(soft music) – Hey guys, welcome to my
weekly pregnancy update. I’m so excited because this
week I am 17 weeks along and that means our cute,
little baby is about the size of this juicy pear which
is about five inches long and also, between four and fives ounces so about the same size,
which is so exciting. It’s getting bigger and bigger every day and I’m getting bigger
and bigger every day, which is exciting to see the progress, but it’s a little hard, like I said last week, at this
point, because you’re just kind of getting this chubby
belly, maybe a little chubbier in the face but you don’t have
that nice, round, hard belly that everybody can notice
that you’re pregnant and not just getting fat. I finally got over my cold. It lasted two weeks, I know
we talked about that last week but then, a couple days ago,
my nose started running again and I started sneezing and I was like, “What is this? I just got better.” And then I realized, it’s
spring and I’ve got allergies. And a lot of times when you’re pregnant because your hormones are
higher, you’ll have allergies worse than you normally do. And I always get a little
bit of seasonal allergies especially during the spring
and summer but I can tell that maybe they’re a little bit worse. Also, because you have so
much extra blood in your body when you’re pregnant, often
times you’ll get swelling in your sinuses, so any
kind of cold or allergies can just be a lot worse
because of that swelling you have in your sinuses. Another problem that I’m having, geez, pregnancy’s sounding really bad this week. No, it’s no too bad, but is heartburn. The last three nights, I have started feeling the heartburn so bad. And it’s an old wives tale but
the worse your heartburn is, the more hair your baby
is supposed to have. And I had heartburn with
all of my other three and all three of them
had quite a bit of hair, so, I guess it’s a thing, a good sign, if you want a baby with lots of hair and a bad sign because you
have to put up with months months of heartburn. But the reason your heartburn
is worse when you’re pregnant is because your hormones
also make, the opening between your stomach and your esophagus, it weakens that little seal
and so the acid just comes up a lot easier because it’s not closed off. And so, you can take most
over the counter, acid reflux, heartburn, things like Tums and Rolaids, and all those things, are generally safe. Sometimes I just drink some
milk to make it alkaline to help get that acid down. Or you can also try
taking apple cider vinegar because having that extra
acid in your stomach will actually turn off your
pump so it’ll stop creating acid but unfortunately, there’s
nothing you can really do right now about stopping
the acid from coming up. So, sitting up, maybe
sleep with two pillows instead of one at night,
if it’s really bad for you. Sugar really affects it,
so be careful with sugar and eating late at night,
getting your stomach acid going late at night and then laying down, going to bed can really
make that worse, too. So the other thing I wanted to talk about this week is with your increased hormones, you will notice when you’re
pregnant that your nails and hair grow like crazy. They’re also more healthy and shiny. I was looking in the mirror
the other day and I was like, “Oh my gosh, my hair is so shiny.” It was like reflecting and I
was like, “It’s so beautiful.” If only, all of it was,
it’s kind of just up here, where it isn’t dyed right now. It’s because your hormones
make your hair not fall out. Normally, you have a cycle
where certain strands fall out. You usually lose like 100
hairs a day, is what they say. But when you’re pregnant,
your hairs aren’t falling out, so your hair’s actually
thicker and it’s growing faster and it’s shinier and healthier
and all those things. I wanted to show you guys my nails. They’re so gross, they’re
really like so long. Can you see this? I finally broke this one
today when I went to Costco. It was getting so long but
I wanted to see how long I could them to show
you guys that my nails really are growing so fast
and they’re so strong. I have to cut them at least once a week to keep them down, from getting
out of control like this. But it’s kind of fun to,
you know, feel like you have nice nails and nice
hair, for a little bit, while you’re pregnant. Okay guys, so that’s all I have for you for this week for 17 weeks. Thank you for joining me. Thank you for watching,
if you’re pregnant. I’m excited to have you
and for you to follow along in this journey with me and
I will see you next week for my 18 week update. See you guys. (soft music)

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