Heating under reflux

We’re going to heat this flask under
reflux. We’ve got a round bottomed flask with
some anti-bumping granules in the bottom. Whenever you heat any solution you should
always make sure you have something to facilitate boiling. Either some anti-bumping granules, a magnetic flea or boiling stick. This heating mantle is made specifically
for a 100 ml round bottomed flask. You need to make sure you use the correct
size mantle otherwise you won’t get effective heating if it doesn’t fit snugly
around the flask. We’ve clamped the neck of the round bottomed flask. We’ve used to B24 B19 adaptor to connect the flask and the
condenser. The condensers rubber tubing has cable ties attached to secure them. These are essential to ensure the tubes stay intact if the water pressure changes. The condenser is very lightly clamped, this clamp is only supporting the apparatus lightly and preventing it from tipping
over. You shouldn’t clamp the condenser tightly
as it’s not particularly strong. Again the tubing at the top has a cable tie
on. This is where the water is going to go out of the condenser. So it goes in at the bottom and out at
the top. The water only needs to be running
slowly through the condenser. You’ll also see that I’ve put a boss on
the end of the tube that’s just to weight the tube into the sink so if the water pressure does change it
won’t flick out the sink. You can see the solution is just
starting to reflux.

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