Gogglebox cast slam Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party campaign launch – ‘Make your mind up!’

 Gogglebox was back this evening, as everyone’s favourite families were back to divulge their thoughts on the week’s television However, some of them were not happy with MEP Nigel Farage.  As the cast watched some of the highlights from the week such as Strictly Come Dancing, Flirty Dancing and the hit film Bridesmaids, but one thing in particular seemed to spark a reaction   They were seen looking over the Brexit Party campaign launch for this year’s imminent General Election, but a lot of the cast were left unimpressed with Nigel Farage this evening  As Nigel explained his party would not be standing in the 317 held Conservative seats, show regular Mary pleaded: “Make your mind up Nigel ” Giles guessed: “I know what might have swung it, a gong, Boris might have promised him a place in the Lords, don’t you think?”  READ MORE Jenny Ryan: X Factor star left ‘blushing’ by Jack Whitehall’s dad  Mary then stated: “Brexit now has become like a maze, you going round and you keep thinking you’re going to make some progress and you’re about to escape and find the answer ”  The Siddiqii family were back, as Baasit Siddiqui remarked: “I love how Brexit always give Umar indigestion…” “Brexit just gives me the s****,” joked Umar   In response, a frustrated viewer said: “Brexit gives me the s****.” Know how you feel, mate  #gogglebox  More fans of the show flocked to Twitter to give their thoughts on the political campaign this evening   One shared: “Isn’t Nigel the one who said, ‘you can’t change your mind?’ #gogglebox ” It wasn’t the only political issue discussed this evening, as some viewers were left unhappy about the cast’s sentiments on the SNP this evening   Some of the cast members tried their hand at Scottish accents as they mocked SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon this evening    She was also seen delivering the SNP General Election campaign launch, but many viewers were left furious with the cast’s actions  “Really can’t be doing with #gogglebox these days. The anti Scottish stuff is pathetic I can only imagine what they’d be saying if it was about the Irish government & Brexit And by the way #goggleboxirl is far better!” Another echoed: “#gogglebox you need to sort your s*** out Either balance it out and put some Scottish people in there or just stop with this s*** because we’re all getting a bit fed up with it! @C4Gogglebox” A third frustrated viewer added: “Slagging off the SNP again but not one Scottish family on the show #gogglebox ” Trending READ MORE Jeremy Vine guest in row over irrelevant Corbyn broadband policy  “Is it just me, or are the all-English/Welsh audience of #gogglebox straying a little too far into into anti-Scottish territory?” remarked a fourth  Also on the show this evening, the cast were seen watching Flirty Dancing, in which two singletons try to meet their match through the power of dance Mary was seen in tears this evening, as she explained it was “Very sad because they had to be introduced by a television programme ”  The regular cast will return next week to give their thoughts on all the most watched television   

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