Heart Disease and Diabetes

On-screen: Heart Disease and Diabetes On-screen: Heart disease is the
number one killer of people with diabetes. On-screen: Were you aware of that? JIM: I did not know that heart disease was
the number one killer of people with diabetes; I knew there was a connection. MICHAEL: Diabetes is a major cause of heart disease. I know this from experience,
having had a quadruple bypass. JENNIFER: I was not aware there was a
link between heart disease and diabetes. On-screen: How did you find out
diabetes could affect your heart? KIM: I was told by my health care team that diabetes
will affect every part of your body, but especially high blood sugars will cause thickening in
the arteries, which will lead to heart disease. JIM: When I had open heart surgery, and the doctors
told me there was a connection between diabetes and heart disease. JENNIFER: I was in the hospital. I was diagnosed with a minor stroke
and then they also told me that I had diabetes. On-screen: What has your doctor or other health care
professional recommended to keep your heart healthy? JIM: My doctor has recommended a
regime of physical therapy, increasing exercise. JENNIFER: They told me what not to eat,
what to eat, exercise, and try not to stress out. MICHAEL: That I walk every day, watch my food,
maintain my blood sugar control, and take statin drugs. JIM: A statin, and also
Metformin, and a little baby Aspirin. On-screen: What changes have you made to
manage your diabetes and keep your heart healthy? MICHAEL: I monitor my food and exercise daily by
going online every day and using an online application. JIM: I eat regularly. I don’t do a lot of snacks. I try to make sure that I take one portion at each meal. JENNIFER: Laying off the candy. I liked candy. I still do, JIM: Have a better breakfast than I used to. I eat a lot of fruit in the morning. JENNIFER: No fried foods, a lot of fruit. A lot of healthier choices. JIM: And lunchtime, there’s a lot of green
salad, a lot of fresh vegetables, and no meat. On-screen: What do you want other people with
diabetes to know about diabetes and heart disease? JIM: What I’d like people to know about
diabetes and heart disease is that the diet and the lifestyle that leads to
heart disease also creates the diabetes. JENNIFER: They are not alone. It definitely is a life change. MICHAEL: It can cripple your
dreams of what you want to do in life. It can change your career path. JENNIFER: It could lead to something worse so if you
keep doing what you are doing you might not be here. MICHAEL: It doesn’t have to be that way. You can face it early on and take
better steps than I did to control it. JIM: I want you to take a look around and
see if what you’re eating and ingesting in your body is something that’s really good for
you in the long run and what you do at a younger age will have an effect as you get older. On-screen: To learn more about
diabetes, visit www.ndep.nih.gov

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