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  1. Interesting study. I only associated toxins with candida yeast once it's been killed in the body. I will pass this information along to my carnivorous associates. Thanks.

  2. From your own words, the same problem exists with fermented foods as well, so why focus on animal products? Even chocolate is high in endotoxins. Saturated fat is reduced by eating grass fed beef. Antibotics are also known to increase endotoxins, why is why you should eat organic beef. Im currently eating vegan, but you clearly push an anti-meat agenda that I disagree with.

  3. Being vegan does not make someone a part of the anti-meat religion. I don't have any problem with my family eating meat, but I personally don't eat it. I'm against antibiotics usage in meat, but I'm not against eating meat otherwise.

  4. Dr. Greger touched on how chocolate doesn't increase inflammation in the previous video, "The Exogenous Endotoxin Theory." He put a link to it in the description above.

  5. Don't buy it. Modern man emerged because hominids began to consume more meat. Presumably, hominids even ate their meat raw at one time. Yet here we are, with bigger brains than ever.

  6. The Expensive Tissue Hypothesis has been refuted. Why would you think that meat can't be bad for us just because our ancestors ate it? Do you know much nasty shit our ancestors ate? Are the researchers who conducted these studies lying somehow?

  7. Another study came out this year with similar findings.

    "Dietary oil composition differentially modulates intestinal endotoxin transport and postprandial endotoxemia."

    RESULTS: Postprandial serum endotoxin concentrations were increased after a meal rich in saturated fatty acids and decreased with higher n-3 PUFA intake.

  8. Kosher / halal slaughtered and prepared meat would reduce such bacterial load and resulting endotoxins. Considering the other healthful factors in meat – B12, sulfur, protein, etc- many of the detox factors outweigh the bad with moderate meat eating.

  9. just so you all know. there are many mechanicals in te human body that are associated with detoxing endotoxin and mitigating the damage they cause.
    so dont let the bias of Dr G make you think this is just a runaway train process.

  10. There' also mechanisms to stop the blood-flow and heal the wound when a person is cut. That doesn't make me want to cut myself though.

  11. thats not what i am talking about silly. there are often benefits and negative aspects with all things. the hope is to get a NET benefit in the end. a good example would be many plant foods have anti-nutrients that prevents the aborption or leaches minerals from the body. in some people the anti-nutrients can cause seriouse health problems, even death. does that mean the answer is to avoid plant based products?
    of course not. there is a net benefit. as well with meat

  12. when it comes to endotoxin, i suggest you pull up the study and look at it yourself. you will find the Chocolate has the highest endoxotin activity in the body and many plant based products far surpass most meat product on the list. the strange thing about ground beef is that if you buy it pre ground in the store you are buying a product that is not fresh and grinding the meat increases the surface area of where the bacteria has to fester. letting it sit in the fridge will render the meat

  13. dangerous to eat. but STEAK has one of the lowest (lower than many plant based foods) activity for endotoxin. its the surface that is exposed to air and contaminated. buying the meat fresh, freezing it and grinding and cooking the meat at home is a much safer method of preparing meat. another risk are salads that are precut and stored in the fridge for too long. the increased surface area exposes more surfaces to bacteria and increases the risk of food born illnesses and exdotoximia.

  14. the best way to product yourself is to have proper food handling practices and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. avoiding meat doesnt product you. in fact, more cases of food born illnesses have been linked to produce than to meat, mostly because people like to eat fruits raw and enjoy salads. but men like Dr G dont tell you that. men like Dr G dont tell you that the same study he is sourcing also shows that chocolate has and many plant based foods have higher endotoxin activities than meat.

  15. LOL @ bigpussycat5's "NO IT CAN'T BE TRUE MEAT HAAAAAS TO STILL BE HEALTHY" comments. Some people will go down kicking and screaming before they allow facts to enter their skulls.

  16. The video is great and endotoxins are an important aspect of research into meat consumption. How is the inflammation measured? There doesn't seem to be a comparison of inflammation markers between those eating meat and not eating meat, and adjusting for other factors. If there was a randomized, controlled trial to show the raising of inflammation in the body is precipitated by not just meat but endotoxins, but also have a group eating meat which very low endotoxins in them and have that third group to compare, the inflammation caused by endotoxins could be separated out. We will then know if endotoxins are something we should worry about.

  17. Greger you are a lying piece of shit! This si absolute nonsense supported by cherry picked misleading research and is downright false. You should be ashamed.

  18. This is by far the BEST vegan video that I have seen so far. Legit question though— someone please answer— why are there so many videos from people who did veganism “right” but still reported getting sick and feeling unwell as a long term vegan? I know that there are also examples of people who thrive long term. But can anyone explain the difference in outcomes? I’ve seen people who say that they were eating whole plant based foods and taking their supplements and still ended up sick.. only to feel better after eating animal products. I am considering this diet for myself. Any sincere help is appreciated.

  19. Well done. Short, concise and to the point. I speculate LPS and Metabolic Endotoxemia is the cause of what people call “The Keto Flu”.

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