GERD – Heartburn/Reflux

(light music) – GERD is one of the most
common GI problems in America. This occurs when acid from your stomach comes up into your food
tube and gives you a burning or pressure sensation in your chest. It could be worse when
you lay down at night and it could be worse when you bend over to pick something up. If you continue to have GERD over time it can cause the lining of your food tube, or the esophagus, to change and it can become pre-cancerous. GERD can be caused by some foods including coffee, and some fruits, alcohol and is more common in patients that are over weight or obese, and can be very prevalent
in pregnant women. The treatments for GERD
include medicines and surgery. However recently there
has been a lot of data that the medicines that treat
GERD may have side effects. And the surgeries for
the treatment of GERD have become much less risky. The second part of the
surgical approach for GERD is wrapping the stomach
in a manner to increase it’s ability to prevent acid
from going from your stomach into your food tube. We do this procedure
either laparoscopically with small incisions in your belly, robotically with small
incisions in your belly, or it can actually be
done by putting a camera down your esophagus while you’re asleep and wrapping the stomach from the inside where there will be no
incisions on your belly. You could expect to be in
the hospital overnight. You will be on a liquid
diet for a few days. GERD surgery is one of the
most gratifying surgeries that I perform. I have had patients of all ages from 30 years old to 90 years
old have this procedure, and I have had many of them say that they can eat foods now
they could never eat before. (light music)

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