Enjoying Food Again After Gastroparesis

Going back many years ago always had case of acid indigestion and heartburn. So I always try different types of medications, some of it worked and then everything would be fine for a long period of time. But about 18 months ago it just the acid reflux and the pain in the stomach just progressively got worse and I tried everything over-the-counter nothing really seemed to work. So it hit a point around a year ago where it was just painful to eat. I didn’t like eating because whatever ate even if it was a little, there would be pain associated with it. So then I ate less and I lost a lot of weight and I was really exhausted all the time. But go to work and then by time I got home I really had no energy and then I ended up
through a bunch of different procedures an endoscopy was one that I went through a gastric emptying test which told me basically I have the disease called gastroparesis. Through the fall of last year I just I continue to lose weight and continued to not have interest in eating. So I was referred to Dr. Kahaleh here at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick and he was
able to help me figure out what would be the next best step for me. So Mitch’s symptoms were typical symptom that you see in gastroparesis: bloating, abdominal pain, gastric distension, inability to empty the foods from the stomach into the small intestine. Hence, weight loss and very miserable quality of life. When you think of options for gastroparesis there really are very few. Some of it’s related to taking some medicine but that doesn’t really fix the real issue, doesn’t get to the root cause of gastroparesis. G-POEM seemed to be the best route for me and that was what was suggested that I attempt to try. The Peroral Endoscopic Myotomy procedure in the stomach basically allows us to create a
tunnel in the back wall of the stomach of Mitchell, all the way to the pyloric channel. It allows us to open the pyloric channel
and a little bit of the muscle prior to the pyloric channel, to literally open up the channel between the stomach and the small intestine. Allowing finally the stomach of Mitchell to empty into the small intestine resolving the symptoms
of nausea, vomiting and distension abdominal pain and finally permitting him to gain weight. I don’t have the pain that I did every single day for you know years. That to me is the biggest thing. I still eat five to six smaller meals. If I eat too much at any one point then I’ll feel a little bit of pain then within 20 minutes the pain is gone. I’m able to have more energy than I did prior to the
procedure and I actually feel excited when I wake up that I’m not thinking about my stomach. RWJBarnabas Health Let’s be healthy together.

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