EFFETTI della CHEMIOTERAPIA – Documentario giorno per giorno

Hi ! I am at the “Ospedale Civico” in Lugano Sorry for the noise due to the cars In this video I am showing you the side effects of a Folfoxiri chemo cycle I am taking you with me, to my place, on my bed and sofa You’ll see me with ugly hair and face and an even worse outfit but that’s how I am during those days and that’s what I am going to show you If you’d like to know how a chemo cycle is done and how one feels, I am putting the link to my chemo documentary in the card here above. Subscribe to my channel and turn on the bell to receive a notification when I publish a new video So let’s start with DAY 1 DAY 1 The chemo cycle has ended about 1h30min ago I am now at home and my neighbor has just started vacuum cleaning. I am tired, so I am resting on the sofa but trying to eat at the table I have a little nausea, this cold feeling when touching anything below room temperature. That’s how I hold the fork that has been outside for a moment and that’s a little cold. Another annoying effect is the pain at the jaw joint during the first 4 or 5 bites. DAY 2 Start of day 2. Cortisone made me fall asleep at 3.30 am and wake up at 6.00 am Breakfast of day 2: some juice at room temperature. Cold drinks from the fridge to be avoided! I am having also some stomach problems. Not really nausea, but this feeling of having a boiled egg that is stuck and does not go up or down. However, I always have appetite, as you may already know by now. Let’s have a look at my daily therapy. There’s a therapy that I am taking for the first 3 days and one that I am taking for the whole of the 14 days of the chemo cycle. If you are not interested in the pills I am taking, you can fast forward to min 3:55. Let’s start with the menu. A nice appetizer: 4 cortisone pills, 2 for today and 2 for tomorrow Emend, it’s an anti-nausea Hiccup: I am taking Lyoresal to mitigate this effect Let’s move on to the main course, i.e. the therapy I am taking for the whole cycle Pantoprazol: it protects the stomach. The pill has a mayonnaise-like color Then we have Daflon: a pill with a tuna-paté color. It’s anti-inflammatory drug that alleviates the pain…down there…. that is due to diarrhea, which some of you will for sure know about 😉 Now the dessert: Cardioaspirine: about a year ago I had a stroke, for which no cause was found. It is possible or even probable that the blood clot was caused by the tumor that may have been already present at that time. Sorry, the egg wanted to get out Let’s now move to the digestive: Atorvastatine: it reduces cholesterol. I don’t have a cholesterol problem. However, I am taking it prophylactically to avoid its formation, which may cause blood flow turbulences and hence the formation of a blood clot. A white pill. Rather than a digestive let’s say it’s a lemon sorbet, with a little vodka. Hiccup has started! I hope the pills will help me. This is probably the most annoying effect of the first three days DAY 3 I am taking the same pills as yesterday, so I am not bother you with this We are driving to the clinic to have the 5FU pump removed. For what concerns side effects, I have some hand tremor and cold sensation. Jaw pain is still there but it’s getting better. My voice is also a little hoarse and this will last for the whole period of the cycle. I have some belly problem and the usual stuck boiled egg. Ready for the removal of the 5FU pump. “I am counting to 3 and then pulling: 1, 2 ,3…” I didn’t feel anything. DAY 4 Morning of day 4. My face is all red due to cortisone I slept 4 hours from 4.00 am till 8.00, so I am doing some progress here. I am done with cortisone pills, so hopefully this afternoon or tonight I will be able to sleep longer. Regarding side effects, I have some belly problems. Hiccup is better. Let’s see what happens with the cold sensation It’s getting better Yesterday I have taken away the 5FU pump and today I start feeling very tired. Let’s have a look at the jaw… it’s hot!… The jaw is ok and the risotto tastes good! My therapy for today is the same I will take for the next x days. 1.30 pm: I start running to the toilet. DAY 5 I am very tired and breathless after a few steps to come here. I will have a day on the sofa, trying to get over the next 4-5 difficult days. It rains, rains and rains. What a weather,… perfect for staying on the sofa. Side effects: those of the first days have disappeared. I have belly problems, but the worse is this tiredness that makes you feel like a vegetable. DAY 6 Day 6, sorry for the face. I am going through the most difficult days of the cycle. No energy, I need to absolute rest. Nose bleeding has started too I am so tired that even talking makes me breathless. DAY 7 Day 7, similar situation to yesterday. I am very tired and diarrhea is present the whole day. I am exhausted DAY 8 Evening of day 8: the day has passed with some ok moments and some others when I needed to lay down for a couple of hours. Diarrhea is still there and is very debilitating. Neuropathy is also there and is probably due to the cumulative effect of the cycles I have done so far. Speaking about hair, my therapy does not make me lose all hair. However, I have lost some and those that are still there are somehow rougher. Marlène says that I look like a plucked chicken. I was almost forgetting about nose bleeding that is there every time I blow my nose. DAY 9 Day 9. Energy is slowly coming back. I feel better, I can stand up and have a little walk in the house. There are still some moments of tiredness during the day, so I need to rest. However, little by little I am going back to normality. Diarrhea is getting better too. I almost don’t have other side effects at this point. DAY 10 Evening of day 10: I had an headache the whole night and day, but now it’s going better. Tomorrow I am starting to go out and have a little walk to get back in shape. DAY 11 DAY 12 Day 12: my daughter passing by. I am better, feeling almost good and ready for a nice Sunday with the family. Update of day 12: the day started quite well. We went out, but after a 200 m walk I had no energy anymore and had to stop. I probably walked too much yesterday. DAY 13 It’s day 13 of the 6th chemo cycle. Side effects have more or less disappeared, however I am still tired. Hi little dog…what’s her name? “Rosellina”. I and Rosellina would like to let you know that the chemo side effects have more or less disappeared, but I am still quite tired. My legs are not supporting me, probably I was laying down for too long during the past 2 weeks, so I should get back in shape. Apart from that….Rock’n roll! DAY 14 Day 14, I feel good, eventually! I hope you liked this video! I’d like to know what is your experience with chemotherapy, if you have done it, what were the side effects and which scheme you followed. Leave a message here below and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel! As I am holding the phone with one hand, this time I have to do it with just one:

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  1. I loved this video Enrico! Very well done, it is becoming more and more professional 😃👍🏻This pills arrangements are so funny 😂.

  2. Ciao Enrico, bel video, davvero. Mostri che tutto é superabile, anche se ci possono essere dei momenti difficili, poi passa e si affronta giorno per giorno . Doni tanta forza, in generale, a tutti, a chi é nella tua situazione e a chi non lo é.Tutto passa e poi si torna a stare meglio.
    P.S ottima scelta per la colazione 😊quei biscotti sono adorabili!

  3. Bravissimo, bel réportage! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Più o meno ho tutti gli stessi effetti e anche le medicine 🙁 Però io senza singhiozzo 🙂 Auguri per domani! Ciao, Margherita

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