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You called specifically for issues with the
ear, the left ear. And it was so amazing because for a lot of months
this year it felt like bugs were crawling in my ear. I went to the doctor twice—my regular doctor—but
they didn’t see any bugs in there. You had that for how long? I had it for several months, off and on, but
it started getting worse in September where I almost couldn’t sleep. What happened last night? I came up to the line when you were laying
hands on people for the ear—I was in a car accident on Thursday and I almost didn’t… woah, woah, woah… you mean like last Thursday? Yes ma’am. You were in a car accident? Yes. And you’re here? Look, I’m telling you… Oh yeah, I’ll tell you right now… there it is, look. I bind the devil. He can’t stop anybody from getting here. Glory to God! Hallelujah! A car accident and you’re here? Yes, I was rear-ended. So up to Friday night I didn’t know if I was
going to come or not, but then I was thinking I was going to call the airlines and cancel my ticket. Then I was thinking, that’s really dumb to
stay home because even though I have some injuries, if I come I’ll get healed. Well, what was happening in your body from
being rear-ended? My neck was hurting, my head was hurting, my shoulders were hurting, but most of that subsided. But I had this weird thing where my stomach
was hurting really bad and I just couldn’t take it in my stomach. Anyway, I was standing up here and I already
knew God was going to heal my ear because you called for that, but then I said, okay
when they get to me I’m going to let them know that I need prayer for my stomach as
well because my stomach was actually hurting while I was standing up here. By the time you got to me you guys said you
weren’t going to ask anymore questions, you were just going to lay hands. So I was like, okay. You got to me and you laid hands on me and
I was on the floor, but it seemed like immediately when I went on the floor then somebody else
came and they put their hands on my stomach. Where she had her hands on my stomach it was
hurting. But I was like, okay God this is kind of hurting,
but I’m just going to lay here and receive it because I know that you’re healing me. By the time she—she just kept kind of doing
this—praying for you—yeah, praying for me and doing that. And at the very moment it stopped hurting
is when she stopped. I was like, oh my God. But they I was still standing there and was
like—wait, did I really get healed and so then I checked it myself and I kept doing
this and I was like, oh my God! Yeah, all the pain is gone! So He healed my ear and my stomach that no
one knew about. The Lord knew everything you had need of and everything you have need of when you go back home God will give you. Every need will be met abundantly above and
the pain will not come back on your body, but God will restore to you a hundred-fold
of what the devil tried to take away.

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