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Hi, Queens, welcome back. I’m Sheena I go by Queen She I just want to give y’all an update on sky bear those of you who follow me primarily because of my mommy content, so Y’all know that Skyler had a Nissen surgery and a g-tube surgery on December 13 2019; he needed the surgery because his Nares are the holes in his nose are smaller than normal and his severe reflux was coming up into his nasal cavity causing his nares to swell and The swelling was causing respiratory distress and keeping him hospitalized looked much longer than his siblings He spent the first five and a half Months in the hospital of his life in the hospital So he had an ascent in the g-tube at that time. They told us that the mission wouldn’t completely solve the reflux problem But it would make it drastically better than what it is right now in terms of his nares the place where it’s super small is like toward the front of his nose and That’s not a place where? ear-nose-throat doctors can do surgery to make the holes bigger so that that’s something that we just have to wait for him to grow out of and Also once they become six months of age adjusted My home alarm just turned on don’t mind that Once I become six months adjusted he’ll be able to breathe in and out of his mouth because babies aren’t born breathing that way So that’s a couple months away. So that’s exciting because I think that’ll help him tremendously But in addition to that so the g-tube surgery is something that comes automatically with innocent surgery Truthfully, I don’t know Why completely I presume they had something to do with the fact that once you have a Nissen The Opening from the esophagus and stomach probably mate might be like too small to pass food and stuff like that and that the Baby having that type of surgery just needs some time for their stomach and their cell forgets to grow and stretch a little bit But I don’t really Know so don’t quote me on that. That was just my assumption. I do know in Skylar’s case It was going to help him get the nutrition he needed Safely, and so that was just par for the course now We were told that he would only need it for a few weeks actually They were very vague about how long that he would need it nobody could give us a definitive answer but we were definitely under the impression that it was a very Short-term thing and just came hand-in-hand with innocence surgery so Since the surgery and since he’s been home Especially none of the specialists have been talking about him eating by mouth Now every time I see one of the specialists I asked about it I asked you know throat they said it will be safe for him to I asked the GI He didn’t say that it was unsafe, but he was talking about Starting solid foods at seven months adjusted which would be middle of July and that was like a really long ways. Okay so I I So last week Thursday before the coronavirus became a thing Keisha and I went on our first date since the trip was were born. So We’re on our date our babysitter. Also got mommy to Tatiana face times us and Skylar’s g-tube had come out and it was the first time staying with anyone. So Kind of sucked first time with the babysitter and something went wrong And that was an emergency. So we had go home brought him to the ER They had to dilate the little hole because I had already started to close that like it closes crazy quick They told us is upfront, but I could have never imagined that it would close as quick as it was closing. So We got a replace but then the next day it inspired me to you know What I’m going to start feeding him by mouth and working with him on his suck swallow brief coordination because I don’t want him to be dependent on this g-tube thing anyway, and The sooner he cannot have it the better for him Period so we started giving him a bottle And He just I just graduated him. It’s been a few days where he’s been taking bottles by mouth and he’s been doing really well. So I graduated him to Using his milky mate. Hi Prince you want to say hi to the people So it graduated him to using his milky mate and doing really well you guys like he’s He’s loving the fact that he’s eating by mouth. First of all because just like his brother he Doesn’t miss a meal so I’m so proud of him. Like we haven’t had any incidents he’s eating very safely his suck swallow breath coordination is more on point than it was when he was discharged and This did like literally the last few days have been the most policies had in his life like he hadn’t had a bottle since December 13th, so he’d gone three full months without a single bottle and before that the hospital wasn’t giving him bottles because They were trying to figure out what was going on They thought it was one thing and I thought it was the next thing and they thought it was connected to Eating which you know, I guess the reflux kind of is but they were really not going down the right path so they weren’t we’re refraining from giving him bottles for all of these other reasons and Then when they finally figured it out. It was like, okay now we’re giving him the g-tube So now we really don’t have to give them bottles So I’m so proud of him. This is a step toward G-tube graduation and I very much very much. Look forward to it. It’s also going to coincide with The fact that he’ll be breathing out of in and out of his mouth soon, which is gonna help his little breathing situation He hasn’t been on oxygen for a long time Josiah hasn’t been on oxygen for a long time eight save lives. They are completely safe to use They are Constructed in a way that baby can push it away easily. Sometimes too easily like They fall all the time and to fix it but I’d rather that than the baby not be able to push them away and Having three babies, they’re really a godsend I wasn’t so I didn’t know that a contraction like this actually existed until a couple weeks ago I saw another triplet mom on Instagram post something with her triplets using it and I was like, um What is that? so I got I end up getting to because you know Skylar still gets some of his fevers g-tube and Regardless of the fact ladies even by mouth. He still has to keep the g-tube for up to six months After the point of which he’s having everything by mouth and so that’s a little ways away but in the meantime, I have to mucky mates and They are godsends now if I had a singleton if I had a single, baby I probably wouldn’t use it because I don’t know that I would find the need to but when you have three babies for those of you who are quick to mom shame and judge when you have three babies and You’re spending two hours Every three hours feeding three babies Yeah, the Milky mates definitely come in handy, and it’s definitely a safe alternative to sitting there and holding, baby For a half-hour feeding the sibling feeding the next one Skyler of course takes longer to eat still Which I I mean makes sense because he just started so if you’re interested in working late if you happen to be a mom of Multiples or a singleton and you just need your hands-free more often or every now and again I’ll leave That information in the description box as well as a coupon code so you can save a few coins but I definitely wanted to share the big news as Skyler is progressing and He’s gonna be a g-tube graduate in no time. I I know it Until next time Queens don’t forget to love each other Just I was trying to get all the touches hand in his mouth and he’s frustrated that it’s not working She’s doing it she’s helping him out. She’s doing it on purpose This is an interesting strategy

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  1. Bear is now eating by mouth for the first time in THREE months! 🥰🐻 Cheer for him. He’s doing so well. Also, he and Josiah are finally off of oxygen. 💪🏽🦖

  2. Hello I've been off of social media for a little and to come back to this is awesome. Thank you for sharing. 💞 I'm so Happy for your family.

  3. That’s awesome news
    Omg how scary that’s great you used your mommy intuition and gave sky a bottle that’s great…. I’m
    So glad he’s doing so well with the feeding by mouth. You guys are doing an awesome job !!!

  4. @ Sheena Mason Hi Sheena today in your new YouTube video show how to do crunches when working out. Thanks so much.

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