Hashimoto’s and my food intolerances [Story Time]

hey everyone my name is Nara Elling and
this is my channel welcome on this channel we talk about Hashimoto keto
lifestyle and just things in general and I want to present my own story in the
beginning before I talk about things that you might maybe find more value in
as in more information because I think you have to understand that I’m not an
expert on things but I’ve come a long way I’m 38 years old now and when I’m
talking about things I again I’m not an expert but I’ve gone through some things
and about half a year ago I realized how much food effects of my life in a bad
way as in yeah okay I’m overweight but how it affects me in my hashimoto as in
what food is actually good for me and what food is bad for me and I started
with realizing that I’m gluten intolerant I was visiting the US and my
boyfriend and I we were having breakfast and I was eating pancakes and pancakes
as you might know are made of a lot of wheat [flour] I couldn’t stomach it like
literally I was getting severe pain I had cramps I had to lie on the bed for
about maybe an hour before the prams vanished and that basically was the
final you know like the the final thing where I noticed narrow I think you’re
really gluten intolerant this first came up in 2007 when I was severely aching
and I was just feeling really and well I had breakouts all over my body
and I went to a doctor for getting tested whether I’m having allergies or
not and he said the first time in my to be gluten intolerant and I was in total
shock because I love bread I really love bread I don’t necessarily
love a lot of things that come from wheat as in for example I don’t like
beer which makes me very a typical German but I I just don’t like beer and
in the years before that and of course also in the years to follow I always
noticed that noodles spaghetti and these things they never make me feel full and
they made me feel bad they like the taste of like of course tomato spaghetti
is like tomato sauce but we also don’t really have that many flour in our food
when you for example compare pancakes pancakes here are made of a whole of a
lot more eggs than flour which was why I was usually fine eating pancakes in
Germany gluten isn’t the only thing though I’m intolerant too I’m also
intolerant to citric acid I I just don’t know what it is but I really can’t deal
with it and I’m intolerant to night chains which are potatoes tomatoes and
paprika and I just I never liked potatoes I grew up on potatoes like
literally my mother would cook potatoes six days out of the week and I hated it
I always hated it and I just I don’t know I never like tomatoes much either
and maybe just like for a little bit of taste but I would never ever eat a raw
tomato never and I’ve also never liked soy I never could wrap my head around
soy or tofu or other things such as lentils or first I thought it is because
I’m picky I’m picky eater and later I realized like it’s not even that long
ago but I realized I do have these food intolerance
my Hashimoto is just acting up so much that my stomach reacts with inflammation
and ever since I’ve been cutting back on those lo and behold my inflammation has
gone down I have it on black and white my doctor tested me and she said
everything is in good order the only thing I currently have to worry about is
that I am in a hyper thyroid state which means that my thyroid is overactive but
I will get this fixed soon and yeah I just can’t wait I think it’s important
to know for Hashimoto’s patients that many things can affect your thyroid
whether it is dairy or gluten or soy beans nightshades everything can be
affecting your thyroid and it’s just something you have to find out on your
own something that I found very very helpful was going on a carnivore diet
for about four weeks cutting out everything and then reintroducing it
after some time I did that with nuts and I’m gladly not intolerant to nuts I did
this with dairy and I’m not intolerant to dairy but yeah I am extremely and
highly intolerant to gluten and also citric acid which means that I basically
had to cut out fruit from my diet plan anyway so I’m not really that worried
about it and I think going keto is a really good choice for that because
another diets you don’t cut out on fruits for example they say avoided
because of the sugar in them but not every diet cuts it out and for me going
keto on Hashimoto’s was a blessing was a real blessing and I’m so happy I did it
I mean the weight loss of course is also a blessing I
will never deny that but I just really feel better and as I said the blood
results speak for themselves so everyone who thinks you will die when
you go on keto you won’t anyway this week was just a short video
I know I have a few which are a little bit longer
but I have a few things I wanted to add but I think I would just make a
different video for that so yeah anyway have fun all see you bye

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