapter six, we’re almost there. John chapter
six. And this is the same situation. Great multitude
followed him. They saw his miracles and so forth. Now
verse 15, when Jesus therefore perceived that they would come
and take him by force and make him a King, he departed again
into a mountain himself alone. And when evening was now come,
his disciples went down under the sea, entered into a ship,
and went over the sea toward Capernaum. Say home.
CONGREGATION: Home. KENNETH: That was Jesus’ hometown. Toward
Capernaum and it was now dark. Jesus was not come to them. The
sea arose by reason of a great wind that blew. So when they
had rode about five, and 20, 30 furlongs, they see Jesus walking
on the sea and drawing night of the ship. And they were afraid.
And he said unto them, “It is I, be not afraid.” Then they
willingly received him into the ship and immediately the ship
was at the land in Capernaum. They were totally exhausted. So
what did he do? He’s not going to sit in that boat while these
exhausted men try to row that thing in. He just got in the
boat and just the angel just picked that thing up and
just flew it over there instantaneously and dropped it
right where it belonged. And when I saw that, I said, “Jesus,
what … ” He said, “I want to go home and sleep in my own
bed.” And he said that these men were exhausted and they needed
help. That’s your Jesus today. That’s the one that knows,
that’s the one that understands, that’s the one that would go to
any length to get you out of the situation you’re in and get you
into the situation you need to be. So give him praise this
morning. I said, give him praise this morning. Glory to God.
Glory to God. Glory to God. I heard the name of the city,
Wichita Falls, Texas. Anyone here from Wichita Falls? If
you’re from Wichita Falls, come up here please. Thank you Lord
Jesus. Thank you Lord Jesus. Thank you Lord Jesus. Thank
you Lord. Thank you Lord Jesus. Father, my dear father, thank
you in the name. Now when I touch you, I’m going to release
my faith. I won’t touch you till I’m ready to release my faith.
Hold your hands out towards them. You’re not spectators. Be
praying in the spirit, just like you were up here laying hands
on each one. (praying in the spirit). oh, thank you Father.
Thank you Father. Thank you Lord Jesus. I lay my hands on you,
my dear sister in the name of Jesus. Now that’s his power
right there. Gloria, come please. In the name. Come here
sweetheart and just … go ahead and lay hands on her. GLORIA: Be
restored whole. In Jesus Name. From the top of your head to the
sole of your feet. Restore hope for her. Able to do. Indeed.
KENNETH: This is her family. GLORIA: Thank you… Thank
you for blessing our sister and making her whole. KENNETH: In
the name … Gloria, Would you put your hands right there? In
the name of Jesus. KENNETH: A very serious cough in someone’s
child. Very serious. I don’t know whether it’s whooping
cough, or what it is. Very serious. I just heard it.
Your baby’s healed, your baby’s healed. Measles, measles,
someone’s child is just healed of measles. Just as I said that.
I don’t know whether you’re here, online or where you are,
but I’m telling you, your baby’s healed. Your baby’s healed.
Someone that has had a broken nose and it didn’t shut right
and one side of your nose is all clogged up. Well, that’s not
there anymore, glory to God. I said that in a service one
time and the woman brought this little boy up there and he was
standing right in front of his mother and he goes … and I
thought, “Boy, he really got his healing, didn’t he?” And I said,
“What was wrong with his … was it sinuses or something?” “Oh
no, brother Copeland.” He said, “He was born without any
nostrils.” And they said, “He’s going to have to be at least
12, 13 years old or older before they could go in there and do it
because it’s still growing.” But he said, “You said that and all
of a sudden he’s got nostrils and he just … ” I mean, that
boy was sucking wind. He was really breathing. Glory to God.
Hallelujah. Asthma would just heal right up there in that
corner. Asthma would just heal. Praise God. Just as I said
that asthma is healed, asthma is healed. Bronchitis is healed.
Thank you Lord Jesus. Tumors in the esophagus, they’re healed.
Glory to God. Thank you Lord Jesus. A broken eardrum back
over here, a broken eardrum is healed. Praise God forevermore.
And yeah, thank you Lord. Sinuses are being healed.
Miraculous sinus healings are taking place right now. I mean,
all over this building, all over online. Praise God. 55 people
been … 65, 75. 171 people have been healed of sinus problems
right there. 205 people have been healed of sinus problems.
No more allergies. Glory. Nw, all these people from Wichita
Falls, Texas. So let’s just- GLORIA: Hanging out at
that drugstore? KENNETH: Yeah. GLORIA: That’s who we’re
meeting. KENNETH: In the name … Right here Julia, or Gloria.
In the name of Jesus, receive your healing. That is so
powerful. (praying in the spirit). Migraines, migraine,
migraine headaches. I kept hearing that during the week and
I’ve asked different ones about it, but … I believe it’s you.
Migraine. You’re dehydrated, you’re dehydrated, you’re not
getting enough water. You’re eating foods that don’t have
enough water in them. You need to get over and start eating
a lot of vegetables, a lot of vegetables like celery and stuff
that has a lot of water in them and just tank up. Praise God. I
curse migraine headache. You’ll never have another one. In the
name of Jesus. Watching that video this morning, somebody
took a new vertebrae. Well, you got it. Glory to God. Glory to
God. Yeah. Amen. Wichita Falls blessing. Glory to God. Right
here, Gloria. In the name of Jesus. Glory be to God. What was
this? What was this? What are you believing for? What
was this? GLORIA: My mother. KENNETH: In the name. In the
name. Glory to God. You’ve got a cloth in your pocket? GLORIA:
Let’s pray over this shirt right here. KENNETH: Yeah. GLORIA:
Yes, the healing, anointing flowing into that shirt.
(praying in the spirit) KENNETH: Okay. Stick this in- GLORIA:
(praying in the spirit) KENNETH: In your hands. In Jesus’ name.
GLORIA: Thank you, Lord, for your healing and… KENNETH:
And the anointing… that’s in Gloria’s hands right now
imparted into this cloth according to the 19th chapter
of the book of Acts for your mother. Praise you, Jesus.
GLORIA: Mother be made whole, in Jesus’ name. KENNETH: Praise
you, Lord Jesus. GLORIA: For the glory of God. KENNETH:
Praise you Lord Jesus. GLORIA: Hallelujah. KENNETH: Thank you
Lord Jesus. GLORIA: Praise God. We receive it. KENNETH: Yes. In
the name of- GLORIA: Receive it. KENNETH: The Lord Jesus Christ.
GLORIA: In Jesus’ name. KENNETH: Glory be to God. Glory be to
God. Glory be to God. Glory be to God. In the name of Jesus.
Oh, fire. Oh, catch David. Fire, the fire of the Holy Ghost.
Fire. Oh, glory to God. Glory to God. Put your hands on me.
Glory… GLORIA: Whole, whole, whole. Whole in the name of
Jesus. To the glory of God. KENNETH: Oh, fire. GLORIA:
Whole, whole, whole. KENNETH: Fire. GLORIA: Hallelujah.
KENNETH: Fire. GLORIA: Glory to God. KENNETH: In the name of
Jesus. Fire in the name of Jesus. Fire in the name. Ulcers
of the tongue. GLORIA: (Praying in the Spirit) KENNETH: Ulcers
of the tongue healed in the name of Jesus, right now. GLORIA:
Take it. KENNETH: Right now. (praying in the spirit). I break
the power of the worry habit right now. Oh yeah. Amen. I’m
talking again. I’m speaking again to whomever it was with
the migraine, but not only just migraine but bad headaches. Get
rid of that worry. Stop being afraid you’re going to have
another headache and begin to receive your healing. Talk your
healing. Amen. Don’t put up with that. Hallelujah. Glory to
God. Glory to God. Glory to God. Glory to God. Glory to God.
Wichita Falls? FEMALE: No. KENNETH: No, you just work here?
FEMALE: I work here. KENNETH: Yeah. I should have recognized
you. Glory to God. Yes. Glory to God. GLORIA: Glory to God.
Remove… Remove, or parts removed, in Jesus name. KENNETH:
Yes, thank you Lord. GLORIA: Thank you. KENNETH: Now don’t
quit me. Keep praying in the spirit. In the name of Jesus.
The fire of the Holy Spirit. GLORIA: Restoration. KENNETH:
Yes. GLORIA: Glory to God. KENNETH: Go ahead and touch her,
Gloria. GLORIA: Restoration, restoration in this body,
Lord. Give her many more years. KENNETH: Many years. GLORIA:
Many more years. KENNETH: Many years. Glory to God. GLORIA:
(praying in the spirit) FEMALE: Thank you, Jesus… GLORIA:
Hallelujah. Praise God. KENNETH: Is cancer in the line?
Thank you Lord Jesus. Thank you Lord Jesus. FEMALE:
Oh thank you…Thank you Jesus. KENNETH:
Thank you Lord. Thank you Lord Jesus. Cancer’s close to me
somewhere. Anyone in this line, cancer? Not anymore. I
knew it was here close to me someplace. Gloria, come. And
I’ll shift right back and get here… In the name of Jesus. In
the name of Jesus. Fire. I curse malignant cells. I curse you.
Get out of this holy body now. Right now in Jesus name. This
very moment in Jesus name. Take your hand off of her. You have
to leave her now. I’ll tell you to leave. You have to leave.
You are gone. GLORIA: Thank you Lord. Thank you. Praise Jesus.
KENNETH: Right here, Gloria. Right here. No, no, no. Right
here. Right here.(praying in the spirit). Okay, okay. Put
your index … here, put your index finger right there.
(praying in the spirit) GLORIA: (Praying in the Spirit) Praise
God, praise God. We receive it. KENNETH: (Praying in The spirit)
Stomach problems are here close to me someplace. Oh, that’s you?
Yeah. Amen. Like she said, not anymore. FEMALE: My son just
got over testicle cancer. Praise God, he’s all cleaned, done
with, on that, over that. GLORIA: Glory to God. KENNETH:
In the name of Jesus. GLORIA: Thank you Lord. KENNETH: Thank
you Jesus. Gloria, see that S right there? That stands for
super woman. GLORIA: Super woman. Okay. Be healed super
woman! KENNETH: In the name of Jesus. GLORIA: Whole! Whole,
from the top of your head to the soles of your feet, receive your
healing. Say, I have it. FEMALE: I have it. GLORIA: I take it.
FEMALE: I take it. GLORIA: It’s mine now. FEMALE: It’s mine now.
GLORIA: Glory to God. KENNETH: In the name of Jesus. GLORIA:
Thank you Father. KENNETH: In the name. GLORIA: Praise
you Jesus. KENNETH: Of Jesus. GLORIA: Glory … Thank you
Lord. KENNETH: In the name… In the name… Of Jesus. GLORIA:
Thank you, thank you, thank you Lord Jesus. MALE: I’m a real bad
sleep walker and so… I didn’t come down that, I came down
for my son. For his healing. I didn’t think he’d come down, but
he finally came down behind me. KENNETH: Well, you don’t need
to be going through that sleep apnea. MALE: No, I don’t like
to go through what he’s going through either. I’m sick and
tired of it. KENNETH: Snoring and snorting around at night.
In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I command
sleep apnea to leave this body, to leave this man now. MALE:
Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus. KENNETH: I’ve been healed
of that, I know… Glory to God. Thank you Lord Jesus. MALE:
Thank you Jesus. Thank you Lord. KENNETH: Thank you Lord. MALE:
Thank you. KENNETH: No more sleep disorders. For it is
written that it is vain to rise up early and sit up late feeding
on the bread of sorrow, for he gives his beloved sleep.
Glory to God. And in the book of Proverbs, sweet sleep. Sweet
sleep, no more sleep disorders. Just sleep all night long.
MALE: Thank you Jesus. KENNETH: Hallelujah. Thank you Lord
Jesus. Thank you Lord Jesus. Anybody else in here been
diagnosed with sleep apnea? Get up on your feet. Take a deep
breath as the wind comes out, say, I’m healed of sleep apnea.
CONGREGATION: I’m healed of sleep apnea. KENNETH: No more
sleep disorders. CONGREGATION: No more sleep disorders.
KENNETH: I am my Lord’s beloved. CONGREGATION: I am my Lord’s
beloved. KENNETH: And he gives me sweet sleep. CONGREGATION:
And he gives me sweet sleep. KENNETH: No more snoring.
CONGREGATION: No more snoring. KENNETH: Hallelujah.
CONGREGATION: Hallelujah. KENNETH: And quit sleeping on
your back. Roll over on that side over there and … Glory to
God. GLORIA: Thank you doctor. KENNETH: “Thank you doctor,” she
said. Amen. Hallelujah. Gloria, come. In the name of Jesus,
receive your healing from the crown of your head to
the soles of your feet. ANNOUNCER: We hope you enjoyed
today’s teaching from Kenneth Copeland Ministries, and
remember Jesus is Lord.

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