Dresser Makeover w/ Dixie Belle Chalk Paint & Stain

hi everybody its Christina from pretty
distressed welcome back to my channel in today’s video I’m gonna be taking this
old dusty dresser that was actually destined for the dumpster and I’m gonna
be giving it a makeover I’m gonna be using Dixie Belle products I’m gonna be
using their paint their stain and their top coats today so if you want to see
how I got this look just keep watching if you are new here I am a furniture
painter and refinisher and I am on here every week making over different pieces
of furniture or talking about furniture paints so if you’d like to learn more
about that please consider subscribing before you leave and also check me out
on Instagram because I’m always on stories doing behind the scenes of what
I’m working on so you’ll get a sneak peek of what I’m working on before it
goes live here on YouTube today’s video is sponsored by Dixie Belle paint
company I’m going to be trying out a lot of their products that I haven’t used
before for the first time they actually does reformulated they’re no pain at gel
stay and that is so hard to say and I’m gonna be talking to you about that new
formula and how it performs and Dixie Belle’s Gator hide on top which is their
most protective top coat and I’m going to be doing a two color finish on the
base and finishing it off with one of their natural waxes so lots of new
products for me today and I’m actually working with fillers so I’m excited to
show this one to you so let me zoom you in and we will get started some of you
who have been here a while might recognize this piece it’s the piece that
I used to demonstrate how you strip chipping veneer off a piece so I’ll link
that video up above if you want to watch it but I’m finally making this guy over
it’s been a while that it’s been sitting in the garage we’re just reinforcing it
here a little bit to make it a little sturdier it was a little loose so my
husband helped me do that I got this piece for free from a picker who goes
into houses and gets stuff out for estate sales and he actually no place
would take the Salvation Army wouldn’t take this but I was like let me try to
give it new life before you throw it out so it was really dusty and dirty so I am
using a white lightning today which is one of Dixie Bell’s cleaning products I
love this it works really well to clean your piece off so I’m just mixing this
up with some warm water I’m going to all over my piece to get the gunk and
dirt off and get it nice and clean before I apply my paint and after you
rub it with I use a scrubby sponge just because that helps get extra you know
bits off of it you’re just gonna rinse it with some clean water and let it dry
or wipe it down with a towel before you paint and you might be asking Kristina
why is there a big towel on top of your piece well it’s actually a damp towel
that I placed on top to get an extra coating of veneer off this actually had
another coat of veneer that started chipping once I got the first one off so
I put this damp towel on here you can see how the water is kind of absorbing
into there it’s not ready yet to be stripped so I’m gonna put that back on
and I’m actually gonna take my Hardware off and just start painting a little bit
while I’m trying to get that veneer to soften up just a little bit more I’m
saving the hardware today because I wasn’t sure if I was gonna reuse it or
not so I was just put it in a baggie and set it aside I never throw Hardware away
cuz you never know when you might use it on a different piece and I just like to
keep it all together in case I’m gonna put it back on but I’m gonna start out
today with it Dixie Belle’s a dried sage and their mini synthetic brush this is a
very beautiful neutral khaki color in fact I just used this to make a wash to
create a stain for my daughter’s canopy bed that we built this is Dixie Belles
mineral chalk paint so it’s very similar to the furniture paints you see me paint
on here you don’t have to prime or sand before you apply this paint it just goes
right on I really enjoy working with Dixie Belles synthetic brushes because
it gives you a little bit of a smoother look oh but you do sometimes still get
shedding you get shedding with all brushes you guys you just have to pick
it out smooth it over it’s not a big deal but I really like working with
these brushes because it gives you a little bit of a smoother look to your
furniture it’s not really textured I am gonna distress this up a bit when I’m
done just because of the shape that the piece is in but I am going with the
grain and keeping my brush strokes all going in one direction just because I
want a little bit of a smoother finish on here and this brush is really helping
me achieve that look I will link all the products that I’m using in today’s
project down below in that description box so it’ll be easy for you to find
everything that I’m using today I really love at Dixie Belle because they truly
are a one-stop shop I’m gonna be using paint today
koats you already saw me use the cleaner I’m gonna be using stain and different
applicators and brushes and everything I’m using you can get on Dixie Belles
website a lot of times when I’m doing it like a two-tone project like this
there’s not a lot of paint companies that make stain so it’s really cool to
be able to know that like all these products were made to formulate together
you can just buy it do shipping for one set of products and you don’t have to go
from store to store to get them so that’s a really positive thing about
working with Dixie Bell products okay let’s hop back over to my venir as
you can see more of that water has absorbed into that top venir coat so I
have grabbed my hammer and a little paint scraper and I am just gonna peel
this back if you guys want more information on how to do this like I
said I have that video on removing the first coat of veneer that was on here so
I will put that down in the description box in case you want to watch that video please please please if you’re doing
this wear gloves or eye protection because I don’t want anything flying in
your eyes and I don’t want you poking your fingers with splinters so this is
pretty typical of an old piece once you strip this off these are actually planks
that somebody put together and then put a nicer wood on top I love this plank
look so I’m just sanding it down with my orbital sander to get any of those
remaining residual bits off the top and I’m gonna try to stay in this top
because it looks really rustic and shabby and I think it’s gonna go perfect
with the painted base that I’m doing so I taped off the base with my 3m painters
plastic in one just to protect it since I already started painting it and I have
some paint stripper in this little metal bowl and I’m just painting it on the
edge here where I still have varnish because I need to remove that before I
can move forward with stain so I’m just putting that paint stripper on there I’m
gonna let that set for about 30 minutes and then I’m gonna come back and scrape
it off when you’re working with this stuff definitely use gloves definitely
use a mask or work outside in a really ventilated area because this these
chemicals are really strong to strip this varnish but it is the easiest way
to get it off after I go in with a scraper I like to
grab some steel wool like this a really coarse one that’s oil-free and I put a
little bit of that paint stripper in there and it helps you just get in those
edges and corners on a side like this to get that residual varnish off and then I
take a shop towel and dunk it in a little bit of mineral spirits and just
wipe it back to make sure that the surface is clean I let that dry and then
I come back in and just sand any spots that I’ve missed that has a little bit
of stubborn stain on there just to prep it and make it look like the rest of the
top I’m finally ready to stain this top so I’m gonna grab a few items to protect
myself since this is an oil-based product I am going to use my vapor
respirator I’m gonna use my eye protection I’m gonna be applying it with
the dixiebell applicator pad today and I have my no pain gel stain and pickling
white you will also need a pair of gloves to protect your hands
and Here I am just taking a tech cloth and wiping down the top to make sure
that I have a dust free surface to start with and very simple I’m just opening up
the stain you can see it’s a very thick this is a new formula it’s a very
pigmented I’m just taking that applicator sponge I’m gonna work in like
a two to three-foot section and just get this on really well I am applying with
the grain which means you can see those lines that are horizontally moving
across the top so I’m just following those and going in a horizontal motion
and getting all this stain on here like I mentioned earlier in the video this is
a new formula and they came out with a lot of new colors and I just really love
the way this is performing it’s more pigmented and it’s really easy to use so
once you get this on you are going to wipe back the excess so I have a bunch
of shop towels up in the corners you can see I like using these to kind of pull
back my stain it’s my favorite thing to use and then you can just throw them
away once they dry out but you can see it’s taking off the excess of that stain
and just leaving a beautiful whitewashed pickling effect
and I’m just gonna do that same thing over the whole table working in those
two to three foot sections and I have a bunch of those shop towels folded up and
ready to go you don’t want to let this sit on there too long you just really
want to wipe it on and then wipe it back right away because of the way this is
formulated and how pigmented it is you’re probably only gonna need one coat
to achieve the color you want at this point in the project I decided I wanted
to add a little bit more color to this piece so I am gonna be using a sea glass
to kind of do a two-toned finish but I did notice this thing that I wanted to
show you I had some bleed through on my first coat and a way to alleviate this
is grab a can of dixiebell boss this blocks odors and stains and
stops bleed through so I just shook this up really well grabbed a chip brush and
I’m just gonna paint this on the entire drawer just to make the application even
when I go put on my second coat of paint it’s gonna stop that bleed through
sometimes this just happens when there’s some type of oil under the surface that
you can’t see even though I clean the piece so it is really nice to always
have a can of boss on hand in case you see believe they were like this so right
now I am just painting on that sea glass color I just felt like the top once I
did it was too close a match to the dried sage color and even though the
dried sage is beautiful I just thought this piece needed a little something and
this sea glass color is super beautiful so I’m just putting on this coat exactly
the same way that I put on my first one and then when we go to distress it it’s
gonna give this two-toned effect when you sand it and distress it back a
little bit you’re gonna see some of that dried sage color underneath and it’s
gonna be really pretty I typically take my drawers out when I’m
painting but I’ve seen a lot of people that don’t so this time I just tried to
keep them in and see how that went I am ready to top coat my stained top so
I’m gonna be using Dixie Belles at Gator Hyde and their blue applicator sponge
that is specifically for this top coat this is my first time at using this top
coat I have got a lot of requests to try it because this is their most durable
top coat it is waterproof and you can use it inside or outside so a lot of
people are interested in this one the most important thing to know because
this is a water-based topcoat and I’m putting it over an oil-based stain you
have to wait until this stain is completely dry to put on the top coat so
I let this sit for 72 hours I know that seems like a long time but when you’re
moving between oil-based and water-based products that’ll really has to be dry or
the top coat is not gonna work so this is just my first coat I’m gonna go into
more detail about how to actually put this on when I show you guys the second
coat because I watched a lot of videos in between my first coat and my second
coat to give you guys some better tips my top takeaways from this first coat is
you just want to get a little bit of product on there wipe the excess off the
sponge with that side of that paper plate and you’re just gonna go back and
forth in the same direction and try to not stop I think that’s the number one
thing that I did wrong is I would stop in the middle of strokes and you really
just want to take that stroke from one side all the way to the other without
stopping so just hold tight because I will give you more tips on the second
coat that you can incorporate into your first coat and since this is a
water-based product you can just wash the sponge out with a little bit of soap
and water in between coats okay now I’m gonna distress this piece up a little
bit I’m taking a 320 sanding pad so it’s a really fine sanding pad because I
don’t want to take this distressing too far I just want it to be really light
because I am gonna try to sell this piece I have my mask on and I have
fitted it with my particle filters versus my vapor or filters just to
protect my lungs and I’m gonna zoom you in so you can see that to color effect
you can really see that dried sage coming out in the spots that I’m
distressing and when I distress I just go along the edges like this I go around
edge of the drawers and I always do at the feet and rough those up a little bit
you don’t really want to attack any of the flat spots because that won’t look
as natural so I try to stick to the edges in the detail when I’m distressing once I’m done distressing I just grab a
tech cloth or a soft clean brush and I just wipe away any of that dust before I
get ready to seal it to seal up my paint off I’m gonna be using Dixie Belles a
big Mama’s betta and using my other applicator pad that I have this is
actually the orange-scented one it smells amazing so you want to use a
lint-free cloth to apply this or you can use one of these applicators and since I
had a second one in my pack I am using this to apply it it’s really easy to see
where it goes on a little bit goes a long way they released this product last
summer so it is a little bit of a newer one and how it’s different from their
best sting wax which you guys have seen me used before and heard me talk about
wax on here this is more of a natural wax it is oil-based
it’s the fastest curing topcoat that they have it actually cures in seven
days since I got this wax on I let it sit there for a little bit and then I
would take a lint-free cloth one of those shop towels and just wipe it back
a bit to remove any of that excess and at this point you can actually buff it
up a little bit if you want a little bit more Sheen you can use this on painted
surfaces like this but it actually works really well as a conditioner to bring
the luster back to old wood you can also use it on drawers to help them slide a
little bit better but my favorite part is that they have to scented versions
I’m using the orange it smells amazing there’s also one that’s like more flower
base that’s called Suzanne’s garden but they also have an unscented one if
you’re not into the fragrance that will eventually fade but it is super nice
when you’re putting it on okay now we’re gonna add our second coat of Gator hide
to this top it has been two hours for this to dry and I’m just taking that
same sanding block that 320 sanding block that I used to distress my piece
I’m lightly sanding this just to buff out any of
those streaks that I had and I also like doing this to give the second coat
something to stick to and before I apply that second coat I’m
just taking a tack cloth and getting rid of any of that dust okay on the second
coat is when you’re gonna want to take your notes so I learned that you need to
dampen your sponge just a little bit before you’re applying the gaiter hide
it’s just gonna help with the application make it smooth so here I
just get a little bit of product on here that is too much so you need to take the
edge of the paper plate and kind of scrape it back a little bit this is more
what you want it to look like and you want to go from side to side without
stopping and without lifting your sponge it’s okay to go back and forth like this
you just don’t want to stop in the middle because that is gonna give you
streaks and I realized you really don’t have to keep going back and getting a
lot of product you just want to do really thin layers you can go do up to
three coats so just make sure that your layers are thin and really even and it
does really level out as it dries so don’t get too freaked out about seeing
streak marks but you just don’t want to go back it dries so fast now that I’ve
done that front section like I don’t want to go back and touch that at all I
just want to move on to the next section you really don’t want to go back and
rework it because that’s when you’re gonna get into getting that streaky
mists that you don’t want to see like I told you in between coats I watched a
lot of different videos on working with this Gator hide since I haven’t worked
on it with it before just like you guys I need knowledge I need to learn I am
not perfect so I will link those videos below that I found on Dixie Belles a
website if you guys are interested in seeing a couple more furniture artists
working with this top coat I saved the edges for last just so I
could soak up any globs that may have happened when I was doing the top I
noticed once I had everything done in the top coats done that when I pushed my
drawers in you could see a little bit of that stain like on the sides and like I
said this normally doesn’t happen because I take my drawers out but I was
just trying a new technique and I saw that I missed these spots on the side so
I am just taking some paint and dry brushing that
so you don’t see it when the drawers are closed I did decide to get hardware to
brighten this piece up a little bit these little knobs are from Hobby Lobby
they were 399 a piece if you wait every other week their hard work goes on sale
50% off but I was in a rush to get this video done for you guys so I paid full
price for him but 399 purple is not bad at all I love this design I think it
just brightens up the piece and just makes it look really cute so here is
this dresser before it got this beautiful makeover with all dixiebell
products I love the sea glass color so bright and beautiful I am obsessed with
how this top turned out that stain just gave it the perfect whitewashed
weathered look and it really brought out those areas where I had scuffed and
scraped it up to give it kind of that rustic farmhouse feel here is a close-up
of how using two different colors really creates a beautiful effect when you
de-stress so I set this up in my little eat-in kitchen area just to show you how
cute it would be as like a coffee bar I think it would also look great in an
entryway or in a dining room thank you guys for watching this video all the way
to the end and joining me for this project today I hope you learned
something new I hope you get a chance to try some of these products and
techniques out thanks again to dixiebell for sponsoring today’s video I will be
back with another project soon and I’ll see you guys next time you

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