Helping ease cancer’s worst symptoms

Imagine having cancer and relentless
symptoms affecting your quality of life I’m Jenny Martin
Chair of Clinical Pharmacology School of Medicine and Public Health
The University of Newcastle my passion is driven by an innate desire to do something around human suffering and I realised that the difference
that I can make in health is really around medicines when patients started taking medicinal cannabis there was little research into the best part of the plant to be used adequate dosage levels, how often to
take it and how effective it was that’s why we’re conducting research
on the therapeutic effects of cannabis with people across New South Wales we hope it can help treat some of the worst symptoms of advanced cancer I’m so proud of how our work gives doctors across the world the knowledge to help their
patients feel less fear and more hope so they can make decisions that help
them live fuller, healthier lives it’s really exciting to know that our team
at the University of Newcastle is making a real contribution to people’s lives

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