Hal & Emma || Heartburn {Crossover}

The man that killed me isn’t gone. He’s just sleeping, and he’s a very good liar. There are things I’ve done… This isn’t happening! Your friend is dead. She knows about my past. Really?! All the gory details? So that’s why! You can’t kill her! He was so sweet when I met him. We don’t know what he’s like when he’s properly on the blood. Maybe that is him. The Real him. It doesn’t matter what we feel. The situation… Help me! Please! It’s been a very long, 500 years. I don’t want to hurt you. You think I’m capable of this. So, you do like him? Then what’s the point? We’re done. She’s a good judge of people. Yeah! Except, she trusts you. So she’s not that good, is she? Sorry things didn’t work out between us. I know other me was…keen as mustard.

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