drink this everyday to pee out more
toxins the kidneys are arguably the unsung heroes of the human body while
other high-flying organs and muscles like the brain liver and heart bask in
the attention of the health and medical world the kidneys are hard at work
keeping you alive it’s a decidedly unglamorous job their
role is to filter out all the unwanted compounds ie waste from your blood and
send it over to your bladder for expulsion by urination you often hear
health specialists saying it doesn’t matter if you eat or drink too much so
and so as you pee out the excess ever wonder how that happens yep
none other than your trusty kidneys without the kidneys your body would be
unable to regulate the balance of sodium and other electrolytes in the
bloodstream the downstream effects of this would be numerous including an
inability to regulate pH maintain healthy blood pressure assist in red
blood cell production and synthesize vitamin D when your kidneys are
overlooked health suffers unsurprisingly when the kidneys are a bit under the
weather your body suffers what is surprising however is the fact that we
often overlook the health of our kidneys and a critical function they perform and
our kidneys stats aren’t great an estimated 14 percent of Americans suffer
from chronic kidney disease with over 660,000 americans diagnosed with kidney
failure every year that’s over half a million of us accumulating more and more
waste in our bloodstream every day given the diet and lifestyle of the average
American most of us are putting some serious pressure on our kidneys they can
only process so much waste at a time and like the overworked employee they
occasionally need some serious vacation time to unwind and recharge what you
need is a kidney cleanse and here are five natural diuretics to help you do
just that ginger ginger is one of my favorite go
twos for when I’m feeling a little on the sick side we’re natural detox is in
order ginger gets plenty of attention for its
ability to assist in detoxification of the liver and it performs much the same
function on the kidneys it’s also loaded with plenty of health supporting
vitamins and flavonoids helping your body to support robust kidney function
getting your daily dose of kidney cleansing is super easy my approach is
to either finely chopped or grate an inch or so of fresh ginger root pour
boiling water over it and let it steep for five to ten minutes to really get
that diuretic effect and pee out more toxins drink this ginger two to three
times per day the bonus of this regime is that you’ll be virtually immune to
colds and sore tummies dandelion root many of the most popular detox teas on
the shelves these days contain dandelion root and for good reason it’s a powerful
natural diuretic that increases your in production and helps both the kidneys
and the liver cleanse themselves but consider yourself warned
dandelion root isn’t for everyone it took me a while to get used to the super
bitter taste of this flowery root but once I did I learn to love it here is
how to make a kidney cleansing cup of dandelion routine one place one to two
teaspoons of dried dandelion root into a cup then pour over boiling water to
cover and allow to steep for 10 minutes 3 once it’s cools to touch add in an
optional 1/2 TSP of raw honey to ease the bitterness and provide a digestive
enzyme boost either that or simply pop down to your supermarket or nearest
health food store and invest in a prefabricated tea that contains plenty
of dandelion root parsley you were bound to see parsley
somewhere in this list am i right my mother always held great esteem in a
good bunch of parsley declaring that it’s one of nature’s greatest
detoxifiers and it turns out she was bang on a 2002 study published in the
Journal of ethnic pharmacology found that similar to dandelion root the
diuretic effective parsley is mediated by a potassium sodium imbalance creating
an osmotic water flow effect that encourages greater urine excretion
that’s the science behind I tea anyway all you really need to know is how to
get the most Kitty supporting effects from that bunch of parsley you could
always make a tea by pouring boiling water over the fresh leaves and stalks
and allowing the mixture to steep but my favorite way to enjoy it is in a
delicious green smoothie personally I don’t see any real need to specifying
any particular ingredients for your green smoothie you can throw almost
anything in there as long as you chuck in a good-sized handful of parsley to
get that diuretic effect some of my go-to ingredients include raw organic
milk or full fat coconut milk frozen berries banana cinnamon mint and spinach
marshmallow root I was a pleasantly surprised to learn that marshmallow root
is a powerful diuretic that can be used to cleanse the kidneys why because I’m
absolutely obsessed with marshmallows I buy a large bag of ground marshmallow
root from my local health food store every couple of weeks and along with
gelatin vanilla and honey I make the most delicious nutritious marshmallows
not the fake cons you get from the supermarket which don’t actually contain
any actual marshmallow root in addition to helping cleanse the kidneys of excess
toxins marshmallow root has also long been used to treat coughs and colds
increased saliva production treat bacterial infections and protect against
free radical Dan it’s an all-round good guy when it comes
to your health but if you don’t have the time to make real marshmallows simply
make marshmallow root tea using the same methods I’ve listed for the above herbs
celery if you’re in the habit of buying detox smoothies or juices from your
local hip cafe you’ll probably already know that celery
is almost always a key ingredient there’s the reason for that celery is a
natural diuretic which is we know aids in the removal of toxins from the body
and increases urination it also contains specific nutrients that stimulate the
kidneys and prevent kidney infections celery is a pretty darn versatile
vegetable and can be enjoyed in a wide variety of ways
whenever I’m hungry I’ll grab a stick of celery and munch faculae away on it or
dip it in some organic peanut butter for an ultra tasty snack it also makes a
great base for juices and green smoothies jazz is up a boring salad and
is great and soup there’s really no excuse fight inflammation with this turmeric
and lemon morning elixir starting the day with your morning routine may suit
your needs just fine a bit of yoga maybe meditation a shower a healthy breakfast
with organic coffee and then out the door does this sound familiar if so your
morning routine is already exceptional but we have a mighty elixir that can
complement your regimen wonderfully you may have heard that warm lemon water
will get those pipes working in the morning and optimize your health you may
even drink warm lemon water with a Malayan salt or warm lemon water with
honey in the morning however have you heard of warm lemon water combined with
honey cinnamon and the most essential ingredient to this morning elixir
turmeric if you have yet to try this one you may be missing out on an excellent
way to begin your day all-natural lemon and turmeric are especially powerful
ingredients that post the wealth of beneficial properties lemons offer a
tasty dark flavour with many health promoting properties according to a
study published in the chemistry central journal 2015 lemons possess a treasure
trove of natural metabolites the study authors state citrus fruits exhibit
plentiful bio activities including antioxidant anti-inflammatory
anti-cancer antimicrobial and anti allergy activities as well as
cardiovascular effect neuroprotective effect hepatoprotective affect obesity
control etc lemons are indeed a healthy ingredient to enjoy at the beginning of
the day however when you couple lemon with turmeric your health and wellness
benefits increase significantly turmeric curcumin langa is a yellow orange spice
that is part of the ginger family native to tropical south asia turmeric is well
known in traditional Asian medicine and cuisine more recently its health
benefits have been recognized in Western medicine according to a study published
in the Journal of no fro pathology 2012 turmeric a neglected Asian traditional
drug might Mary emerge as remedy and/or preventative tool for various illnesses
including different type of cancers obesity
to diabetes hyperlipidemia hypertension CKD chronic kidney disease and ESRD and
stage renal disease which are steadily increasing globally claiming many lives
and tremendous amount of resources worldwide one active ingredient in
turmeric curcumin has been the focus of several academic studies curcumin may
alleviate inflammation according to research from the department of
stomatology at the University of California San Francisco curcumin
possesses anti-inflammatory properties the research published in the Journal of
alternative and complementary medicine 2004 found that curcumin may exert its
anti-inflammatory activity by inhibition of a number of different molecules that
play a role in inflammation curcumin site to cancer potential curcumin may
play a vital role in cancer prevention according to a study published in biomed
research International 2014 previous research has highlighted Kirke humans
antioxidant antibacterial and Annie – mer properties according to the study
which concluded curcumin a vital constituent of the spice turmeric is an
alternative approach in the prevention of cancer therapeutic applications of
curcumin according to a review study published in the OPP’s Journal 2013
curcumin has shown therapeutic potential against a number of human diseases
including multiple types of cancer inflammatory bowel disease irritable
bowel syndrome arthritis peptic ulcers psoriasis h pylori infection alzheimer’s
disease acute coronary syndrome atherosclerosis s diabetes and
respiratory tract infections the turmeric and lemon morning elixir what
you’ll need half a lemon squeezed fruit juice 1/4 1/2 a teaspoon turmeric 1/2 a
teaspoon honey 1/4 of a teaspoon cinnamon powder 1 cup warm water or milk
I make it mix the lemon juice turmeric and honey into your cup of warm water or
milk you will want to stir these ingredients well
add cinnamon on top and continue to stir your morning elixir as you drink it this
will ensure that the turmeric does not settle at the bottom of your cup
turmeric with its main active ingredient curcumin may be that one healthy
addition to your morning routine you’ve been looking for
I enjoy this elixir nearly every morning with fruit which adds a sweet delicious
twist when healthy alternatives get your morning off to a perfect start you

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