Drugs and the Demise of the Rice Diet

during his career at Duke dr. Kempner traded more than 18,000 patients with his rice diet which was originally designed as a treatment for kidney failure and out-of-control high blood pressure at a time when those diagnoses were like a death sentence patients who at that time would have died in all other hospitals had a reasonable chance of survival if they came under kembers care the results were so dramatic that many experienced physicians suspected him of falsifying data because he was reversing terminal diseases with rice and fruit diseases understood to be incurable by the best of modern medicine at the time intensive investigations into his clinic vindicated his work which other researchers were then able to replicate kempner was criticized for his lack of controls meaning that when patients came to him he didn’t randomly allocate half to his rice treatment put the other half on conventional therapy to see which group did better kempner argued that the patients each acted as their own controls for example here’s a patient before the rice diet the medical profession threw everything they had at him and his blood pressures were still as high as 220 over 160 whereas normals considered more like around 120 over 80 which is where the rice diet took him had he not been given the rice diet it’s true his pressures might have been even lower zero over zero because he’d likely be dead the quote/unquote control group in companies day had a survival expectancy estimated at 6 months to randomize patients to conventional care would be to randomize them to their deaths one can compare those who stuck to the diet though to those who didn’t here’s a chart showing the survival of 70 of the kind of sickest of the sick that showed up at their clinic of those that started the rice diet but then stopped it within a year five lived and nineteen ended up dead for those who made it a year but then gave up on the diet instead of an 80% chance of dying they had more like a 50/50 flip of the coin but of those that stuck with the program 90 percent lived to tell the tale beginning in the 1950s drugs became available that effectively reduced blood pressure in hypertension leading to a decreased demand for the rice diet what conclusions can we draw from this all but forgotten therapy for hypertension not only was it the first effective therapy for high blood pressure it may be equal to or more effective than our current multi drug treatments this causes one to speculate on the current practice of placing patients on one drug than another perhaps a third till the blood pressure’s controlled with lip-service advocacy of moderate duction and dietary sodium fat and protein intake well the impressive effectiveness of the rice fruit diet which is able to quickly stop the leakage from our arteries and lower increased intracranial pressure reduced heart size reverse the EKG changes reverse heart failure reduced weight markedly improve diabetes is ignored so should we return to the Kempner protocol starting with the most effective therapy saving drugs from patients who fail to respond or who are unable or unwilling to restrict their diet look today many people follow a vegetarian diet as a choice which is similar to what kempner was a often able to transition people to after their high blood pressure was cured by the rice diet patients were often able to gradually transition to a less strenuous dietary regime without added medications and with no return of the elevated blood pressure so if the kempner sequence of a strictest of a strict plant-based diet to a more sane plant-based type type offers the quickest and best approach to effective therapy why isn’t it still in greater use the powerful role of the pharmaceutical industry and steering medical care away from dietary treatment to medications should be noted and who profits from dietary treatment who provides the support for investigation the funds for clinical trials there is more to overcome than just the patient’s reluctance to change their diet what Kempton wrote to a patient in 1954 was as true then as it is now 60 years later drugs can be very useful properly employed and used in conjunction with intensive dietary treatment however high blood pressure with all its possible complications heart disease kidney disease stroke blindness is still treated very casually a striking contrast to the attitude towards other diseases like cancer since patients physicians in the chemical industry prefer the taking prescribing and selling of drugs to dietary treatment inconvenient to patient and physician and have no benefit to the pharmaceutical industry the mortality figures for these diseases will still remain rather appalling despite hundreds of drugs on the market now high blood pressure remains the number one cause of death and disability in the world killing of nine million people a year and diet treats the underlying cause as dr. kempler explained to a patient look if you should find a heap of manure on your living room floor I do not recommend that you go buy some air freshener and perfume I recommend you get a bucket and a shovel on a strong scrubbing brush then then when your living room floor is clean again then fine feel free to freshen things up but once the underlying cause has been removed as the great physician Maimonides said about eight hundred years ago any illness that can be treated by diet alone should be treated by no other means you

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  1. where can we see this diet Plan?

  2. Dr. Kempner’s reversal of terminal disease with rice and fruit is a testament to the power of diet.

    Watch below or click the link to watch on NutritionFacts.org: http://nutritionfacts.org/video/drugs-and-the-demise-of-the-rice-diet

  3. Curious, were these disease reversals seen with a Rice Diet with added calories, or with the calorie restricted diet he put obese patients on?

  4. This is why Asians eating a traditional diet of rice, fruits, and vegetables live so long. Not anymore, unfortunately. Asians are eating KFC and there are so many chubby children in Asia.

  5. At 1:22 the chart shows the medical interventions at the lower left corner in a box. Is mercurials mercury? I heard that mercury used to be a favorite drug of conventional doctors in the not so distant past. So if Kempner removed all their medications, this alone could have lengthened their lives. Perhaps these things lowered blood pressure by simply being very toxic to the heart.
    Ammon. Chloride, phenobarbital, digitoxin, and nitroglycerin also sound super toxic.

    Barbiturates, which are addictive sedatives, don't cure anything, but suppress the central nervous system, and are used for seizures.
    Digitoxin is the very toxic poison Foxglove.

    nitroglycerin is an explosive used also as fertilizer.

    ammonium chloride is commonly formed on burning coal dumps from condensation of coal-derived gases. It is also found around some types of volcanic vents. It is mainly used as fertilizer. It is the product from the reaction of hydrochloric acid and ammonia.

    No wonder these patients only lived six months with pharmaceutical treatments.

  6. what about that! my aunt is in her 80s and she s been lean bodied all her life .Never drank never smoked and always lived by a vegetarian diet.Her pressure is still in the 150 over 60-70 .Shes been given drugs and has her pressure down at 120 over 60
    any idea whats happenning here ?

  7. The improvement was due to the absence of animal products and their fat and cholesterol. He could have fed them Oreos and they would have been cured. It is a very interesting story !

  8. Unfortunately drugs will just delay the inevitable. An ACE inhibitor may drop your systolic by 8 points. You will eventually get sicker and sicker if you eat animal products until 8 points is far exceeded. Then the doc will tell you to go on multiple other pills. All the while they'll tell you its not your fault, it's genetic, which is absolute bullshit. Its a losing game folks. Do a WFPB diet and you'll never have to buy another pill again. Empower yourself and take control of your health. I did.

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