Coronavirus symptoms checker on Mobile | How to know if you have Coronavirus or Common cold / Cough

Diagnose COVID 19 / CoronaVirus Infection through mobile phone / website Myself Gaurav Arora and I welcome you all to my channel Medibytes. Friends as it is Cough & Flu season in India you will find many cough patients with Sneezing, Cough & Fever like symptoms I have already mad one video on this topic that How the patients can self differentiate between Corona Virus Infection and common cold/cough but still many patients are confused over this diagnosis So now in this video I will show you a very easy way to diagnose the COVID-19 disease Appolo 247 hospiytals have developed & launched a cloud based application So you can access the cloud base application by opening a website on your phone and can easily find at your homes that whether you are suffering from COVID-19 disease or common cold/seasonal cough You don’t have to make much efforts for this. You have to go to the link given in the description as seen on your screens Fill in all the details asked on the website carefully As soon as you fill all the information, you get the result window at last with COVID-19 diagnosis as per the symptoms & details added.

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