Day 8 – Yoga For Healing & Meditation – 30 Days of Yoga

Hi, my sweet friends. Welcome to 30 Days of
Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene. And it’s day eight. Don’t hate, meditate, feel great. Let’s
get started. Hi, my friends. Today we’re going to begin
in a nice comfy seat. I invite you, encourage you to lift your hips up on something comfy,
so you can take a quick second to get settled in, either lifting up on a blanket, or a towel,
or a block, or a pillow. And I’ll give you a second to do that. And when you arrive,
just come into a nice, comfortable seat and sit up nice and tall. When you get settled in and you’re all secure,
relax your shoulders. Close your eyes. And allow the hands to rest gently on the tops
of the thighs or the knees, wherever they naturally lie. And I’ll ask you to think about
what feels best today, to have the palms face down, or to have the palms face up. Begin
to notice your breath. And feel your sit bones connect downward. Begin to feel your heart
lifting upward. And again, relax your shoulders. We’ll soften through the jaw here. Soften
through the lips. Soften through the fingertips and toes. Give yourself permission to be still.
So take care of all your little wiggles and settles, and come into a comfortable seat.
This can be quite challenging for some, for most. For me, too. So just know that this
is part of a balance practice, meeting and greeting the things that are difficult, with
a sense of ease, and grace, and honesty. Relax your shoulders. Bringing the focus inward
towards the breath. You might begin to connect to a Ujjayi breath, that’s a soft restriction
in the back of the throat, as you inhale and exhale out. Calming the energy, clearing out some space
in the energy meridians, or we call them the nadis. Calming the nervous system, and just
gently allowing anything that’s not serving you to peel off, slide off, slither away.
Use this focus on the breath to help guide you back to you. Then nice and easy, we’ll
draw the palms together at the heart’s center. And again, inhale. Sit up nice and tall. And
exhale, relax your sweet shoulders. Bow your head to your heart, that mind intelligence
to our body intelligence, the heart. Then we’ll bat the eyelashes open and release the
fingertips. Stay connected to your breath, my friends. Move nice and slow. One foot in
front of the other here, I’m going to walk the fingertips to the center, releasing down
onto the forearms. Or maybe reaching all the way out. And slowly releasing back up. Then we’ll reverse
the cross of the ankle or reverse, which foot is in front here. And same thing, nice and
easy, floating it down. Breathing into the hips and the back body. Then slowly coming
back up, taking the hands to the ankles here and bringing the soles of the feet together.
So we’re kind of doing a moving meditation today, keep it soft and easy. We draw down
through the tops of the thighs here, we lift up through the central channel and the heart.
And maybe even tag a little weight in the elbows down, again, relaxing the shoulders. Press your feet together actively, spread
your toes, if you feel like it. So if you feel like you’re just waiting for the next
thing here, work to connect to this energy, this lifting up through the center channel.
And then this grounding down through the tops of the thighs, the elbows, the shoulder blades.
Press away from your sit bones, sit up nice and tall, lift your heart. Then inhale in. And on a long exhale, we’re
going to slowly melt the heart forward. Maybe the elbows press into the inner thighs a little
bit here, maybe you adjust your palm a little bit to come forward. And we breathe into the
hips, we breathe into the area of the groin. It’s all about that breath today. It’s always
about the breath. It’s like that song “All About That Bass,” but it’s all about your
breath. So come up, press into the soles of the feet,
press into the outer edges of the feet and the sit bones and roll up. Bring the hands
to the outer edges of the knees and we bring the feet to the soles of the feet together
here. So even if the belly doesn’t come anywhere near the chest, you can keep a lot of space
here. I’m going to inhale, draw a line with my nose, look up. And exhale, rounding in.
We take a little private moment here to just wrap the arms around the legs. And find this
sweet little curvature of the spine. Relax your shoulders down. Breathe into the back
of the neck. Notice how you feel here. And keep deepening your breath. See if you can
really rock out the sound of your breath today. Let that victorious breath be the soundtrack
for your practice. Then tuck in the chin to the chest, slowly
roll it up. And then we’ll send the legs out, nice and wide. See, you can keep the hips
lifted here. Again, move nice and slow, moving meditation today. Press into the heels. Tops
of the thighs draw down. And we sit up nice and tall. This is where it’s really nice to
have a little support underneath the hips. Cool. Then I’m going to take my left palm to the
top of my left thigh, or excuse me, top of the right thigh or top of the right hip crease.
Sit up nice and tall here. Inhale. Reach the right arm up and overhead as I come into a
side body stretch. If this is not jiving with you, if this is not meditate-is-great-day-eight
for you, then just do this. So it took me a while to enjoy these yoga binds. This is
just a gentle one, but it just may not be right for you. So in that case, bring the
left hand over here and find your side stretch. Tops of the thighs are firm. We’re still really
active, full body awareness. Inhale, lift your chest. Exhale, bring it back to center.
And we cross on over to the other side. Right palm to the top of left thigh. Grounding
down through the left and right leg, we reach fingertips up and overhead. So really firm
through the legs. Oh yeah. And I can feel this in my chest. Find your breath. Notice
if you’re creating any extra unnecessary pinching in the neck and shoulders, keep it soft and
easy. One more breath here, lift your chest. And exhale back to center. Down to the midline we go, walking the fingertips
out. We can come onto the forearms here. If you have that block handy, sometimes it’s
nice to chill here, or here, here. Say a little prayer. It’s also very cooling, calming to
bring that pressure to the forehead, right? So we might come here. But really, you don’t
need this thing. If you don’t have it, don’t worry. You can be here. In time, we might be able to bring our forehead
to the fists, or maybe even one day, to the floor. Never underestimate the power of your
breath. Breathe into the backs of your legs. Breathe into your hips. Breathe into the back
body. Stay alive and awake through your feet, one more breath here. Then slowly, we press
into the earth to come back up. Awesome, my friends. Now, we’re going to bring the palms underneath
the backs of the thighs. Hike those knees up nice and slow. Then I’ll use my fingertips
to come up into a squat here. So if I have the blanket or the block, I can do a couple
things. I can bring it underneath my heels or I can use that block to sit on here. If
the heels don’t come to the ground, no worries. You can keep them lifted. Everyone, lift your
chest, your sternum up, maybe brings the palms together at the heart. So we connect deeply into the breath, to the
sensations in the body here. We get down to our roots here, think about the shape and
other cultures. And we do a little postural work here with the breath, inhaling, imagining
the breath traveling down to the tail, to the coccyx. Belly fills with air. You can
even feel it in the buttocks. I can. And then on an exhale, we imagine that breath traveling
up and out through the nose. Press your elbows, your arms into your legs.
Squeeze your legs into your arms. So we sit at desk chairs, couches, toilets, all these
things that are kind of affecting, influencing this posture that brings a lot of fatigue,
and tightness, and ultimately pain to the body. So here in this version of Balasana
yogic squat deep, deep yogic squat, we kind of get back to our roots, days where we gave
birth like this, ate like this, cooked like this. Released like this. And if you’re just dying here, you can take
breaths, okay? This take a while to build this practice. But I really want you to get
into that deep breath. So when you feel you’ve met your edge, find that nice, long, smooth,
deep breath. You can always be on the palms here. Or seated up on a book, or a block,
just for a little more support. Tons of options. We’ll continue our soft moving meditation
by bringing the left palm to the center and inhaling, reaching the right fingertips up
overhead. If you can press that left arm into that leg, if your body allows you to do that,
that might be nice, just as we open up through the right wing. Maybe we’re here today, still
working on opening up the chest and the shoulders. In time, we might be able to dial it open,
open, open, open. Inhale in, spread your right fingertips, reach.
And exhale, release back to center and take it on to the other side. Here we go. Inhale.
Now, opening up through the left. So I suffer from a little bit of acid reflux and heartburn,
and this is really nice posture for that. I can really feel it opening up my chest,
and doing some magic yoga work there that I can’t even explain to you in words. Find
your breath again. Reach the left fingertips up high. And then exhale, release. All right. So from here, we’re going to come
up onto the heels, excuse me, come up onto the toes, lifting the heels. I’m going to
press into my palms, I’m going to dial my knees in towards the center, and nice and
slow, I’m going to come into a forward fold. So as you can see, my heels landed perfectly
on this blanky, that’s really nice, kind of restorative, giving me that extra lift. And
I find a little sway here, gentle rock back and forth, back and forth. So staying here a little longer today, really
breathing into the backs of the legs, stretching out, maybe walking from side to side, checking
in with any tight spots from yesterday’s practice or the day before. Anything and everything
in between. At this time, if you have anything that’s been bothering you, any words unspoken,
or anything that is not serving you currently, we don’t even have to identify it right now,
take a deep breath in. And on an exhale, imagine like a little trapdoor or something, just
opening here at the top of the head, and just spilling out all the stress, all the worry,
those unidentified anxiety, fear of the unknown. I certainly have it. We all have it. It is
life. It is part of life. So we just embrace it in yoga and we practice letting go. From your forward fold, we’re going to heel-toe,
heel-toe, the feet out, just a little bit wider, turning the two big toes in just slightly.
Once again, we draw the left palm to the center. And inhale, reach the right fingertips all
the way up and around to the top of the left thigh. So you might find this bind here. And
then again, as I mentioned before, if the bind is just, you’re not there yet, sometimes
it’s nice to try and then go, okay. Checking in, then we might just reach all the way up. Draw your heart up towards the sky, and one
more breath. Again, a block here. It’s always nice to lift the earth up to your hand. Then
we’ll gently release back to center and switch to the other side. Nice and slow. Fill your
body with breath, with energy. Inhale, one more breath. And exhale, we release the twist. Fingertips come to the mat, we heel-toe, heel-toe
it back in towards the center abut hip-width apart. Coming back through the squat, turn
the toes out. We come back. So we have two options here. And just because we’re doing
the moving meditation, it doesn’t mean we can’t do something kind of fun. But if you’re
feeling more restorative today, I invite you to stay here, right here in Malasana. Lifting your heart, seeing if you can find
length up through the crown of the head. Chances are, we’re going to be here at first, and
so we’re going to want to slowly connect to the breath to open it up here. Option two
would be for a little Bakasana practice. So taking this deep connection to the breath
and this presence that you’ve built up, placing the palms in front of you, and beginning to
rock gently back and forth. As you do that, you might bring the toes in closer. And then
I’ll actually turn to the side so you can see this a little better. And then maybe you
lift up and maybe not. Maybe it’s new, so maybe don’t lift up today. But we keep this
calm, cool energy that we’ve built so far. And we take it into our arm balance. This
focus, this awareness of the breath, of the back body. We press away from the earth. Keep an extension
through the crown of the head, breathe in and out. If you have a block, you can use
the block to perch up on here a little bit and practice crow. Or again, you might just
stay in that squat. Maybe lifting one toe, then the other. So keep playing here. A couple
more breaths. This rocking in and out of crow is really nice for beginners, just to get
a little sense. And slowly get the knees up into the shoulders, towards the shoulders.
So finish it out wherever you are. A little play time. You can even keep it going, be
a rebel. Then we’ll meet up with our friends here in
our squat. And surely we are ready to release. So we’ll slowly bring the fingertips behind
us and send the legs out long. Take the thumbs to the hip creases, press them down and away.
Inhale, lift your heart up. Exhale, forward fold. Relaxing the weight of the head down,
and then wrapping the arms around the legs, the shin, or the outer edges of the feet.
Maybe you’ll interlace the fingertips here one day. Breathe deep, keep the shoulders
relaxed and soft. Tuck the chin into the chest, gently unravel. Cool. So from here, we’re going to move into one-legged
pigeons and then to Shavasana. So to do that, we’re going to cross the ankles and come on
to all fours. And then from here, we’ll inhale, extend the right leg out long. Exhale, breathing
up and in for the posture. So we keep a brightness in the right foot, we keep a nice awareness
through the left lega And we come up off that right hip, and then we can use this blanket
or towel that we have handy to pillow the right hip up a little bit. You can use the
block to eventually pillow the head. So you have lots of options here for some really
nice moments with the breath in one-legged pigeon. So find what feels good. Enjoy the
posture. Send breath into the outer edge of that right hip. And you might even find a
gentle rocking back and forth here. And then we’ll slowly tuck the chin into the
chest, come up. Bring your right palm over towards your right foot. And then take a look
behind, look at your left leg. Now if you’re new to the practice, you might just be like,
one day, one day, I’ll grab you. But maybe that day is today. And you slowly press into
your foundation. You use your right palm on the earth. Bend your left knee and grab that
left ankle. Be really mindful, guys. This was my pose
for the longest time. One day. And then one day, I was like, today. Find your breath,
lift your heart. Take any variation you like here. You might be hooking in the elbow, you
might be reaching around to grab, you might use your strap. But just keep it soft and
easy. Awesome. Then gently, we’ll release. We’ll curl the back toes under. And take one
downward facing dog here. Sending the hip bones, hip points up, sit bones high. Deep
breath in, long breath out, and the slow vision, back down. One-legged pigeon on the other side. Send
the left toes out. Then inhale all the way up, find your posture. Nice and easy. I feel
so monde today, with my hair down, and the theme of our practice so soft, and sweet,
and yummy, it’s great. So same thing here. I can use a little padding to support. Again,
it took me a long time to drop that hip, really truly. So if you’re feeling like, oh. Get
a little cushion. Cushion is always nice. And we find our posture. Notice how you feel. Notice just the sensations
in your body, and also your spirit, your attitude, and the emotion that comes along for the ride.
And stay present. Keep listening. Draw the palms underneath the shoulders, tuck the chin
into the chest. We’ll lift it up. Try to avoid the tendency to rock on to that back hip here.
To look back, see if you can stay centered, that’s where that support is. It’s kind of
nice just to butt up there, literally. And we look back and maybe we’re like, someday.
And then maybe we’re like, today. Stay mindful. Stay lifted in the heart. So don’t collapse
here, but keep it lifted. Use your left palm to support you, that upward current of energy.
Take one more breath, wherever you are. Even if you’re in someday, take a deep, full, proud,
beautiful breath in. And then exhale back. Awesome. We’re going to actually roll into the left
hip here now. So permission to roll onto that left hip. We swing on the right leg around
and we come to lie flat on the back. I’m going to take my blanket with me for a pillow. And
I extend the legs out long, hands rest gently on the belly or the rib cage. And I’m just
going to windshield-wiper the toes here, back and forth. And like, it is what you make it, you know?
Sometimes the Chaturangas are what we need, and the six pack abs. And sometimes we just
need to lie down, and find our breath, and swish swash our toes, back and forth, like
we did when we were kids. And just find a little innocence and just get back to who
we really are. I know that sounds kind of loaded but I believe in that. I think that
yoga helps. Definitely it reminds me of that. Because that’s what our yoga is all about.
Getting back to you. Not about the poses, not about the diets, or anything. It’s all
about you. So here we are at the end of our practice
for today. I might bring my arms gently out to my sides. And I encourage you, I know we’re
all very busy, but I encourage you to take at least 10 nice, long, smooth, deep breaths
here. And then after that, have an awesome day. Namaste.

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